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Knights, like all classes, have a selection of elite skills dependent upon their secondary class. Most of these increase their ability to mete out Light damage or focus on enhancing their shield and ability to tank.

Classicon knight mage Knight / Mage -- Inquisitor[ | ]

See also: Mage/Knight

The Knight/Mage combination emphasizes the ability to do some heavy magical Light damage with the proper support while being the best magical tank currently in game. Elites Holy Light Domain(15) combined with Hall of Order(40) make for a great tanking tool to boost your defense and reduce the damage dealt from mobs and bosses. Lightning Shield(20) is another tanking boost on top of Whirlwind Shield that is great to have for the multiple target aggro. Mana Shield(30) an additional shield/damage reduction skill that is handy for tanking; combined with Magic Healing(60) that gives a small heal. Confessor(70) another great tank elite skill that reduces Threaten cooldown time from 8 seconds to 4 seconds.

Icon Skill Name Level Cost Cast Time Cooldown Range Skill Effect Upgrade
Skill kni new20-3 Holy Light Domain 15 30..420 MP Instant The power of the holy light in you inflicts 20.0..780.0 + current Stamina x 0.20 Light Damage every 2 seconds to surrounding targets within range. Also adds a Holy Illumination, which reduces target's attack damage by

1.0..21.0%. Lasts for 6.0 seconds.

Magical Damage, scales with magical attack. This skill has about 10% extra aggro.

+5 and +0.2% per level
Skill kni new60-4 Lightning Shield 20 Your Whirlwind Shield now deals extra wind damage and slows the target for 5 seconds.

40% slow and 40.0..640.0 Magical Wind Damage. The damage scales with magical attack and it's also affected by the aggro multiplier of Whirlwind Shield.

Cannot be upgraded
Divine Intensification Divine Intensification 25 Doubles the effect time of Intensification and increases the Light damage dealt by you.

Within 40 seconds, increases Magical Damage by 100.0..4600.0 and Light Damage dealt by you, by 2.0..92.0%.
The % bonus does NOT affect the Physical Light Damage.

Cannot be upgraded
Skill kni new60-5 Mana Shield 30 Instant 2 minutes Instantly restores 100.0% MP and increases maximum MP by 20.0%. Each point of damage absorbed by the Mana Shield costs 1 MP. This shield lasts 30.0 seconds.

While in effect the caster is not affected by the fear/silence effects of the fire/lightning towers during Siege War.

Cannot be upgraded
Confession Judgment Confession Judgment 35 Makes Silence deal extra Light damage and adds 4 stacks of Holy Seal effect. The cooldown time of Punishment will also be immediately reset.

Silence causes 40.0..80.0 Magical Light Damage. The seals do exactly 8 damage and it's treated for another-person's-damage. Silence can place seals even on buildings during Siege War.

Cannot be upgraded
Skill kni new40-4 Hall of Order 40 Increases damage dealt by Holy Light Domain and the effect time of Holy Illumination by 6 seconds. The caster's Physical Defense and Magical Defense will be increased as well.

5.0..30% extra defense. This skill does NOT change the damage in the tooltip of Holy Light Domain. The duration of the debuff Holy Illumination is extended to 12 seconds but the defense buff lasts only for 6 seconds. The defense buff affects not just the default defense, it effects the total defense (buffs, foods included).

Cannot be upgraded
Light Energy Weapon Light Energy Weapon 45 40..560, 8% MP Instant The weapon obtains the power of light, giving your normal attack additional 100.0..1600.0 Light damage.

It's a buff for 15 minutes. Massive Magical Damage, scales with magical attack.

+15 per level
Skill kni new50-9 War Prayer 50 30..420 MP Instant 25 seconds 50 Deals 65.0..1690 + Stamina x 0.20..4.20 Light damage on the target and adds one layer of Holy Seal every 3 seconds for 18 seconds.

Magical damage, scales with magical attack. The seals do 8 damage fixed and are treated for another-person's-damage. This skill can place seals even on buildings during Siege War.

Skill kni mag60 Magic Healing 60 While your Mana Shield is in effect, an extra 1% of HP is recovered every second.

This healing does NOT trigger the mana regeneration effect of Holy Power Explosion.

Cannot be upgraded
Skill kni mag70 Confessor 70 Reduces the cooldown time of Threaten by 4 seconds and the cooldown time of Shock by 10 seconds. When both skills hit the target, the caster's Movement Speed will be increased by 33.0% for 3.0 seconds.

You receive the buff each time Threaten OR Shock hit successfully. It's not stackable. It does not override other speed buffs.

Cannot be upgraded

Classicon knight augur Knight / Priest -- Paladin[ | ]

See also: Priest/Knight

The Knight/Priest combination possesses several abilities to protect the group from harm, such as reducing their aggro, increasing their defences (Holy Protection), boosting the healing and increasing the damage dealt of the group members (Holy Illumination). The Knight/Priest can also use additional powerful damage reducing skills (Great Inspiration) (Divine Protection) and provide a single group member with healing (Holy Smite) to assure the survival of the group. Should a comrade fall in battle, the Knight/Priest can use the power of Holy Light to resurrect the companion, even in the midst of battle (Angel Salvation).

Icon Skill Name Level Cost Cast Time Cooldown Range Skill Effect Upgrade
Skill kni new15-7 Holy Light's Fury Reduces the cooldown time of Holy Seal by 3 seconds, also increases the damage dealt.
Skill kni new15-4 Holy Smite 20 30 MP Instant 8 seconds 50 Deals 50% main hand weapon DPS Physical Light Damage each second. If the target has the Holy Seal effect, it will be all consumed to heal the caster and a nearby party member, restoring an amount of HP between 2% and 8% maximum HP, according to the amount of the Holy Seal.

Each Holy Seal restores 2% maximum HP. It can be stacked up to 4 times.

Shield of Discipline, Hall of Dead Heroes and Honorable Fighter will reduce the healing recieved (The healing goes to closest party member, including pets)

+10% DPS per level, +0.06% healing per Holy Seal
Skill kni new45-3 Holy Protection 25 30 MP Instant 150 Reduces inflicted aggro by 2% and increases Physical and Magical defenses by 2% for 900 seconds. If you cast it on yourself, it will increase the inflicted aggro by 2%.

The maximum level of this skill is 50.

+.46% per level
Skill kni new50-5 Free Will 30 30 MP Instant 2 minutes 200 Target is immune against Root and Slow effects for 10.0 seconds.

(This skill can be used even if you are in a state that doesn't allow you to cast spells.)
NOTE: The Rogue primary skill Shadow Prison will place a "Helpless" effect on the target, not a "Root" effect

Skill kni new35-5 Firm Courage 35 Reduces the cooldown time of Truth Shield Bash by 30 seconds. When you use Truth Shield Bash, there is a chance of not consuming Holy Seal, but it will still cause the damage that the Holy Seal deals.
Skill kni new40-2 Concentration Practice 40 Increases Physical and Magical Attack Accuracies by 2%, as well as Critical Physical and Magical Hit Rates by 30.

(The maximum level of this skill is 50.)

+0.16%, +5.4 per level
Skill aug new45-4 Great Inspiration 45 Let your Resolution increase your maximum HP even further and enable the party members in a range of 60 to block one attack, including yourself.
Skill kni new50-10 Holy Illumination 50 50 MP, 5% MP Instant 1 minute, 30 seconds Boosts the healing capacity of party members within a radius of 60 by 4.0%, Physical Damage by 2.0% and Magical Damage by 2.0% for 30.0 seconds.

The maximum level of this skill is 50.

+0.32% healing bonus, +0.16 Physical/Magical damage per level
Skill kni pri60 Angel Salvation 60 10% MP 4 seconds 10 minutes 150 Uses the holy light to resurrect a player. (Can be used in battle.) -
Skill kni pri70 Divine Protection 70 Holy Aura (Instant) When Holy Aura is cast, companions can receive an extra 2.. 50% damage reduction. Also recovers HP every second.

The healing will only affect party members and cannot become critical


Classicon knight thief Knight / Rogue -- Vindicator[ | ]

See also: Rogue/Knight

The Knight / Rogue combination emphasizes the ability to crit, increasing Holy Strike's chance to crit (God's Sword), a strike only usable after critical hits (Smash), an increase to Blind Stab's duration (Blind Stab Mastery), a consistent buff increasing the ability to crit (Crazy Blades), and a powerful weapon-based area of effect skill (Dance of Two Blades).

Icon Skill Name Level Cost Cast Time Cooldown Range Skill Effect Upgrade
Skill kni new60-2 God's Sword 15 Your Holy Strike's critical hit rate is increased by 40%.
Skill kni new15-5 Smash 20 7% HP Instant 8 seconds 50 Direct attack on your enemy causing 90.0 plus 0.20 times Stamina in Physical Damage. (Can only be used after you inflicted a critical hit.) +27 per level
Skill kni new60-3 Blind Stab Mastery 25 Extends the Blind effect of your Blind Stab to 20.0 seconds.
Skill kni new50-2 Crazy Blades 30 20 MP Instant For 900.0 seconds your Critical Physical Hit Rate is increased by 25.0(updated at/for 2016.07.06) +3.8 per level
Skill kni new35-2 Dance of Two Blades 35 35 energy Instant 10 seconds The whirling weapons inflict two times 40.0% main hand weapon DPS to multiple targets inside a range of 50. +3.2% per level
Skill kni new40-3 Leopard Instinct 40 30 energy Instant 2 minutes Your reaction will become as fast as that of a leopard's for 10.0 seconds increasing your dodge rate by 50.0% and the Physical Damage and Magical Damage you absorb. (This effect will cease after absorbing Physical Damage and Magical Damage 3 times.)
Skill kni new45-6 Panther's Blessing 45 When attacked while under the protection of Shield of Valor or Shield of Discipline, there is a chance that your dodge rate increases temporarily. Lasts 10.0 seconds. (Dodge Rate increase is 10%)
Skill kni new50-8 God's Vengeance 50 When your Punishment hits the Target, there is a 50% chance that the Holy Seal stacks on the target won't be consumed, but it will still casue the damage that the Holy Seal deals.
Skill kni thi60 Approach 60 Makes your Shadow Step increase the light damage done to the target by 20% and reduces the damage received by 20%. Lasts for 6 seconds.
Skill kni thi70 Revenge Instinct 70 Smash doesn't require HP consumption anymore. Increases the damage dealt by Smash and gives the target 1 Holy Seal. There is a 50%chance of giving the target another layer of Holy Seal.

Classicon knight ranger Knight / Scout -- Nighthunter[ | ]

See also: Scout/Knight

The Knight / Scout combination focuses on the knight's tanking skills, giving them a ranged taunt (Arrow of Vengeance), a buff to Holy Strike (Enhanced Holy Strike), a monster type specific root (Holy Chains), a ranged area of effect taunt (Heavenly Arrow), and an additional chance to reduce damage dealt when using Heavenly Arrow (Weaken Weapon Strength).

Icon Skill Name Level Cost Cast Time Cooldown Range Skill Effect Upgrade
Skill kni new45-1 Arrow of Vengeance 15 20 focus Instant 2 minutes 200 Fires an arrow full of aggro that taunts your target. You become the one with the most aggro. Also increases your aggro by 5.0%.

(Requires ranged weapon.)

Skill kni new20-2 Enhanced Holy Strike 20 Increases the main weapon damage of your Holy Strike. (From 65% to 70%, scaling increased from +4.5% to +5.6%)
Skill kni new20-1 Holy Chains 25 20 MP Instant 150 Roots your target with your holy powers for 10.0 seconds. (Can only be used on undead and demons) +0.4 per level
Skill kni new50-1 Heavenly Arrow 30 20 focus Instant 2 minutes 200 As you pray for the power of the holy Light, an arrow of Light shoots down from the sky and taunts the enemies within a range of 100. You become the one with the most aggro. Also increases your aggro by 5.0%.
Skill kni new35-3 Weaken Weapon Strength 35 When you use your Heavenly Arrow to taunt a target, there is a chance that its physical attack damage will be lowered.
Skill kni new40-5 Sacred Resistance 40 20 focus, 1 piece of all ammunition Instant 4 seconds Causes 60.0% ranged weapon DPS to your target and increases your Dexterity by (current Dexterity + 20.0) x 1.0% + 20.0 for 15.0 seconds.

(After the effect has ended it cannot be triggered again for 30.0 seconds.)

3.6% and 2 per level
Skill kni new50-7 Sacred Protection 45 60 MP Instant 2 minutes Focuses holy energy onto your shield, temporarily increasing your chance to shield block by 100.0 for 20.0 seconds. +10.0 per level
Skill kni new45-5 Disregard Danger 50 20 focus Instant 30 seconds 150 Share 40.0% damage of one attack on a party member. Also increases Parry Rate by 20.0 for 10.0 seconds.

(Cannot be cast on yourself.)
The maximum level of this skill is 50.

+0.8% per upgrade
Skill kni ran60 Evil Shackles 60 Holy Chains is not limited to any target type, but when target is not an Undead or Demon target, effect time is reduced by half.
Skill kni ran70 Blood Punishment 70 When Blood Arrow is activated it increases your received healing by 50%. Also increases damage inflicted by Punishment by 20%.

Classicon knight warrior Knight / Warrior -- Templar[ | ]

See also: Warrior/Knight

The Knight / Warrior combination focuses more on area of effect and damage skills, giving them an increase in Whirlwind Shield damage (Whirlwind Shield Mastery), the ability to equip two-handed axes at increased effect (Weapon Master), a buff to Whirlwind (Deadly Whirlwind), a cooldown increasing parry chance and critical hit rate (Quick Reflexes), and a cooldown granting temporary immunity to fear (Fearless).

Icon Skill Name Level Cost Cast Time Cooldown Range Skill Effect Upgrade
Skill kni new60-1 Whirlwind Shield Mastery 15 Increases the main hand weapon damage dealt by Whirlwind Shield. (From base 40% to 70%, slacing from +2,8% to +3,5%)
Skill thi new20-3 Weapon Master 20 You can now equip all swords, axes, and hammers and increase their damage by 4.0%...38%.

The maximum level of this skill is 50.

+0.68% damage per upgrade
Skill thi new45-3 Deadly Whirlwind 25 The rage cost for Whirlwind is reduced by 10 points, cooldown is reduced by 20 seconds. For 10 seconds the target suffers Deadly Wounds and the effectiveness of healings is reduced by 30%.
Skill kni new50-3 Quick Reflexes 30 20 rage Instant 2 minutes Gives you panther-like reflexes. Raises your Parry Rate by 210.0...3469.2 and your critical hit rate by 150.0...2478 for 30.0 seconds. +33.6 and 24.0 per level
Skill kni new35-1 Fearless 35 10 rage Instant 60 seconds Increases your courage. During the effect time, you are immune against Fear. Also increases Strength and Stamina for 20.0 seconds

(This skill can be used even if you are in a state that doesn't allow you to cast spells.)
3% Increase

Skill kni new40-1 Master of Parry 40 30 rage Instant 2 minutes Increases your Parry Rate by 5000.0.

(Disappears after two successful blocks or 15 seconds)

Skill kni new45-4 Survival Instinct 45 When attacked while under the protection of Shield of Valor or Shield of Discipline, there is a chance that your physical defense and dexterity will temporarily increase. Lasts for 10.0 seconds.

10% Increase

Skill kni new50-6 Authoritative Deterrence 50 10 rage Instant 60 seconds 50 Forces a target to face and attack you, and you become the one with the most aggro. Also increases your aggro by 1.0%..13.6%. Increases all damage on the target by 5.0%..48.7% for 3 seconds. 0.14% and +0.45% per upgrade
Skill kni war60 United Efforts 60 15 rage Instant 25 seconds 180 Rushes to party members and provides a shield for them and you. Reduces Physical Damage and Magical Damage by 30%. Lasts for 6 seconds.
Skill kni war70 Divine Punishment 70 Increases damage dealt by Punishment by 1%..26%. When Punishment hits the target, it will increase the Light damage on the target by 1%..26% for 10 seconds.

The maximum level of this skill is 50

Fixed since patch

+0.5% per level