Runes of Magic Wiki

The items listed in this table are only found/available during the indicated annual Festival. Droprates adjust based on your present level. Generally, mobs that are GREEN to you will drop more than those BLUE to you and mush more than mobs that are RED to you. GREY to you is trivial and will drop almost nothing.

Event Annual Period Dropped Items Other Items Notes
Festival of Fire January to February none Ic Fire Festival Blessing Box
Flower Festival February Ic Cocoa Bean
Ic Lover's Passion
Ic Milk
Ic Flower Festival Happiness Package
Masked Ball March (pre-2016) Ic Frog Celebration Certificate
Ic Breath of the Spring Goddess
Anniversary Celebration March (2016+) Ic Anniversary Ic Celebration Certificate
Ic Enigma Cube
Walpurgisnacht April (Spring Equinox) For Sale in Item Shop:
Ic Flying Rune Disk (Permanent)
Ic Ruzio, the Expedition Donkey (Permanent)
Ic Witch Broom (Permanent)
Except for the mounts, this was exclusively on the EU servers
Spring Rain Festival April to May Ic Earth Spirit Crystal Ic Stolen Rainbow Egg
Music Festival May to June Ic Torn Score Ic Note
Ic Musical Score
Ic Julia's Package
Ic Excellent Music Festival Package
Ic Golden Music Package
Crafting Festival June to July Ic Southern Fern Ic Sticky Gum
Ic Purified Crystal
Ic Essence Crystal
Ic Hardwork Craft Package
Colorweave Festival July to August Ic Breathable Silk Ic Functional Weaving Material Package
Ic Goddess Weaving Material Package
Ic Colorweave Festival Package
Labor Day Scarlet Watermelon Seed Scarlet Watermelon Seed
Strange Watermelon Seed Strange Watermelon Seed
item name needed
Fairytale Festival August to September Pages for Ic Old Magic Storybook Ic Fairy Tale Point Card
Ic Little Angel Badge
Ic Little Demon Badge
Ic Fairy Tale Gift Pack
Pumpkin Festival October Ic Suspicious-looking Powder Transformation Potions
Pumpkin Dishes
Juice Festival October to November Ic Grapefruit
Ic Juice Concentrate
Ic Moonlight Grapefruit Juice
Autumn Banquet November to December Ic Cinnamon Leaf Ic Fresh Ostrich Feast
Ic Autumn Banquet Voucher
Ic Lucky Fool Package
Ic Elemental Crystal
Ic Lyliya's Colorful Glass Bead
Snowflake Festival December to January Ic Sled Fragment
Ic Unknown Gift
Ic Andrew's Gift Box
Ic Icy Snowland Reward Supply Package