Jungle of Hortek (Quest Series)

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Jungle of Hortek (Quest Series)
Starting ZoneJungle of Hortek
Rec. Levels86 to 88
Previous Wailing Fjord
Next Salioca Basin
See alsoQuest Series

Beginning with Tergothen Bay, mobs may have a ball of energy visible below, around or above their heads. This is the visual clue that they have a buff on them that makes them harder than the unmarked mobs around them. The color of the ball tells you what effect is on the mob. There is also an Effect icon on the mob. Just in case you do not notice the energy ball or the icon, there is a sound that all these enhanced mobs make.

Only mobs that display one of these four effects have a chance to drop a Mysterious Bag.

Effect In-game Description/Effects XP/TP
Arduous Arduous Arduous received damage reduced by half
Takes half incoming damage
Empower Empower Empower damage increase
Hits you harder
Frenzy Frenzy Frenzy attack speed increase
Hits you more often
Tenacious Tenacious Tenacious increased hit points
Takes more damage to kill, hits a little harder
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Double Your "Dailies", Double Your Drops! - On all, or very nearly all, of the Daily and Public quests that require Quest Drops from Mobs, if you have both repeatable quests in your Quest Journal at the same time the mobs will drop Double the items, cutting your harvesting time in half! This may be considered a bug or exploit by some, but I like to call it a feature.

Multi-Zone Quest Series[edit | edit source]

Regional Events[edit | edit source]

Titles[edit | edit source]

Zone Completion Title (level IV): Conspiracy in the Sign of the Light - Complete all of the above titles.

Armor Sets[edit | edit source]

Old Forest (level 86)

Rewarded by quests in the Pirate Island quest series in Jungle of Hortek. Each armor type has it's own set name but collectively we will refer to them as the Old Forest set.

Proper Names

Source Quests

Fathomless Swamp[edit | edit source]

Unknown Man
unlocked by completing Gravekeeper in the Pirate Island quest series

  1. [86] Lost Souls - Get Ic Tearbloom x4 from Teargrass, and Ic Shred of Cloth x3 from Treacherous Sailor Spirits
  2. [86] The Final Wish - Go to the Grand Spirit and reclaim the Ic Medallion Necklace belonging to the Unknown Man

Uncle Shioth [Master Carpenter]
unlocked by completing Gravekeeper in the Pirate Island quest series

Hamumoto [Leader of the Entlings]
unlocked by completing Tree Plague in the Pirate Island quest series

Harkonnos [Leader of the Earth Beings] (under the first bridge, just south of where you found the Hidden Treasure)
unlocked by completing Tree Plague in the Pirate Island quest series

  1. [86] A Terrifying Sign - Kill 8 Swamp Earth Spirits
  2. [86] The Power of the Lake - Get Ic Pure Earth Crystal x5 from Earth Crystal around the Water Spirit's Lake

In the center of Water Spirit's Lake...

Yalitus [Leader of the Water Beings] - unlocked by completing Yalitus the Eldest Water Spirit in the Pirate Island quest series

Yalitus [Leader of the Water Beings] - unlocked by completing [86] The Spirits' Loss in the Pirate Island quest series

Remember... strange women lyin' in ponds distributin' swords is no basis for a system of government.

Sign of the Creaking Wreck[edit | edit source]


Crafting Stations:

Ivan OakbourneInnkeeper of the Creaking Wreck

  1. [86] The Old Man in the Bar - Get Ic Hortek Wild Strawberry x8 from Hortek Wild Strawberry Plant and Ic Naga Fang x8 from Swamp Snake Men or Swamp Snake Men Hunters.
  2. [86] Trading Tales - Go to the Fathomless Swamp and the Elephant Mast Graveyard, find Fanny Chepus and Kaito Pettri, and exchange the fangs and berries for their tales
  3. [86] A Valuable Legend - Find the Hidden Treasure behind the stone plinth at 46.2, 52.6 and get Ic Golden Goblet x2
  4. [86] The Shipwreck and the Treasure Hunter - Leave one Ic Golden Goblet with Ivan Oakbourne (click the Earthen Mound) and take the other to the Innkeeper of the Creaking Wreck
  5. [86] Farewell Wine - Sprinkle The tree which Oakbourne turned into with the Ic Watered Down Wine

Lakos [Seafarer]
unlocked by completing Sign of the Creaking Wreck in the Pirate Island quest series

Novofex [Pirate Apprentice]
unlocked by completing Sign of the Creaking Wreck in the Pirate Island quest series

Ginn Mantic [Inn Worker]
unlocked by completing Mature Wine in the Pirate Island quest series

Bawi Sunn [Pirate]
unlocked by completing Mature Wine in the Pirate Island quest series

Innkeeper of the Creaking Wreck
unlocked by completing The Spirits' Loss in the Pirate Island quest series

Elephant Mast Graveyard[edit | edit source]

Ghosts do not live by bread alone:

  1. Jero Wespo [Pirate Ghost]
    1. [86] Beautiful Wildflowers - Gather Ic Red Wildflower x10 from Red Wildflower
    2. [86] Ghostwriting a Love Letter - Use the Ic Writing Paper on the table at the Sign of the Creaking Wreck to write a love letter.
    3. [86] Messenger of Love - Deliver the Ic Anonymous Love Letter and Ic Bunch of Wildflowers to Diana Hatbrim
  2. Harriet Geltz
    1. [86] Graveyard Spirits - Kill the Grand Spirit to free the captive souls

Bulu Bulik [Pirate Ghost]

  1. [86] Avoiding the Life of a Hungry Spirit - Get Ic Dry Loaves x10 from Pub Bread Dispenser around the Sign of the Creaking Wreck
  2. [86] Someone's Hungry - Get Ic Gaunt Fish x10 from Ravenous Schools
  3. [86] Feeding Time - Help Bulu Bulik enter a body and "eat" 10 Ic Sandwiches at once (Pick up 10 Ic Sandwiches from Sandwich as fast as you can)

Cascada Ruins[edit | edit source]

Cascada Ruins main quest chain[edit | edit source]

Jessie PacquardVargo IronhandAkko SpiderheadDanny Cagnalolu

  1. [86] Aiding the Retreat - Help Vargi Ironhand drive back the invaders by killing 10 Scarlet Blaze people
  2. [86] The Missing Trooper - Enter the ruins and find Akko Spiderhead
  3. Akko Spiderhead
  4. [86] The Search for the Rucksack - Fight the Scarlet Blaze people and brink back Ic Akko's Rucksack

Temporary Archaeological Camp[edit | edit source]

Tasinno the Treasure Hunter [Shotak Pirates]

  1. [86] Energetic Origins 1 - Get Ic Research Sample from Weapons Altar in Mezzmillo's Domecile
  2. [86] Energetic Origins 2 - Get Ic Ancient Rune x10 from Scarlet Blaze warriors
  3. Thunderhoof Robert

Item: Ic Mezzmillo's Heart - drops from all Scarlet Blaze mobs

Govenna Pageni [Scholar of Poisons]
unlocked by The Poison of Life in the Pirate Island quest series

Behemoth Peak[edit | edit source]

Comparison of Daily Quests at Behemoth Peak
Daily Quest POI NPC Targets XP
[86][Daily] Nature's Medicine Jeffro Bigotspear Mula Weed and Rock Snail 545,873
[86][Daily] Ailic's Spirit of Inquiry Jeffro Bigotspear Tapatapa Crag Lizard 545,873
[86][Daily] Plundering Pirates Yalagang Hyte Yalo Colored Stone 545,873
[86][Daily] Mark of the Warrior Xabu Village Gemmala White-horned Beast 545,873
[86][Daily] The More Offerings, The Better Domodo Ic Meat for the Sacrificial Ceremony x5 545,873
[86][Daily] Horned Beast Leather Leorden Stronghold Kay Rhinoceros 545,873
[86][Daily] Oust the Franko Pirates Sailor of the Leorden Stronghold Swamp Guerilla 545,873

Jeffro Bigotspear [Ailic's Pirates]

  1. [87] A Peculiar Medicine - Get Ic Mushroom Weed Ointment x5.
  2. [87] On a Diplomatic Mission - Kill 10 Xabu Defenders
  3. [87] The Pirates' Spirit of Research - Get Ic Crag Lizard Skin x10 from Tapatapa Crag Lizards

Yalagang Hyte [Shotak Pirates]

  1. [87] Who Calls Me Ailic's First Mate? - Ask Balulu about Yalo Colored Stone, then get Ic Yalo Colored Stone x10
  2. [87] The Shotak Pirate Pact - Get Ic Colored Stone Trading Contract from the Xabu Villagers who stole it

Xabu Village West[edit | edit source]


Wakka [Shotak Pirates]

Gemmala [Xabu Village Elder]

  1. [87] Become a Xabu Warrior - Get Ic Horn of a Horned Beast x10 from White-horned Beasts in Behemoth Peak
  2. [87] The Tests Aren't Easy - Help Domodo prepare the meat and Labulobu prepare the fruit
  3. [87] Who Stole The Offerings? - Inspect the Suspicious Patches in the 50 seconds you are disguised as a Bodo. You need 3 updates within that time or you fail and must abandon the quest to start over.
    • There is one spot by the pottery kiln and 2 behind the pumpkin patch.

Nicole Loppin [Ailic's Pirates]

  1. [87] An Oral Tradition - Visit Pulalu, Gemmala and Asaku. While in their presence, use Ic Notepaper to make a Ic Handwritten Record x3
  2. [87] History in Pictures - Ask Wakka [Xabu Village Chieftain] about the meaning of the pictures

Leorden Stronghold[edit | edit source]

Snoop Portal.png

unlocked by completing Flown the Nest in the Pirate Island quest series.


  1. [87] Horned Beast Leather - Get Ic Horned Beast Leather x5 from White-Horned Beasts, Young White-Horned Beasts and Blackhorn Beasts

Sailor of the Leorden Stronghold [Shotak Pirates]

  1. [87] Discrete Measures - Kill 10 Swamp Guerillas

Earth's Tutelege[edit | edit source]

On the map this is labelled Land of the Guardians

Morfan[edit | edit source]

Hadeli [Morfan Barrier Guardian] • Govenna Pageni [Scholar of Poisons]
To unlock Hadeli you need to talk to him first and offer to help

  1. [86] Every Day a Good Deed - Ask Govenna Pageni for help
  2. [86] An Enemy Becomes a Friend - Give Hadeli the Ic Purifying Medicine
  3. [86] Travel Permission - Touch the Barrier Pedestal to acquire a pass for the Morfan Barrier

You may now cross through the Morfan Barrier and enter Morfan.

The Pillars of Morfan[edit | edit source]

This is an Instanced Dungeon.