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Lake of Magic Mist
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Zone Silverspring
Expansion Ch.I: Rise of the Demon Lord
Resources Iron Ore [RP], Beetroot [RP], Willow Wood [RP], Chime Wood [RP], Tin Ore [RP]
Quest Series Silverspring

In between the Twilight Mine and Tagena lies a lake. On bright days the light glimmers on its surface and dancing sun rays amaze passers by. When water vapor ascends from the deep it is covered by haze - thin like a veil, a perfect dream. This natural spectacle gave the lake its name.

Once dusk settles and the last sun rays shine through the vapor, a golden belt begins to shimmer. On an island in the lake's middle looms an old cottage, which was build by a hermit. It is said that he was once a magician who worked on behalf of the Eye of Wisdom. Nobody knows for sure why he decided to retire and live a secluded life there.