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Gurla Caravan
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Zone Sascilia Steppes
Expansion Ch.I: Rise of the Demon Lord
Resources Mountain Demon Grass [RP], Zinc Ore [RP], Chime Wood [RP], Tin Ore [RP], Willow Wood [RP], Beetroot [RP]
Quest Series Sascilia Steppes

Contrary to the Rose Caravan, whose members are taking high risks while harvesting the Fogur-Fern, the Gurla Caravan limits itself to harvesting and transporting common foodstuff. Though the actual caravan only consists of its leader Gurla and her devoted follower Jaxis.

Originally, the camp of the Gurla Caravan was one of the most important trading posts of the Sascilia Steppes. It formed a large community of merchants and enjoyed exclusive trade relations with the clan of the white-furs, bringing everybody large wealth. After those trade relations were established and strengthened, a steady flow of hunters and adventurers followed. They hoped to gain advantages and more profit because of the close proximity of such an important trading post. Most of the hunters specialized themselves on the provision of the steadily rising number of merchants. Thus the increase of merchants led to the almost complete extermination of all animals close to the Gurla Caravan camp.

Suddenly a pack of giant wolves appeared, always attacking the adventurers when they were out hunting. When the clan of the white-furs learned about that, they sought Gurla out and told her the following legend of the Sascilian people: “If life doesn’t disappear on its own free will, guardians will appear to save the dwindling life …” They cautioned Gurla against the wolves, because they thought they were the guardians the legend was speaking about. Gurla believed them and gave the order not to hunt and trade animals any longer. But the members of the caravan were greedy and left the camp to pursue their business without interference from Gurla and the wolves.

Only Gurla herself and the faithful Jaxis stayed behind. Only very rarely do other adventurers visit the Gurla Caravan. They are mostly guys of considerable strength. They are seeking the challenge and want to match themselves with Wild Mane, the leader of the giant wolves.