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Map of Hall of the Demon Lord

The Elven Prophecy

This page refers to content introduced in the expansion, Chapter II: The Elven Prophecy.

Zone Information
Zone ID#122
Continent Candara
Type Instanced Dungeon
Expansion Ch.II: The Elven Prophecy
Level Range 55+
Connecting Zones Aotulia Volcano
Max Players 12
Progress Saved? No
Quests Mobs Loot Objects
Hall of the Demon Lord

Come to the Naga acropolis where Sirloth is preparing his troops for victory over Taborea. Destroy him and save Taborea. If you manage to survive the onslaught of four mighty bosses, you’ll come face-to-face with the Demon Lord himself.— from

Please see Instance List for a table of all Instances, by the zone they are found in, and the quests that are involved with them.


Same prerequisite as Zurhidon Stronghold, but in addition you must have finished the instance Lair of the Demon Dragon and you must have used the item Demon Dragon Heart Fragment, which automatically drops in your inventory after killing Gestero.

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# Boss Name Ancient Mementos
 Easy Normal Hard 
1Naos 7
2Yashi'a 7
3Aosniya 7
4Androlier 7
5Sirloth 10
Totals 0 38 0


Before you start the fight. To enter the last chamber (Sirloth's Chamber) you need to kill Gestero and have the Quest Item(Epic Quest Line IV). For this instance I will also try to post a detailed description of how to do the trashmobs.

Entrance to Naos[]

You shouldn't have any problems with the first set of mobs, should be like you always do it. At a certain point there's entrance which has a path which goes down. This is the part where it goes tricky-mode. You'll need a priest with soulbound ready (Only 1 soulbound).

The gate which activates the alarm

As soon you go trough the doorway it gives an intruder alert. This triggers an effect which spawns alot of mobs from crevices which spawn. You'll also find 2 rooms in this small path. Each of these rooms has a miniboss. You need to kill both of them to get 2 rune pieces. These 2 rune pieces are required to deactive the pillars which deactive the spawning of mobs

The usual tactic is, as soon you walk in (Use nobodies rum), kill the first miniboss, loot it (1 person should get both the runes). After that walk straight to next room. Die just around the corner inside the room. Please remember, as soon you leave the room of the miniboss, it triggers the intruderalert effect again. The priest will resurrect once the intruderalert mobs have disappeard. You'll now have to kill the 2nd miniboss. This boss has a 18k AoE and needs to be killed fast.

After that give the player who is in possession of the 2 runes 'Speed' and let him use Nobodies Rum. Run further down the path and activate the 2 pillars.

The 2 pillars which have to be activated.

After this you'll have to kill some mobs again. You'll soon reach 2 executioners. Each of them drop a Condemned Rune Condemned Rune. 2 players should have 1 rune each. You can use them for this boss-fight.


Naos (58 Crown Elite)

This is a pretty easy boss. Tank takes it to the middle and tanks it there. It basically has 3 skills it can do.

  1. Titanic Attack - There's no worries on this one
  2. Blasting Cyclone, a nasty AoE skill which is for the melee range. Avoid the damage of this skill.
  3. Hurricane, the one you should really pay attention for. Hurricane is his ability making him immune and aggroing someone. Run away from this at all cost. There's a way to disable the Hurricane faster. The Condemned Rune. After he casted 2x Titantic Attack both the runes should be put down on the ground.... Blasting Cyclone interrupts the placing down so watch out. The runes have to be clicked 4 times. A player can only click a rune once. Once this is done the rune will light up. There will be a glowing line between the 2 runes. If the tank pulls Naos in this line during Hurricane the boss goes to sleep allowing you to do alot more damage.
Hitpoints n/a 6,501,833 HP n/a
Ancient Mementos Ancient Mementos n/a 7 n/a


Yashi'a (58 Crown Elite)

Probably the easiest boss in this instance. There are 4 beds, every bed should be 'taken' by 1 player.

There's a few skills Yash has.

  1. Poison, a green fog on the ground. It spawns at players. Jump out of this or else you die.
  2. She calls her servants. At this point the 4 players have to go to their assigned beds. You'll see adds appear on the beds (Doesn't have to be all beds 100-75% 1 add, 75-50% 2 add, 50-25% 3 adds, 25%-0 4 adds). At this point the dagger becomes clickable. You have to click the dagger 4x!!!! You'll receive damage for each time you clicked it. If you do this properly your add will become green.
  3. The adds closes to the entrance (Left and right first bed) have a 150% damage increase buff which can be cast on the boss. Next to that these adds also give you a skill which allows you to cleanse your party members with a buff which drains HP from you and adds it to Yash (This debuff is random on party members).
  4. The adds further away from the entrance (Far left and right) are only used for the cleanse.
Hitpoints n/a 6,000,844 HP n/a
Ancient Mementos Ancient Mementos n/a 7 n/a


Aosniya (58 Crown Elite)


Aosniya isn't really hard. Tank pulls it and basically it's just tank and spank. Whatever you do, don't hit the adds which will appear, just kill the boss). It's a bit the same like Jiasha. The tank has to take aggro on the adds though.

Hitpoints n/a 5,504,268 HP n/a
Ancient Mementos Ancient Mementos n/a 7 n/a

Aosniya to Androlier[]

There should be 1 thing you have to look out for.

Fire-Eating Demon Fairy - This mob can cast Splitter (Which continues to cast after death) which clones himself in 2 new mobs.


Androlier (58 Crown Elite)

This is probably the hardest boss in the instance. Before you walk in you must take full food and have full mana. During this fight you can't use ANY potions.

When the fight starts it's important that everyone stays at max range from the boss (Excluding melee of course).

This boss has a few abilities:

  1. Meteor attacks, targeted at players (random), jump out of it.
  2. It spawns balls, which can be clicked to re-gain mana. However, using this will increase the power of Androlier. It's not advised to use the balls.
  3. This boss has phases. Frost(Spear) and Fire(Sword) phases. You start with a Fire phase. This should be no problem. After this turn it resets it aggro (It does this everytime it swap Frost-Fire Fire-Frost). In his Frost phase you have to watch out for the instant kill AoE. Melee must go out of range as well (Except for tank).
  4. When a tank gets both the fire and frost debuff his physical defense is reduced by 75% for 1 minute.
Hitpoints n/a 8,516,828 HP n/a
Ancient Mementos Ancient Mementos n/a 7 n/a


Sirloth (59 Crown Elite)

This is a boss which combines tactics from other bosses.

When you start the fight he'll spawn 2 adds. A Melee (Left) and Magic (Right) add. They have to be killed at the same time (Origin).

After that the Demon Lord comes, it has quite a few abilities to try and kill you.

  1. It fears A LOT
  2. It spawns a Demon Hand at a player. This has to be killed. The player affected can't cast anything and will die if the hand is not killed. (Heart of the Ocean)
  3. It randomly throws a sword at someone which causes damage. However, after that the sword can be picked up and increases melee(It doesn't affect scouts damage) damage by 60%. The sword does more damage the more aggro the player has.
  4. It has a spell which hits everyone for 10k damage.

At 40% it goes freaky mode Of course this phase has new special abilities as well.

Also, bear this in mind throughout the fight:

  1. It has an AoE which is divided over the group members if you stick together. So it's important to stay in 1 group. Skill is called Avalanche.
  2. It fears ALOT (Use nobodies rum to get back in the group fast)
Hitpoints n/a 8,374,888 HP n/a
Ancient Mementos Ancient Mementos n/a 10 n/a