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Healing Mechanics - re-posting formulas As there are often questions about the healing mechanics, decided to post again the formula ( which apart from some bugs during different patches, hasn't really changed since ch 2).

Formula[ | ]

Burst Heals[ | ]

(final result of burst heals gets random bonus multipliers +6%/-6% so in fact the result is within 94-106% of the calculated value)

Healing per Cast = [MagicPower] x (CastTime) x (ReceivedHeals) x [(Wisdom x 0.3 + mDamage x 0.5) x (IncreasedHealing) + HPI] + (SkillHeal x Received Heals x IncreasedHealing)

P.D.: If it is Critical Healing, the Healing will increases (20 + Critical Magic increesing)%

HoT Heals[ | ]

Healing per Tick = [MagicPower] x (CastTime) x (ReceivedHeals) x [(Wisdom x 0.3 + mDamage) x (IncreasedHealing) + HPI] / ticks + (SkillHeal x Received Heals x IncreasedHealing)

P.D.: Main differences: mDamage has double value with HoTs; HoTs can't crit; no Wisdom cap, but 24015 cap for regens (a bit over 26k with Juggler's), since ch3 mechanic was often bugged - now you get all the ticks but they start with 1 tick delay.

% Max.HP Healing[ | ]

This type of Healings don´t have modificators, only dipend of Max.HP & Skill´s %. But, they generate Threat and don´t have Critical Rate.

Crit rate[ | ]

General formula calculates crit resistance of target and then depending on your rate determines the %.

  • CritResist=(60*lvl + 600)
If Critical Hit Chance
CRate < CResist / 2 100 * (CRate) / (CResist)
CRate > CResist / 2 100 * [(CRate) - (CResist) / 4 ] / (CRate)

As we see up to 50% things go linear, above 65% rate gives very diminishing returns. Just to complete the theme to add that bosses have extra crit Resist, skills that add to crit% in fact reduce crit Resist, and that every level of difference additionally puts +/- 3% bonus/penalty to your final score.

!--> But as we are speaking about healing - all that is important is healer level (for critResist - 4800 at 70) and his Rate. For example 2400 should give 50%, 3000 - 60%, 3600 - 66%. Ofc those numbers change with every new lvl cap but this helps plan your gear to keep crit above 60%.

Example How Calculation Go (random numbers)[ | ]

D/S 9k mDmg, 15k Wis, 12k HPI casts Recover on target with Lunar Halo buff active:

  • Burst:[1.00] x 2 x 1.05 x [(4500x0.3 + 9000x0.5) x 1.35 + 12000] + (600 x 1.35 x 1.05) ~ 43k non-crit
  • Regen: [1.00] x 2 x 1.05 x [(15000x0.3 + 9000) x 1.35 + 12000] / 7 + (272 x 1.35 x 1.05) ~ 9.5k per tick

life link (Life Guide) in this case as all multipliers are the same is 7/3 of Recover ticks ~ 22.5k per tick

Multipliers[ | ]

To translate different multipliers into smth easier to understand:

  • Magic Power Increase - global increase of the final damage/heal output, typical examples Vahtos/ Juggler sets. Bugged at start of ch3 (no effect on burst heals) but was fixed back soon. Can raise the cap for regens. Total increase is a bit less than 15%/10%, as Skill Heal is added separately at the end.
  • Cast Time - like most RoM skills, you have time of cast spells as multiplier: 2 sec - x2, 3sec - x3
  • ReceivedHeals - buffs that increase heals received by target - pet passive, Curing Seed, Lunar Halo, Healing Salve. They increase the amount of heals by %
  • Increased Healing - usually the class passives that increase your heals - Prayer, Pure Healing, Divine Incarnation, as well as food (but as mDamage food gives better results, usually out of calculations). Note - those don't affect your HPI. For example 1.35 multiplier from Pure Healing only applies to the rest of equation, so the total increase is far less than 35%
  • Wisdom - every healing spell has cap above which Wisdom is ignored for healing purpose. Really notable with Priest - GH at ~4k and UH ~7k. Druid has it easier - Recover ~4.5k, MEF ~ 13k (11k is no NP), Restore Life/Heal ~11k are not really used in combat but no harm to mention them too.
  • mDamage - total mDamage you get from your weapons, gear, buffs. Note that there is some gear (chests) that gives '+ magic damage bonus points' - unlike '+ magic damage points', those only provide static increase to your final damage and are of no use for heals.
  • HPI - Healing Power Increased Points (or Healing Poins Increased) that you get from your healer gear (D/S can get a bit of HPI from 40 elite)
  • SkillHeal - the value added by the skill itself.

Threat Generation[ | ]

  • Threat generated = 25% of HP recovered (healing self, test with others plz, 50% or 25%?).
  • Only generates Threat if it recovers HP (Hit points).
  • ¡¡The Threat generated is done to all enemies that are in battle again the character healed!!
  • Take care when Party Members do low damage or low Threat generation, especially at biginning of the battle or using "Heals of AoE (Area of Efect)"!!
  • Healing includes hp regained from pots,but mana regained from pots has no Threat per mana.

Increased Healing[ | ]

Healing Domains[ | ]

As Damage Dealer, Weapon Domains & Elemtal Domain, Healers have a Domain. The normal value is +35% as Increased Healing. The classes that have them are:

  • Druid -----------------> Pure Healing (Until +35% at lvl 50)
  • Priest ----------------> Faith (Until +35% at lvl 50)
  • Warden / Druid ----> Briar Control => Briar Shield (Until +36% & other +36% as Received Heals, at lvl 100)
  • Warlock / Priest ---> Great Salvation (Until +10% for each negative effect on target (10% is sure if you use Shield of Solid Mind that generate a negative effect). It is not a Passive, but can gives a continous boost)
  • ...

Received Heals[ | ]

Skills Against Healings[ | ]