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Kampel Town
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Zone Land of Malevolence
Expansion Ch.IV: Lands of Despair
Quest Series Land of Malevolence, Magical Reconstruction

The following Service NPCs can be found within this POI. To find your way to one, simply use World Search and enter the name, then follow the arrow.

Black Codex

  • Norm Cliff - Attribute Stone Exchange
  • Claude Baker - Good level 60 3-piece Costume Armor Item Sets (hands, head, legs, chest, shoulders and feet) with Item Set Skill for Bolinthya Rift or Osalon Valley Transport Portals for 50Ancient Mementos  + gold each
  • Lex Coleman - rare non-itemset level 65 hand and leg armor, plus shoulder armor for the following rare level 65 sets (490Ancient Mementos  + gold each):
    • Obedience Spell (Plate)
    • Surrender Spell (Chain)
    • Happiness Spell (Leather)
    • Transformation Spell (Leather)
    • Entertainment Spell (Cloth)
    • Enchantment Spell (Cloth)
  • Bourbon Docade - rare non-itemset level 62 weapons for 840Ancient Mementos  + gold each
  • Shirley Loran - crafting materials (44,000Gold 30Ancient Mementos ), potions (8Ancient Mementos  to 6,000Gold 15Ancient Mementos ) and lunchboxes (3,000Gold 3Ancient Mementos )
  • Dorman Cass - recipes for rare level 65 non-itemset gear for 140Ancient Mementos  + gold each
  • Black Codex Transporter - teaches the Black Codex Transport Spell Black Codex Transport Spell for 200Ancient Mementos  (the price was originally 800Ancient Mementos )

The information on this page relates to items available from the Black Codex vendors at Kampel Town in Land of Malevolence in exchange for ancient mementos. See the Kampel Town page for more information.

Ancient Mementos are dropped from Dungeon Bosses in Heart of the Ocean and higher dungeons.

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