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Foxtrack Cave
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Zone Ystra Highlands
Expansion Ch.I: Rise of the Demon Lord
Quest Series Ystra Highlands
Location On the north side of the Sea of Snow

The Foxtrack Cave is a bitter cold cavern full of snow drifts. Normally this is sheer impossibility, but they exist nonetheless filling the cave with a mysterious atmosphere.

The cave was given its name, because an adventurer once found a foxes footprints in it. As he followed the tracks into the cave, he met an outstanding fox, which he described as follows: “With a woven silver-white coat and eyes sparkling like a clear crystal he was surrounded by a mist of ice and snow.” The adventurer was found eventually in the Sea of Snow claiming he had brought along the foxes coat as proof. The only thing in his frozen hands though was a small layer of hoarfrost. Some say that this fox is also mentioned in the Barbarian Snowfox legend.