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Most mobs in Jungle of Hortek can drop any of the following items, in addition to Health Potions, Mana Potions, Ammunition, Production Runes, and Festival Items. Usually this is Common and Normal items, but may also include a few Good items.

Good items are found more often on mobs in The Pillars of Morfan.



Raw Materials[]

From bosses in The Pillars of Morfan or from Mysterious Bags:



Level 87 Normal and Good Head, Hands, and Feet armor.


Slot Normal Good
Head Elephant Mast Hood Rare Elephant Mast Hood
Hands Elephant Mast Gloves Rare Elephant Mast Gloves
Feet Elephant Mast Long Boots Rare Elephant Mast Long Boots


Slot Normal Good
Head Xabu Helmet Rare Xabu Helmet
Hands Xabu Gloves Rare Xabu Gloves
Feet Xabu Long Boots Rare Xabu Long Boots Rare Xabu Long Boots


Slot Normal Good
Head Ruins Helmet Rare Ruins Helmet
Hands Ruins Gloves Rare Ruins Gloves
Feet Ruins Long Boots Rare Ruins Long Boots


Slot Normal Good
Head Swamp Helmet Rare Swamp Helmet
Hands Swamp Gloves Rare Swamp Gloves
Feet Swamp Long Boots Rare Swamp Long Boots


Type Normal Good
Dagger Engraved Blade of the Void Rare Engraved Blade of the Void Rare Engraved Blade of the Void
Sword Piercing Giant Sword of the Swamp Rare Piercing Giant Sword of the Swamp
2-H Sword Frantic Giant Sword of the Swamp Rare Frantic Giant Sword of the Swamp
Axe Ruins Battle Axe Rare Ruins Battle Axe
2-H Axe Ferocious Ruins Giant Axe Rare Ferocious Ruins Giant Axe
Hammer Xabu Battle Hammer Rare Xabu Battle Hammer
2-H Hammer Xabu Giant Battle Hammer Rare Xabu Giant Battle Hammer
Bow Elephant Mast Speed Bow Rare Elephant Mast Speed Bow
Crossbow Elephant Mast Precision Crossbow Rare Elephant Mast Precision Crossbow
Wand Ruins Sacrifice Staff Rare Ruins Sacrifice Staff
Staff Xabu Runic Battle Staff Rare Xabu Runic Battle Staff
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