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[+] Howling Mountains
 [+] Logar
  [9] I've Got a Bad Feeling About This...
Quest ID# 420067
Icon - Start Quest.png Start: Highly-skilled Doctor @ Logar (Howling Mountains)
Related Items:
  • Magic Detection Crystal (RW/Ggl)
  • Crystal filled with Magic (RW/Ggl)
Related Objects:
  • Magic gathering point (RW/Ggl)
Related Titles:
Icon - End Quest.png End: Sharlin @ Sevaida Woods
 XP: 104
 TP: 10
 Gold: 250Gold 

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Prequel A:

  1. [8] A Father's Distress
  2. [8] Safe and Sound

Prequel B:

  1. [8] Plant Mutations
  2. [8] Sharlin's Report
  3. [9] Dead Tree Cave Samples
  4. [9] I've Got a Bad Feeling About This...
  5. [9] Preparation
  6. [9] Strength of the Seal


  1. [9] Dion and the Spear of Logar
  2. [9] Destruction of the Gathering Magic

You need to be at least Level 7 to receive this quest.


Go to Magic gathering point in the depths of the Dead Tree Cave, to the west of Logar, to collect a sample of magic power and bring it to Sharlin, researcher of the Eye of Wisdom in the Sevaida Woods.

Goals: Crystal filled with Magic


This is no longer something that a healer can handle. Adventurer, we may now be facing unimaginable danger.

The results of the analysis reveal that the cave's inhabitants are being corrupted by a great and evil magical force that is changing them. If this magic is coming from something intelligent, they will likely fall under its control.

But we still have a chance. Although these inhabitants have turned violent, they have not yet shown signs of being controlled. This indicates that the magic's source itself is not conscious, or that it has not yet attained consciousness. Before the situation gets any worse, we must track down the source of this magic and destroy it.

This crystal will detect and absorb nearby magic. I need you to enter the Dead Tree Cave and find this powerful Magic gathering point.

If you find it, don't be too brash; first return here and give the crystal to Sharlin. She and I were both sent here by the Eye of Wisdom, but her magical knowledge and experience far exceed my own. Do you still remember her? She is doing research near the pool in the north of Sevaida Woods.

Tell her your concerns and give the crystal to her. I hope she can tell you what to do from there.


Spoiler Alert!
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I understand the concerns of the Highly-skilled Doctor, as this situation is quite dangerous indeed.

However, you must use this magic crystal to collect a sample of the magic power. Only then will I know what measures can be used to deal with this threat.


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Since the Eye of Wisdom razed this area and rid it of demons 12 years ago, investigators are sent here every year to monitor potential demon activity.

I used to think it was a purely preventative measure, but I've now seen the true reason. I'm certainly glad that I followed the proper regulations and brought the necessary tools...

I need some time to prepare, but it's very possible that I will need your strength sooner rather than later.

Dead Tree Cave Samples
Howling Mountains
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