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Maximum Stack Size: 99
Quest papyrus03.png
Festival Repeat Ticket
Not dropped on PK death
Cannot be sold
festival item.
When used, you may attend all festival activities a second time.

list of all "Repeat Ticket" matches at RoM-Welten database (includes both Festival Festival and Minigame Repeat Tickets Minigame Repeat Tickets)

It should be noted that use of a Festival Repeat Ticket Festival Repeat Ticket resets a list of flags that control the availability of quests/tasks. Since it must specifically list the flags to reset, NEW quests/tasks tend to NOT reset because RW cannot be bothered to correctly edit the old Repeat Ticket to add the new flag(s). Not every festival has a Festival Repeat Ticket Festival Repeat Ticket.

guid Festival Repeat Ticket Name NPC Cost Notes
205943 Juice Festival Juice Festival Repeat Ticket Juice Festival Repeat Ticket Tina
Andy Yanith
Juice Festival Reward Commissioner
Grapefruit Grapefruit ×100 and Juice Concentrate Juice Concentrate ×100, or
Transport Portal Rune Transport Portal Rune ×1
nothing, or
Cash Value: $0.21
205944 Snowflake Festival Snowflake Festival Repeat Ticket Snowflake Festival Repeat Ticket Jack Shackleton Transport Portal Rune Transport Portal Rune ×2 Cash Value: $0.42
206847 Spring Rain Festival Spring Rain Festival Repeat Ticket Spring Rain Festival Repeat Ticket Lina Wabbit, Aywa Wabbit, Nier Wabbit Home-sweet-home Home-sweet-home Cash Value: $0.06
208292 Autumn Banquet Autumn Banquet Repeat Ticket Autumn Banquet Repeat Ticket Fez William
Lavanda Vitt
Transport Portal Rune Transport Portal Rune ×2 Cash Value: $0.42
208919 Festival of Fire Festival of Fire Repeat Ticket Festival of Fire Repeat Ticket Roger Lincoln
Transport Portal Rune Transport Portal Rune ×1 Cash Value: $0.21
209230 Flower Festival Flower Festival Repeat Ticket Flower Festival Repeat Ticket Flower Festival Reward Representative Transport Portal Rune Transport Portal Rune ×1 Cash Value: $0.21
209404 Masked Ball Masked Ball Event Repeat Ticket Masked Ball Event Repeat Ticket mob name missing item name needed
240043 Fairytale Festival Fairy Tale Event Repeat Ticket Fairy Tale Event Repeat Ticket Fairy Tale Event Committee Member Guild Castle Transport Stone Guild Castle Transport Stone ×3 Cash Value: $0.162
Resets: Magical Nautilus Shell, Support Storytelling Troupe, Punish Fairytale Giant Dragon, Theatrical Performance, and Little Red Riding Hood