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[Event Host]
Race (MCT)Human (Humanoid)
TypeEvent NPC
LevelNon-Player Character
LocationVaranas, Sascilia Steppes, Coast of Opportunity, Tasuq / Varanas Central Plaza, Reifort Camp, Heffner Camp, Gray Citadel

Race: Human

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This mob cannot be located using World Search.

Following the Anniversary Celebration in 2016, Celebration Certificates Celebration Certificates continued dropping in the Mirrorworld Instances. To give us something to do with this largess, They outfitted the Event Hosts to swing into action. See Celebration Certificate Celebration Certificate for more info.

During the 2016 Crafting Festival, this NPC would exchange Fire Element Fire Element ×20 for Water Element Water Element ×20 up to 5 times per day.

During Pumpkin Festival 2017 this NPC (channel 1 only) will exchange Coin of Wind Coin of Wind ×40 for Magic Instrument Collection Box Magic Instrument Collection Box ×2.

During 2018 Crafting Festival (and 2019) this NPC (channel 1 only) exchanges Pyro Draconaris Pyro Draconaris ×20 for Geo Draconaris Geo Draconaris ×10.

8/10/20 to 8/17 - Exchange Vitality III ×50 for Badge of the Trial Badge of the Trial ×50

8/24/20 to 8/31 - Exchanges Rhinoceros Blood Rhinoceros Blood ×250 for Peak Fragment Peak Fragment ×12 (Limit: 5 exchanges per day).

Summer 2021: See Summer Treasures for a table of dates and rewards. Also, this NPC has been moved to Reifort Camp, Heffner Camp, and Template:Poilinkj.