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Services are available only after completing Dismantling Magic Reservoirs, when many of the NPCs from Silver Streak Camp move here (plus a few from elsewhere).

Gray Citadel
POI - Gray Citadel.jpg
Zone Tasuq
Expansion Ch.VII: Legacy of the Soulless
Quest Series Tasuq, The Spirits of Despair


The following Service NPCs can be found within this POI. To find your way to one, simply use World Search and enter the name, then follow the arrow.

Crafting Stations:

Recipe Merchants:

Crafting Supplies Merchants:

  • Bartha Towa [Alchemy Supplies Merchant]
  • Kyla Paline [Cooking Supplies Merchant] (RW/Ggl)

Black Codex

The information on this page relates to recipes and gear available from the Black Codex vendors at Gray Citadel in Tasuq in exchange for ancient mementos. See the Gray Citadel page for more information.

Ancient Mementos are dropped from Dungeon Bosses in Heart of the Ocean and higher dungeons.

See also: Category:Black Codex for a list of all related pages.

  • Dustin Norsor [Black Codex] (RW/Ggl) - Rare level 98 Armorcrafting and Tailoring Recipes
  • Weylar Hanrul [Black Codex] (RW/Ggl) - Rare level 98 Blacksmithing and Carpentry Recipes
  • Euyan Kylea [Black Codex] (RW/Ggl) - Level 96 Material Bundle bags, Level 60 Potions, and level 50 lunchboxes
  • Ailyn Pattings [Black Codex] (RW/Ggl) - Attribute Stone Exchange
  • Nadya Hoffman [Black Codex] (RW/Ggl) - Tier 5 Level 98 Rare weapons and accessories (non-itemset)
  • Endye Jylle [Black Codex] (RW/Ggl) - Tier 5 Level 98 Rare Capes, Belts, Pants, and Gloves (non-itemset)
  • Kniedha Mesyar [Black Codex] (RW/Ggl) - Tier 5 Level 97 Rare weapons (non-itemset)
  • Yumi Ballusha [Black Codex] (RW/Ggl) - Rune Exchange