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Festival Months Template Elemental
Attribute †
Festival of Fire Festival of Fire January to February Template:Fire Festival Ic Earth
Flower Festival Flower Festival February Template:Flower Ic Wind
Masked Ball Masked Ball March Template:Masked Ball Ic Water Runes of Magic's Birthday (through 2015)
Anniversary Celebration Anniversary Celebration March Template:Anniversary Ic Water Runes of Magic's Birthday (2016+)
Walpurgisnacht Walpurgisnacht Spring Equinox Template:Walpurgisnacht Mainly EU servers only
Music Festival Music Festival April to May Template:Music Festival Ic Earth
Spring Rain Festival Spring Rain Festival April to May Template:Spring Rain Ic Fire Spring Equinox/Easter/Eostre
Crafting Festival Crafting Festival June Template:Crafting Festival Ic Wind
Colorweave Festival Colorweave Festival July to August Template:Colorweave Ic Water
Watermelon Event Watermelon Event Labor Day Template:Watermelon Ic Water
Fairytale Festival Fairytale Festival August to September Template:Fairytale Ic Fire
Juice Festival Juice Festival October to November Template:Juice Ic Earth
Pumpkin Festival Pumpkin Festival October to November Template:Pumpkin Ic Wind Halloween/All Hallows' Eve/Samhain
Autumn Banquet Autumn Banquet November to December Template:Autumn Ic Water Thanksgiving
Snowflake Festival Snowflake Festival December to January Template:Snowflake Ic Fire Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/Winter Solstice

† The Elemental Attribute is related to the creation of Zodiac and Draco Pets.

See Festival Items for a table of items that are found in the world only during specific Festivals.