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Accepted Best Practice is to keep your primary and secondary class levels within 5 of each other. Be sure to switch back and forth regularly. A gap of only 2 levels is even better, but only so you do not have to swap classes as often.

IF you are in the unenviable position of unwisely having leveled one class faster than the other, you are probably stuck grinding kills or Daily quests to make up the difference. Or perhaps you have just acquired a "tertiary" class but have already done every quest in the game.

In "most" zones, there will be a few Daily quests that can be repeated more quickly than others. Some of these do not even require any fighting. The table below attempts to note these, by level range, to help you do this more quickly. There is some overlap and you shoud definitely move on as soon as you meet the minimum level requirement for the next quest.

Generally, but not always, the Min. Level is 2 levels below the level of the quest, and Max. Level should be 10 levels above (but useful max is probably 5 above). XP actually declines before you reach the turn-in min, so it is best to aim for a gap of 2-5 levels, max. When you fail to do that, well, that is the main reason you end up on this page, right?

It has been pointed out that many stop leveling the Secondary class at 70 and push only the Primary to max, then go back and grind the Secondary to max. This may be advisable as Main quest series XP is a finite resource.

A Super Repeating XP-Boost Quest!!! is a quest that is SO quick and easy to complete over and over that you should do it as many times as possible, especially on a day with an XP Boost in effect. Spend as many Daily Quest Tickets Daily Quest Tickets as you can afford. Not every zone has one of these, so pay attention!

We do NOT add the baxppoi flag (Best XP at level and POI), as it is assumed that EVERY quest on this page should have it.

Stub Obviously, the intent is to eventually expand this table to show ideal grinding Dailies for every level, but this will take time. If you can contribute, please feel free. 1-50 is not that hard, but leveling slows down after 50. For that reason, we will focus on post-50 grinding.
Stub When I started this page I intended to only list the BEST Dailies to use for grinding, but eventually I started adding all of them. I am really not sure which approach is ideal, but doing multiple dailies helps keep you from getting bored.

Rise of the Demon Lord[ | ]

Primary Zones (1-20)[ | ]

Zone POI NPC Daily Quest XP
1-5Howling MountainsPioneer's ColonyPioneer's Colony Bulletin Board[3][Daily] Need More Fungus Stems, [4][Daily] Control the Wolf Population, [7][Daily] Reduce the Cave Crab Population
10SilverspringVaranasSilverspring Bulletin Board[12][Daily] To be determined...
18Aslan ValleySilverfallSilverfall Bulletin Board[20][Daily] To be determined...
† No combat required
* Super Repeating XP-Boost Quest!!!
†† Requires more travel††† Stockable Quest Item†††† Nearby Housemaid

Secondary Zones (1-20)[ | ]

Zone POI NPC Daily Quest XP
1Sascilia SteppesReifort CampReifort Bulletin Board[1][Daily] Peace in the Camp18
[3][Daily] Bargain Purchase57
3[5][Daily] The Business of Poison93
14Ziwal's ExpeditionExpedition Bulletin Board[16][Daily] Refreshing the Mind, [16][Daily] Ancient Energy Cores732 ††† 
19Dragonfang RidgeLykLyk Bulletin Board[21][Daily] Tusk Research1,959 †††† 
† No combat required
* Super Repeating XP-Boost Quest!!!
†† Requires more travel††† Stockable Quest Item†††† Nearby Housemaid

Continuation Zones (29-45)[ | ]

Zone POI NPC Daily Quest XP
29-35Ystra HighlandsHarf Trading PostHarf Trading Post Bulletin Boardblank quest name
30-39Ystra LabyrinthRevivers' Corridormob name missingblank quest name
41-43Guards' Corridormob name missingblank quest name
45Royals' Refugemob name missingblank quest name
40Dust Devil CanyonObsidian Stronghold Glory SquareObsidian Stronghold Bulletin Board[42][Daily] Protecting Fun38,260
42[44][Daily] High Quality Meat Stew45,248
43[47][Daily] A Nightmare58,943
† No combat required
* Super Repeating XP-Boost Quest!!!
†† Requires more travel††† Stockable Quest Item†††† Nearby Housemaid

The Elven Prophecy (48-54)[ | ]

Zone POI NPC Daily Quest XP
48-50Weeping CoastBoulderwind VillageBoulderwind Village Bulletin Board
Daily Quest Manager
[50][Daily] Trade Relations, [51][Daily] Tasty Cuisine, [51][Daily] When Vengeance is the Only Road, [51][Daily] Hardworking Sous Chef, [51][Daily] Wings to Fly, [52][Daily] Handicraft Supplies79,832 to 91,399 ††† †††† 
51-54Savage LandsPOI name neededmob name missingblank quest name97,797 to 117,619 ††† 
53-54Aotulia VolcanoPOI name neededmob name missingblank quest name115,313 to 117,619
† No combat required
* Super Repeating XP-Boost Quest!!!
†† Requires more travel††† Stockable Quest Item†††† Nearby Housemaid

The Elder Kingdoms (55-59)[ | ]

Zone POI NPC Daily Quest XP
55Thunderhoof HillsPOI name neededmob name missingblank quest name119,971
56Southern Janost ForestWarnorken Castlemob name missing[58][Daily] Heartless Demons122,793
57Northern Janost ForestRh'anka VilageJaexis Spider skin[59][Daily] Effective Deterrent127,754 † †††† 
Art Pike[59][Daily] Rare Orchid of Beauty127,754 † †††† 
59Limo DesertEarthsprings VillageSlyker Wanderer[61][Daily] A Lesson138,284
Kailea Nuehor[61][Daily] Water Saving Method147,160 ††† *
Dasheema Eugellinov[61][Daily] Too Hungry to Move175,160
at level 62 proceed to Land of Malevolence in Lands of Despair
† No combat required
* Super Repeating XP-Boost Quest!!!
†† Requires more travel††† Stockable Quest Item†††† Nearby Housemaid

Lands of Despair (1-69)[ | ]

While Main quests in other zones, and here, are always preferable, there are no Dailies anywhere that reward better XP than those in Coast of Opportunity and Xaviera. For those levels 1 through 63, this is the place to do your Dailies.

For comparison, [21][Daily] Tusk Research in Lyk rewards only 1,959 XP, while [21][Daily] Don't Eat Gazelle Meat for Now in Shuma Valley pays 6,532 XP.

Zone POI NPC Daily Quest XP
1-14Coast of OpportunityHeffner Campmob name missing[3][Daily] The New Land's Delicious Food, [4][Daily] My Skin Is Suffering, [5][Daily] Earn a Reputation, [9][Daily] Even The Kulang Are Bullies, [10][Daily] Heroic Defense, [11][Daily] Crustacean Research Assistant, [13][Daily] Even Heat Needed, [13][Daily] Garbage Can't Be Recycled, [16][Daily] Big Fish Eat Big Worms †††† 
16Shuma ValleyDorlinga[18][Daily] Dismantle the Traps3,142 † 
19Sikas Shorthair[21][Daily] Don't Eat Gazelle Meat for Now6,532 ††† 
22Yngmur CampWalus[24][Daily] A Tortoise Strong on the Inside10,307 ††† 
23Lyonsyde TribeNyngh Flaor[25][Daily] Simple Self-Defense Tool11,565 †† 
Rebecca[25][Daily] Perfectly Matched Spices11,565 †† 
24Monkatula[26][Daily] Sacred Soil12,877 ††† 
26Moar[28][Daily] Beautiful Jewelry16,302
27Yar'ak[29][Daily] Ugly Stomach17,697
29Cascade PathLuur Mann[31][Daily] Chase Off the Troublemakers21,057
Sad Salina[31][Daily] Cute and Slimy21,057
30Stone CorridorFod Lilin[32][Daily] Crimson Scorpion Shell Filled with Energy23,887
31Valley of TranquilityMimet Bugfoot[33][Daily] Warm Pelts26,827 ††† 
34Sharphorn Sugula[36][Daily] Sweet Juice47,260 ††† 
36Fanger's Makeshift CampKatalika[38][Daily] Important Patrol Work61,555
38Bluto Munk[40][Daily] Weapon Inspection, [40][Daily] Weapon Inspection II83,327 ††† 
39Mishlor[41][Daily] Another Drink89,442 ††† 
40[42][Daily] Heat Reduction Recipe, [42][Daily] Dragon Horn Ingredients95,650 ††† 
41-42XavieraRuins Research CampDawa Kana[43][Daily] Calm the Fury, [43][Daily] Water Demand, [43][Daily] Soft Brush, [44][Daily] The Stolen Artifacts101,930 to
113,120 † †† ††† 
41-42Faded SplendorDafenger Pindun[43][Daily] Moving Fragile Artifacts, [44][Daily] Dig Site Safety, [44][Daily] Artifact Restoration Materials101,930 to
113,120 † ††† 
42Libisil Gelunhuder[44][Daily] Living Cultural Relics113,120 † 
42Issac CampJener Tubiji[44][Daily] Flu? Poisoned!139,627 ††† 
Static LathrofeaBaladd Link[46][Daily] Magic Coloring195,478
44Sofia Paichu[46][Daily] Shut Them Up139,627
45Qobbis Kenn[47][Daily] Ah! One Bear Three Dishes147,357
Damb Shuntis[47][Daily] Purchase Spider Silk147,357
46Jinners CampLiwagel[48][Daily] Dangerous Worm Eggs154,995 † 
47Delintas CampKelotiti[49][Daily] Rebirth, [49][Daily] Soft and Cozy166,317
Deliya's RealmFiona Andus[49][Daily] The Elves' Defenses, [49][Daily] Deal with the Hard Bones166,317
We have seen players as high as 70 still doing the dailies here, as the following 4 quests have the best Daily XP you will find anywhere for 48-63. According to Minipoo, when you add the Combat XP to the Dailies, the improved XP tops out at level 69. Sadly, only the Gargoyle's Shimmering Right Eye Gargoyle's Shimmering Right Eye can be stockpiled.
If this is actually your first time through, you should move on to Main quests in Weeping Coast at 48 (Main quests there start at 50) but only once you finish the Main quests here. Daily quests still give better XP here so you will want to go back and forth.
48Frontline CampWernika Diyazi[50][Daily] Twisted Soul266,107
[50][Daily] Support the Front Lines: Eliminate the Gargoyles266,107
Inferno GardensRobbie Butcher[50][Daily] Catch Butterflies266,107
[50][Daily] Difficult Supply Situation266,107
53-59If you have not already done so previously, now is the time to do the Envoy of the Dragons and Return the Glory quest series'.
Go to Weeping Coast in The Elven Prophecy
Land of Malevolence: There are 5 Dailies at Black Swamp Lake Research Camp, 2 in Kampel Town, and 1 on the road between them. There is also a House Maid in Kampel Town making this a great place to even up your classes. Even better, 3 of the quests' items can be stockpiled!
62Land of MalevolenceBlack Swamp Lake Research CampMedice Klein[64][Daily] Herbal Supplies207,638 † †† 
Kampel TownDecker Fejia[64][Daily] Scarecrow166,110 †††† 
Plains of Silent ScreamsSisiru Birdtongue[64][Daily] The Threat Persists166,110
[64][Daily] Not Too Late to Fix Mistakes207,638
Sylon Fred[64][Daily] Second Aid207,638
GlinvilleMichelle Kudd[64][Daily] If I Persevere290,693
63Redhill MountainsFireboot OutpostKaluka Chiselbrow[65][Daily] Doe Leg Meat216,026 ††† 
Confidius Ironshard[65][Daily] Horn of a Proud Buck216,026 ††† 
64Village of DorrisAhallal Naymal[66][Daily] Drive off the returned monsters273,970
67Tergothen BayPiranha PortDiva Lively[69][Daily] Consequence of Stealing Fish202,485 ††† 
Limon Bagg[69][Daily] Fish's Favorite202,485 ††† 
North Thornose BeachHans Pearso[69][Daily] Beacon of Light202,485
† No combat required
* Super Repeating XP-Boost Quest!!!
†† Requires more travel††† Stockable Quest Item†††† Nearby Housemaid

Fires of Shadowforge (69-75)[ | ]

Zone POI NPC Daily Quest XP
68Ancient Kingdom of RorazanTraining GroundsAnthony Taz[71][Daily] Demonstration Battle273,970 † 
69Aren BaseDiandon[71][Daily] Extinguish More Flames273,970 † *
Tablen Cage[71][Daily] Self Reliance273,970 ††† 
Elf CampAlabella[71][Daily] Self-Sufficiency273,970 ††† 
72ChrysaliaEdliss RuinsOwain Bagg[74][Daily] Ruins Research308,533 ††† 
Sagthorne CampTanya Vivey[74][Daily] Trade308,533 † †††† 
[74][Daily] Trade II308,533 †††† 
[74][Daily] Trade III308,533 † †† †††† 
Garon NestSean Fabber[74][Daily] Nutrients for Growth308,533 † 
Felius Kelol[74][Daily] Adjust the Instrument308,533 † 
Veiled EncampmentForem Mone[74][Daily] Keeping the Veiled Encampment Disguised308,533 † 
74Merdhin TundraSalvond HillsCedon Bolund[76][Daily] Return the Supplies333,965 † 
CadoonGuen Lackspen[76][Daily] Deer Caretaker333,965 † †††† 
[76][Daily] More Feed Needed333,965 † †††† 
Lakejodd[76][Daily] More Medical Supplies333,965 † †††† 
[76][Daily] Medic's Good Helper333,965 † †††† 
PahvalosaCelonia[76][Daily] Continuous Strikes333,965 † 
[76][Daily] Disastrous Backfire333,965 † 
[76][Daily] Indirect Combat333,965
Vedanis[76][Daily] Maintaining Battle Strength333,965 † 
Tyda Leachy[76][Daily] Prison Runes333,965
John Hyker[76][Daily] Assistance Repair333,965 † 
[76][Daily] Reducing Losses333,965 † 
† No combat required
* Super Repeating XP-Boost Quest!!!
†† Requires more travel††† Stockable Quest Item†††† Nearby Housemaid

At 69, there are two must-repeat quests at Aren Camp. If you have time to farm the drops, you can safely farm the Plump Hares for their Animal Meat Animal Meat to complete [Daily] Self Reliance, and if you do not, repeat [Daily] Extinguish More Flames. If you need to switch classes, the House Maid is in Front Line Alliance Camp, at the Rest Area, and the quests to repeat will be [Daily] Demonstration Battle, [Daily] Heart of Nature and Life, [Daily] Extinguish More Flames, [Daily] Further Rune Study, [Daily] Self Reliance, [Daily] Sleepwalk Again, [Daily] Find an Ailic's Researcher, and [Daily] Prison.

Patch 6.x (77-94)[ | ]

Zone POI NPC Daily Quest XP
77Syrbal PassRockden WatchtowerDios Pak[79][Daily] Visitors from the Deep376,098 † 
Rockden OutpostAron Dray[79][Daily] Hundred Flower Essence (Quest)376,098 † 
Chawei Chuck[79][Daily] Shells and other Toys376,098 ††† 
[79][Daily] Inspiring Insects376,098 ††† 
Millany Bethan[79][Daily] In Need of More Preserving Potion376,098
Lyndon CampBakalu[79][Daily] Misty Sleeping Herb376,098 † 
[79][Daily] Gathering Obstacle376,098
Gubod VillageBabin[79][Daily] Even More Repelling376,098 † 
79SarloWall of PatraceDerrik[81][Daily] Passive Resistance407,100 † †††† 
Sadathen[81][Daily] Clean Up407,100 † †† †††† 
Mofett[81][Daily] The Human Factor407,100 † †† †††† 
Belasian[81][Daily] The Miracle of Life407,100 † †† †††† 
Fierce Fang Front LineSharpclaw Saik[81][Daily] The Rescue Must Go On407,100 † 
Thunderbolt Lessard[81][Daily] Clean-up Can't Be Interrupted407,100 † 
Old AwytarMacca Yolee[81][Daily] The Fortunate Fortune407,100 † 
Celonais[81][Daily] Neutralizing Odors407,100 † 
Upper Belathis - Rear CampsHanna Rey[81][Daily] A Reverse of Fortunes407,100 ††† 
Royal AbbeyDisguised Zurhidon Experimenter[81][Daily] Stop the Secret Research and Development407,100 † *
82Wailing FjordPrimal Fang CampJackie Pains[84][Daily] Precious as Water527,227 † †† *
[84][Daily] Transport Circle Materials527,227 † 
Koka Li[84][Daily] Spice Things Up527,227 † †† *
Selot Awaz[84][Daily] Driftwood527,227 † †† *
[84][Daily] Recovering Supplies527,227 † †† *
Yabo Balo[84][Daily] Alcohol Unlocks The Heart527,227 † †† *
Kudur Seybir[84][Daily] First Class Healing527,227 † †† *
Muckgale PortThere are 12 Daily quests here, with a Housemaid (Nahalya Kohn) so you can quickly switch classes to help you obtain and perform them. See Wailing Fjord quest series (Muckgale Port section) for more information. The only quest that requires no fighting is [84][Daily] Sacrifice for Science, and the objects needed are a short distance from the quest giver.
84Jungle of HortekAs all quests in Jungle of Hortek are the same level, with the same reward, the only quest you MUST do in this zone is [86][Daily] The More Offerings, The Better. There is a House Maid nearby at Leorden Stronghold.
84Jungle of HortekFathomless SwampUncle Shioth[86][Daily] Fixing for a Stroll545,873 † 
Sign of the Creaking WreckNovofex[86][Daily] The Enigma of the Old Ship545,873 † 
Innkeeper of the Creaking Wreck[86][Daily] Singing in the Night545,873 † †† 
Tapatapa GorgeDomodo[86][Daily] The More Offerings The Better545,873 † †††† *
86-87Salioca BasinThere are 12 Daily quests between Pioneers Camp and Black Nest Lowlands. They are all level 88 (except one, [89][Daily] The Plague of Bees). Get all of them, and do them, then switch class at Pioneers Camp and turn 10 of them in. None of them have stockpile-able items.

There are a lot of Dailies in this zone available at level 87, but we do not recommend them as there is no House Maid there. All level 90 quests (avail. at 88) in this zone are Public.
† ††††
89KashaylanBalu VillageJenn Shadoli[91][Daily] Research Expert635,168 † 
91Splitwater CoastPort ShardKarver Fullright[93][Daily] The Capitalist Ethic654,786 † †††† 
92Bartas FarmCarlie[94][Daily] Hired Hands681,239 † 
Julius Mimet[94][Daily] Clean Wounds Heal Faster681,239 † 
94Moorlands of FarsitanHeroica FortressQishee Longar[96][Daily] The Cost of Magic737,394 † †††† 
Caslin Amust[96][Daily] Energetic Sequencing737,394 † †††† 
Parthmorl Parnniez[96][Daily] Bitter Medicine is Better737,394 †††† 
Tjesin Akeson[96][Daily] The Price of Bravery737,394 †††† 
† No combat required
* Super Repeating XP-Boost Quest!!!
†† Requires more travel††† Stockable Quest Item†††† Nearby Housemaid

Legacy of the Soulless (96-98)[ | ]

Zone POI NPC Daily Quest XP
96TasuqSilver Streak CampArlun Barbosa[98][Daily] Fresh Fried Fish798,178 † 
Gray CitadelErnesto Herte[98][Daily] Main Thing: Materials!798,178 †††† 
Herk Braize[98][Daily] Purple Delapidated Crystal798,178 †††† 
Ian Blors[98][Daily] Strange Panther798,178 †††† 
Brandon Miller[98][Daily] What's with the Animals in the Jungle?798,178 †††† 
Wella Hanks[98][Daily] We Need Supplies!798,178 †††† 
Lynn Adamson[98][Daily] The Elite Demon Swordsman in the Valley of No Return798,178 †††† 
Jesen Dublo[98][Daily] Command of the Veiled Encampment798,178 †††† 
97KorrisHillwatch CampTiddy Farzlo[99][Daily] Thank God for Alchemy830,424 † *
98EnochNebula Woods CampKyuka Pulugol[100][Daily] The true scientfic proof863,973 ††† †††† 
Thommar Dhakars[100][Daily] Burning Torches in the Darkness863,973 †††† 
Southtree StationAnka[100][Daily] Mountains of Scattered Supplies863,973 † 
VortisPOI name neededTBD[100][Daily] TBD863,973
ChassizzPOI name neededTBD[100][Daily] TBD863,973
† No combat required
* Super Repeating XP-Boost Quest!!!
†† Requires more travel††† Stockable Quest Item†††† Nearby Housemaid