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Inferno Gardens
POI - Inferno Gardens.jpg
Zone Xaviera
Expansion Ch.IV: Lands of Despair
Resources Sagewood [RP], Straw Mushroom [RP], Mithril [RP], Sinners Palm [RP], Tarslin Demon Wood [RP], Moon Silver Ore [RP]
Quest Series Xaviera

See Phiksi Yates for the Public Bag Quest, [44][Public] Reduce Casualties to a Minimum! But....

There are also a number of Phase Effects that change periodically and affect your situation in the Gardens. An icon indicating when one of these Special Phases is in effect will appear on the right-hand end of your Temporary Skills bar.

A note about kindness, courtesy, hunting, and the entrance hallway.

We know that Inferno Gardens is a busy finishing area for many folks from 48 all the way to the upper 60's. Many 50's and 60's toons just run through this entrance hall, ignoring the dogs as they run to the butterflies, intending to repeat their 10 runs per day as fast as possible. This has an unintended side effect for level 48-50 toons that can barely hunt here. When a runner pulls the hall it disturbs the hunting pattern, increasing the danger for those that can barely do this safely. It takes only a moment to dodge to the side and avoid the dogs, and you will be thanked by all the newbs here.

BTW, if you want to grace them with a few buffs as you run by, feel free.