Fogur Marsh

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Fogur Marsh
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Zone Sascilia Steppes
Expansion Ch.I: Rise of the Demon Lord

The Fogur Marsh is an area with a multitude of lakes.

It is tormented by goblins that sneaked in there a few years ago. Nobody knows how the infestation of the area exactly happened. Some people claim they are survivors of the great expulsion the Eye of Wisdom carried out in the Wailing Mountains ten years ago. The true causes for the presence of this plague so far remain elusive. The scholars of the Eye of Wisdom are already investigating the rumors. It is their goal to unearth the truth about these goblins.

Besides these bustling creatures, a valuable plant exists in the Fogur Marsh - the Fogur-Fern. The fern is essential for survival of the white-furs and important merchandise in trades with the resident humans. Because of that the Rose-Caravan has positioned themselves close to the marshes and is always having skirmishes with the resident goblins, while harvesting the Fogur-Fern.