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Trade Overview[]

Extraction requires a lot of patience and concentration!
The effectiveness of herbs harvested in the field is limited due to their low quality, so if you want to begin making herbal potions you will need higher-quality herbal ingredients. To produce these high-quality ingredients, we must know how to process herbs.

You can find the "Extraction" skill in the "Normal" tab on the "Skill" interface. Then when you are on the Extraction page choose the recipe on the left side. Then, in the lower right part of the interface, select the quantity to be produced. If you have enough materials in your backpack, press "Craft" to begin work! However, you need to be near Alchemy Tools to do this. you can learn extraction recipes from a herbalist instructor.

Your current Extraction level is actually your Herbalism level, easily shown by pressing "Y". This level indicates which recipes you may purchase. See Gathering Guide for more information.


For more information about harvesting locations, see Resource Nodes.
Herb/Herbalism/Extraction Sources/Recipes
Level Object Source Herbalism Extraction
Quality-> Raw Normal Good Rare
Recipe-> Raw x2 Normal x4
or Raw x8
Good x6
or Raw x48
1 Mountain Demon Grass Ic Mountain Demon Grass Ic Mountain Demon Grass Bundle Ic Mountain Demon Grass Sap Ic Mountain Demon Grass Extract
Rosemary Ic Rosemary Ic Rosemary Bundle Ic Rosemary Sap Ic Rosemary Extract
8 Beetroot Ic Beetroot Ic Beetroot Bundle Ic Beetroot Sap Ic Beetroot Extract
11 Bison Grass Ic Bison Grass Ic Bison Grass Bundle Ic Bison Grass Sap Ic Bison Grass Extract
14 Bitterleaf Ic Bitterleaf Ic Bitterleaf Bundle Ic Bitterleaf Sap Ic Bitterleaf Extract
20 Moxa Ic Moxa Ic Moxa Bundle Ic Moxa Sap Ic Moxa Extract
21 Foloin Nut Ic Foloin Nut Ic Foloin Nut Butter Ic Foloin Nut Sap Ic Foloin Nut Extract
26 Dusk Orchid Ic Dusk Orchid Ic Dusk Orchid Bundle Ic Dusk Orchid Sap Ic Dusk Orchid Extract
31 Green Thistle Ic Green Thistle Ic Green Thistle Bundle Ic Green Thistle Sap Ic Green Thistle Extract
32 Barsaleaf Ic Barsaleaf Ic Barsaleaf Bundle Ic Barsaleaf Sap Ic Barsaleaf Extract
38 Moon Orchid Ic Moon Orchid Ic Moon Orchid Bundle Ic Moon Orchid Sap Ic Moon Orchid Extract
41 Straw Mushroom Ic Straw Mushroom Ic Straw Mushroom Bundle Ic Straw Mushroom Sap Ic Straw Mushroom Extract
44 Sinners Palm Ic Sinners Palm Ic Sinners Palm Bundle Ic Sinners Palm Sap Ic Sinners Palm Extract
51 Dragon Mallow Ic Dragon Mallow Ic Dragon Mallow Bundle Ic Dragon Mallow Sap Ic Dragon Mallow Extract
Mirror Sedge Ic Mirror Sedge Ic Mirror Sedge Bundle Ic Mirror Sedge Sap Ic Mirror Sedge Extract
57/56 † Thorn Apple Ic Thorn Apple Ic Thorn Apple Bundle Ic Thorn Apple Juice Ic Thorn Apple Extract
61 Goblin Grass Ic Goblin Grass Ic Goblin Grass Bundle Ic Goblin Grass Sap Ic Goblin Grass Extract
63/61 †† Verbena Ic Verbena Ic Bouquet of Verbena Ic Verbena Juice Ic Verbena Extract
69/66 ††† Nocturnal Lantern Grass Ic Nocturnal Lantern Grass Ic Nocturnal Lantern Grass Bundle Ic Nocturnal Lantern Grass Sap Ic Nocturnal Lantern Grass Extract
71 Dovetail Flower Ic Dovetail Flower Ic Dovetail Flower Bouquet Ic Dovetail Flower Sap Ic Dovetail Flower Extract
75 Thunderhoof Grass Ic Thunderhoof Grass Ic Thunderhoof Grass Bundle Ic Thunderhoof Grass Sap Ic Thunderhoof Grass Extract
81 Isyeh Grass Ic Isyeh Grass Ic Isyeh Grass Bundle Ic Isyeh Grass Sap Ic Isyeh Grass Extract
Dragonsprout Grass Ic Dragonsprout Grass Ic Dragonsprout Grass Bundle Ic Dragonsprout Grass Sap Ic Dragonsprout Grass Extract
86 Cold Psilotum Ic Cold Psilotum Ic Cold Psilotum Bundle Ic Cold Psilotum Juice Ic Cold Psilotum Extract
91 Snow Grass Ic Snow Grass Ic Snow Grass Bundle Ic Snow Grass Juice Ic Snow Grass Extract
Moon Grass Ic Moon Grass Ic Moon Grass Bundle Ic Moon Grass Juice Ic Moon Grass Extract
96 Shell Flower Ic Shell Flower Ic Shell Flower Bundle Ic Shell Flower Juice Ic Shell Flower Extract
The in-game text says that all three Resources for level 57 are actually level 56 but this is wrong. You cannot harvest them until 57 but you can purchase the Refining recipes at 56.
†† Although these Resources cannot be harvested until level 63, the Refining recipes are available at level 61.
††† Although these Resources cannot be harvested until level 69, the Refining recipes are available at level 66.