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Map of Limo Desert
The Elder Kingdoms

This page refers to content introduced in the expansion, Chapter III: The Elder Kingdoms.

Map zone16.png
Zone Information
Zone ID#16
Continent Zandorya
Type Public Outdoor
Expansion Ch.III: The Elder Kingdoms
Level Range 60 to 62
Connecting Zones Northern Janost Forest, Land of Malevolence
CitiesKingdom of Limon
TownsEarthsprings Village, Tomard
World Bosses
ResourcesMirror Sedge [RP], Fairywood [RP], Frost Crystal [RP], Thorn Apple [RP], Rune Obsidian Ore [RP], Ancient Spirit Oak Wood [RP]
QuestsSeriesDailies Mobs Loot ObjectsPOIs

Give yourself over to treasure-hunting fever in the burning sands of Limo. But be warned, impressive foes keep a wary eye on the many treasures of the desert.— from

Best route from Varanas to Limo Desert: Via Snoop Portal to Ancient Kingdom of Rorazan (2,200Gold ), then to Thunderhoof Hills (2,200Gold ), then to Limo Desert (4,500Gold ).

Ailic's Community Transport Portal Location: Kingdom of Limon

The desert zone contains a total of nine sub-regions, one instance, as well as seven oasis settlements, which act as supply stations for the adventurers.

After trekking through the Marshes of Angren, and climbing across the Garnier Mountains, a seemingly endless arid grassy plain stretches out as far as the eye can see – the Limo Desert. This is the birthplace of Kawak Angerfang, a hero from the times of the Great Banishment and leader of the Iron Teeth tribe. The landscape is peppered with verdant oases where the main villages and most of the inhabitants of this land are to be found. Many new NPCs await players as well as a dangerous new instance, Kawak’s Tomb. Earthsprings Village is the largest of these villages and is at the largest oasis in Limo Desert. Earthsprings owes its prosperity and existence to the endless supply of water that comes from under the ground.

The Limo Desert is a long, parched grassland, once inhabited by different tribes including the so-called Limon people. These doglike bipeds are divided into two clans, which once fought side-by-side against their common oppressor. However, present day conflict, which threatens to escalate into a full-blown war, has divided the noble "Iron Teeth" and the rapacious "Rotteneyes" tribes.

In one of the regions, the Kingdom of Limon, lie the mortal remains of one of the Canine tribe’s most decorated war heroes. You must reach the pyramid-shaped burial chamber buried deep in the desert zone instance, which offers both tactical challenges and plenty of surprises.

The region’s breathtaking landscapes reveal magnificent buildings and Middle Eastern oases. But caution is strongly advised – conflict has been brewing among the local tribes for centuries, and powerful creatures and wild beasts are preparing for battle.

In the Limo Desert the Yasheedee are as much an inhabitant as the Limos themselves. The Yasheedee are large worms, their bodies covered by bony plates and hard metallic bristles. To protect themselves they burrow themselves beneath the earth and only break through the dusty ground to find prey, swallow the unfortunate with their giant maws.

Elite Monsters[edit | edit source]

Places of Interest[edit | edit source]

Kingdom of Limon[edit | edit source]

The Kingdom of Limon was established by the descendents of Kawak Angerfang — a hero from the time of the Great Banishment — to remember Kawak’s selfless sacrifice and to symbolize the Limus be treated as equals. The human King Kalume bestowed them a new race name: canines. Like the Angren, to remember their original ancient name, limu named their land the Kingdom of Limon.

Houses in the Kingdom of Limon are mostly built on the wall of rocks. Limus took advantage of the natural rock mountain and terrain to build their houses and used the precipitous cliffs as a natural barrier. For the vigorous canine people, these nearly vertical walls are no obstacle; however, for outsiders who wish to trespass, they are almost impassable.

Canines have no problem living with other races, so you can see them everywhere in Zandorya. However, except for foreign diplomats or some special reason, outsiders are not allowed to enter their cities. There are no developed social houses in the Kingdom of Limon. There are some rest areas outside the cities for the traveling merchants. Limon are born with the unusual ability to detect deceit, so it is also impossible to enter the kingdom under false pretenses. Foreigners who attempt to enter their cities falsely will be punished.

The Limon people are quite belligerent, and they possess excellent battle skills. The Leonines are the only people in Zandorya who can compete. Having the passion for fighting, canines like honing their battle skills and body strength. Limon are also known as Tomb Keepers, as they are vigilant in their protection of the tomb of Kawak Angerfang’s; who freed his people from oppression.

In the past, the Limon people overindulged and followed their desire, and most of them chose to be robbers or notorious mercenaries. (These similar characteristics can be found in Limon’s distant relatives, the gnolls.) These bad behaviors have been forbidden since Kawak enlisted in the King’s army. However, the Rotteneye clan have returned to the old thieving ways. The inhabitants in Limo Desert are particularly curious to know why the Rotteneye clan decided to discard the rules made by their ancestors.

Tukork Hot Springs[edit | edit source]

The Tukork Hot Springs are located on the east of Windswept Crag, on the main road between Limo Dessert and Moon Shadow Forest. Here ends the rigorous desert climate. The powerful release of geothermal heat makes a unique landscape in this area. The heat from underground boils the water in the oasis springs, and these bubbling springs provide a sufficient water supply. The rainfall here is far more plentiful than the other places in Limo Desert. The water temperature in the springs is so high people cannot use the water for bathing, but some local inhabitants use it for cooking.

Guirota Hot Spring is the biggest spring with the highest temperature. It is also the home of the sand-ripple tortoises. They lay eggs in the springs to let boiling water hatch the eggs. Their shells are extremely hard. Sometimes even Yasheedee are not able to chew the shell of a mature Sand-ripple Tortoise. Different to the Boneface Beetles on the Marshes of Angren, the Sand-ripple Tortoise’s shells don’t have many possible applications since they are extremely heavy. Only the robust Dwarves and the Rhino people are strong enough to refine these shells or use the armors made by them. Sometimes the Limon also use items or armors made by the shells, but usually they prefer wearing something light.

“Guirota” means “burning boulder” in the ancient Chinese language. It is said that there is a huge boulder buried under the Guirota Hot Spring. Until now, however, no one has been able to get closer to the spring and conduct research on this boulder because the water temperature is too high.

Small villages are located around the Guirota Hot Spring. Sometimes young Yasheedee accidentally slip into the springs, and these bumblers ended up as food for the villagers. Though Yasheedee have an unpleasant look, their flesh are said to be very delicious. Recently it was revealed that the hunters in the Guirota Hot Spring area are seriously planning to trap some Yasheedee to improve the living quality of the villagers. It will not be easy to hunt these kings of the desert.

Shattered Hand[edit | edit source]

Zanka’s Dune[edit | edit source]

In the south of the Limo Desert, east of Earthsprings Village and the Windswept Crag, lies a plain of seemingly endless sand dunes. This place is called Zanka's Dune. It is said that the name comes from an ancient titan – Zanka, who rampaged throughout this area. He was a sub-Dragon possessing the power of Earth. Different to the Dragons, he had neither wings which would allow him to hover, nor four strong limbs. But he had fin-like forelimbs which, by quickly flapping them, would enable him to navigate through the sand, as well as strong hind legs and an arched back. Like a shark living in the desert, he devoured everything he found. The Limon people worshiped him as a God as they were fearful of his power. He was highly intelligent and greedy but also cautious. Many adventurers attempted to defeat him for ultimate glory, but they ended up as a pile of bones in Zanka’s Nest. He had rampaged through the desert for thousands of years, until the most powerful hero of the Demons – the “Dragonslayer” Karebas killed him. The power of Earth has also been taken away from him. It is said that the Yasheedee appearing in the desert are Zanka’s descendants. However, without the power of Earth, they no more have the great power and high intelligence like their ancestor. Now they are just a group of troublesome gluttons.

Zanka's Nest[edit | edit source]

Legend has it that there is a secret cave called Zanka’s Nest in Zanka's Dune. This is the place where Zanka lived and enjoyed his prey. While it is believed to be a veritable graveyard, some people think that Zanka’s Nest might also be a treasury, due to the valuable things that Zanka couldn’t digest; legacies of caravans and adventures of over thousands of years, who were eaten by Zanka. Is it true or all just a legend?

Windswept Crag[edit | edit source]

Windswept Crag is a canyon located in dangerous terrain comprised of precipitous cliffs and jagged rocks. It is said that this is the birthplace of the Canines. Strong winds howls through the canyon all year round. The winds have destroyed all of the plantlife except for the resilient Devil's Paw. You can see Devil’s Paw not only around the Windswept Crag, but almost everywhere in the northern part of the Limo Desert. Local inhabitants don’t like this plant because of its strong parasitic ability to absorb all the nutrients from other crops, and even the water stored in the leaves is poisonous for humans. Beside the Yasheedee, only the Sand-ripple Tortoise can eat it. If a human touches its juice, it often causes serious illness, which can lead to coma or death. This is why this plant is called “Devil’s Paw”.

The antidote to the poison of Devil’s Paw can be extracted from its red fruits which contain the necessary parts of the antidote. Unfortunately, it is extremely rare for the Devil’s Paw to bear fruit, so this poison can be seen as one of the biggest threats to humans. The Canines, however, are immune to the poison. They have developed a resistance against this poison after living together in the same environment with Devil’s Paws for thousands of years.

Besides the annoying Devil’s Paws, there is another natural killer in the Windswept Crag: gravel storms. Different from typical sandstorms in the desert, the storms here carry many large and sharp gravels. The storm gusts keeps circling around the cliffs of the Windswept Crag. No ordinary traveler would want to come closer to Windswept Crag. The Kingdom of Limo lies in the deepest part of the Windswept Crag, and few outsiders have ever been there. All of these make the Canine people even more mysterious. Some scholars believe that Windswept Crag is a place full of strong elemental powers.

Rock Salt Village[edit | edit source]

Dune of the Heavens[edit | edit source]

There is a place right below the Guirota Hot Spring called Star Moon Dune, where lay the ruins of an ancient city. Although almost the entire city is buried in sand, the travelers can still imagine the original city size from the ruins. Most of the buildings have been damaged, and the remaining poles and framework make the whole city look like an open hand towards the sky. People also call this city “the Shattered Hand”. It isn’t hard to imagine that the city must have possessed certain advanced rune technology and knowledge; most likely the reason that the Guardians destroyed the city. Some broken pages in a book records a moment in history: “… the Guardian Gods appeared in flame and fog; they spoke the language of the gods; they gazed with fury. But this disobeying city didn’t want to accept their fate, and they struggled in despair. Their behavior strengthened the fury of the gods. In the end, this sin city couldn’t escape their fate and was swallowed up by the fury fire of the gods….”

After the Great Banishment, the kingdoms established by the Human armies came to an agreement on applying rune technology. In order to avoid making the same mistake as the Demons did, they stopped the research on the rune technology. One group, however, believed that the rune technology has great potential benefits and decided to go on the studies and thus established the Shattered Hand. The Langlokee Kingdom possessed advanced rune technology at that time and welcomed the people who used rune technology to settle in their kingdom. Then the calamity happened – the Guardians started to attack the countries that possessed advanced rune technology. The Langlokee Kingdom became their primary target. The people in the city died together with the Guardians, and what is left are only some broken defense systems and the scattered ruins.

Tomard[edit | edit source]

A place where adventurers traditionally gather, but as of late, many of them have seem to have gone missing. The people here hold Dragons in very high esteem and almost blindly follow their whims. But strange occurrences have been seen and felt in the area and many of the villagers are becoming nervous.

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