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(Battle Knight)

This is arguably the be-all / end-all of PvE tanking. While other combinations may be better in certain situations, the Knight / Warrior has no discernible weaknesses no matter who they're up against. It also holds a special place in certain PvP objectives due to its sheer survivability, making it a combination that is highly desired for groups.

Strength and Stamina are the greatest attributes for this, and being able to dump those stats into gear gives it an overwhelming advantage over other combos that are more "hybrid"; for example, Knight / Mage needing Intelligence, or Knight / Scout wanting Dexterity. Holy Strike and Punishment deal with bosses, Whirlwind and Whirlwind Shield make it effective at handling groups, while Shield of Valor and Shield of Discipline help with survival.

Main Ways of Build[]

While tanking should be practiced, Knight / Warrior is a very forgiving combo for PvE scenarios given its sheer power and endurance. Using Holy Strike->Punishment for bosses and the Whirlwind skills for adds and groups will let you maintain high aggro and keep your teammates safe from enemies' attention.


(to see Class Main Skills of Knight, see Knight Skills)

Secondary Class Basic Skills[]

Warrior General[]

Icon Skill Name Level Cost Cast Time Cooldown Range Skill Effect Upgrade
Wp axe01 010 001.png Equip Axe 1 Can equip 1-H axes.
Skill war1-1.png Slash 1 25 rage Instant 50 Inflicts 80% main hand weapon DPS to the target with an additional chance to add Bleed effect for 8 seconds. (Bleed effect only with equipped axe or sword.) +4.8% per level
Skill war aggregation.png Enraged 4 Instant 40 seconds Immediately increase rage by 20 points.
Skill war15-2.png Whirlwind 8 50 rage Instant 30 seconds Oneself Circle (R:50) Whirling in place you cause 70% main hand weapon DPS to the targets within range.

Max hits: 15

+4.2% per level
Skill war12-1.png Berserk 12 Instant 1 minute 25 Increases attacks by 3% and decreases defense by 3% for 30.0 seconds.

The maximum level of this skill is 50.

+0.6% and +0.6% per level
Skill war24-2.png Defensive Formation 16 Instant 2 minutes 25 Increases your physical defense by 5% and decreases your physical and magical attack by 5% for 30.0 seconds.

The maximum level of this skill is 50.

+.9% and +.9% per level
Skill war1-2.png Brute Strength 20 Increases strength by 10.7 points and .7%. +1.0 and +0.1% per level

Elite Skills[]

Knight / Warrior[]

Icon Skill Name Level Cost Cast Time Cooldown Range Skill Effect Upgrade
Skill kni new60-1.png Whirlwind Shield Mastery 15 Increases the main hand weapon damage dealt by Whirlwind Shield. (From base 40% to 70%, slacing from +2,8% to +3,5%)
Skill thi new20-3.png Weapon Master 20 You can now equip all swords, axes, and hammers and increase their damage by 4.0%...38%.

The maximum level of this skill is 50.

+0.68% damage per upgrade
Skill thi new45-3.png Deadly Whirlwind 25 The rage cost for Whirlwind is reduced by 10 points, cooldown is reduced by 20 seconds. For 10 seconds the target suffers Deadly Wounds and the effectiveness of healings is reduced by 30%.
Skill kni new50-3.png Quick Reflexes 30 20 rage Instant 2 minutes Gives you panther-like reflexes. Raises your Parry Rate by 210.0...3469.2 and your critical hit rate by 150.0...2478 for 30.0 seconds. +33.6 and 24.0 per level
Skill kni new35-1.png Fearless 35 10 rage Instant 60 seconds Increases your courage. During the effect time, you are immune against Fear. Also increases Strength and Stamina for 20.0 seconds

(This skill can be used even if you are in a state that doesn't allow you to cast spells.)
3% Increase

Skill kni new40-1.png Master of Parry 40 30 rage Instant 2 minutes Increases your Parry Rate by 5000.0.

(Disappears after two successful blocks or 15 seconds)

Skill kni new45-4.png Survival Instinct 45 When attacked while under the protection of Shield of Valor or Shield of Discipline, there is a chance that your physical defense and dexterity will temporarily increase. Lasts for 10.0 seconds.

10% Increase

Skill kni new50-6.png Authoritative Deterrence 50 10 rage Instant 60 seconds 50 Forces a target to face and attack you, and you become the one with the most aggro. Also increases your aggro by 1.0%..13.6%. Increases all damage on the target by 5.0%..48.7% for 3 seconds. 0.14% and +0.45% per upgrade
Skill kni war60.png United Efforts 60 15 rage Instant 25 seconds 180 Rushes to party members and provides a shield for them and you. Reduces Physical Damage and Magical Damage by 30%. Lasts for 6 seconds.
Skill kni war70.png Divine Punishment 70 Increases damage dealt by Punishment by 1%..26%. When Punishment hits the target, it will increase the Light damage on the target by 1%..26% for 10 seconds.

The maximum level of this skill is 50

Fixed since patch

+0.5% pe


(to see Basic Combos of class, see at Knight)