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Some questions that I'm sure newbies will be asking, if you have the answer, feel free to post it up as I also have not quite fully figured out all of the mechanics of this game yet:

Q. Is RoM a WoW clone?
A. No, but in many ways the UI is. RoM's devs intentionally wanted to make RoM feel, in many ways, just like WoW so that WoW players would feel at-home. Any time the question was "How should we do x?", the answer was "well, how does WoW do it?"

Q. What are these weird stones I keep finding on corpses?
A. Those are rune stones. Rune stones are used for multiple things, including armor/weapon creation, enhancing items, and various other things. Go to the rune page to find out more information.

Q. I saw this thing floating over a corpse, what is it?
A. It is a Sigil. It will provide a short-term boost to some of your attributes.

Q. Huh? I fed my plant to 100% on the bar graph but it only says 22% on the pot?

Q. I'm confused, it said at level 10 I can change classes, but I don't know how?
A. to change classes you have to go to Varanas. Check your map in game by using the 'M' key. Or if you're lazy, from Logar, go north a bit, and then to the east. keep going east until you see a big white castle. that castle is Varanas City.

Q. What's all the hubbub about that confounded doohickey named "the Arcane Transmutor"?
A. The Arcane Transmutor is like Pandora's Box. It's a complicated system that can be further explained on it's page here.

Q. It said I just got a house.. but, I don't see it.. where is it?
A. The houses in this game come in the form of a skimpy maid with knee-high socks. In logar she is by the mailbox, in other towns, she appears as other blonde vixens, but generally she serves the same purpose of allowing you to enter your house or use your bank box. See House Maids.


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