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Epic - One Thousand Years of Slavery
Epic Quest Series
Starting ZoneWeeping Coast
Rec. Levels52
Next Great Barrier
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Epic Quest Series
The Elven Prophecy

This page refers to content introduced in the expansion, Chapter II: The Elven Prophecy.

This epic quest series starts with Gubuth in Weeping Coast.

All of the quests in this series have a minimum level of 50.

Inkspots: During this quest serIes, it will prove very useful if you dropped some ink at the following locations, as you will need to move back and forth between them often!
Inkspot.png This looks like
a good spot to
drop some ink!

Some of these jumps can be minimized or combined with other quest movements, but soon or later you are going to have to spend some Transport Runes Transport Runes ×itemshop. Because there is a Snoop Portal at Boulderwind Village you could skip this inkspot, Simply using Recall Recall to jump to Varanas Gates (assuming you are bound there, as you should be) and then using Snoop to jump back to Boulderwind Village. Of course, this assumes you never have to go there twice within an hour (which is far from guaranteed).

Chapter I: Fairy Sneezes[]

To start this quest series, find two Tiktaalik, near Ayak Clan, threatening a Goblin named Gubuth. Kill the Tiktaalik to rescue the Goblin and earn his gratitude.


  1. [52][Epic] Saving Gubuth - Save Gubuth, talk to him, talk to him again, then deliver the potion to Dallas.
  2. [52][Epic] Fairy Present? - Leave potion for the guards.
  3. [52][Epic] Mudpond Village also Needs Medicine - Deliver potion to the herbalist (click on Juneer's Cabinet).
  4. [52][Epic] Forest Fairy Legend - Ask about the legend
  5. [52][Epic] Herbalist's Thanks - Tell Dallas "Thank you!"
  6. [52][Epic] Deliver Medicine to Ayak - Special delivery for Hanis
  7. [52][Epic] Cleansing Bad Smells - Release the potion at the basin
  8. [52][Epic] The Goddess' Redemption - Take Diers to Hero's Tomb and talk to Rezibi

Chapter II: Cleansing Blood[]

Hero's Tomb: RezibiNarfas

  1. [52][Epic] Divine Envoy - Narfas - Talk to Narfas
  2. [52][Epic] Polluting Mutation - Follow Narfas to Bloodstained Pond
  3. [52][Epic] Cleansing Tar Beasts - Cleanse a Bloodstained Tar Beast
  4. [52][Epic] Making a Tool to Catch Them - Get Spider Silk Spider Silk ×8
  5. [52][Epic] Cleansing Vermilion Newts - Capture a Vermilion Newt and take it to Rezibi

Chapter III: The Paladin's Sword[]

Hero's Tomb: RezibiBoulderwind Village: BuliminWoodchop Village: ReismanWilliamBoulderwind Village: BocelliSprierJaber

  1. [52][Epic] Haunted Forest - Offer your help to Bulimin at Boulderwind Village
  2. [52][Epic] Reisman, the Dog Lover - Talk to Reisman at Woodchop Village
    • respond with the second question. The first will anger him.
  3. [52][Epic] Mysterious Sword - Remove "unwelcome guests"
  4. [52][Epic] Buffy's Treasure - Dig in the dirt for clues
  5. [52][Epic] Crazy Bulimin - Bulimin attacked his brother? Talk to Bulimin in Boulderwind Village
  6. [52][Epic] Conflicting Stories - A bandit attacked a lady?
  7. [52][Epic] Elder Bocelli - Talk to a wise judge
  8. [52][Epic] Strange Things in the Village - Listen to the judge
  9. [52][Epic] Investigate No More - Tell Reisman to let it drop
  10. [52][Epic] Where it Comes From is Where it Goes - Tell the ghost what happened
  11. [52][Epic] Paladin's Sword - Learn the nature of the sword
    • [52][Epic][Optional] Empty Coffin? - unlocked by [Epic] Paladin's Sword. Ask Narfas about the empty tomb. This quest just gives you some more Lore, and the same amount of XP as the others in the chain, but no items and is not required. It is safe to skip it.
  12. [52][Epic] Honoring the King - Give honor to the ghost's master
  13. [52][Epic] Regrets of the Dead - Talk to Bulimin about the girl
  14. [52][Epic] Animals Know - Let Bulimin's dog, Buffy II, follow the scent, then interact with the Mottled Stone Tablet
  15. [52][Epic] Sprier - Talk to Sprier
  16. [52][Epic] Ancient Sorcery Medium - Gather materials for a divination ×10 from Magic Jars in the Muttering Forest
  17. [52][Epic] Final Materials - Face the Mysterious Woman
  18. [52][Epic] Death of the Brave One - Talk to Bocelli and ask him what happened

Chapter IV: Which Witch?[]

This is the point at which the two stories diverge. One side serves Narfas, the other Ayesha (who may actually be Tiyana). The action that causes the split is whether you killed Bocelli or attacked Jaber in the above quest, Death of the Brave One.

Killed Bocelli Attacked Jaber


  1. [52][Epic] The Meaning of Existence - Give the Material to Narfas
  2. [52][Epic] A Thousand Years of Thought - Break the silence
  3. [52][Epic] Prevention - "Make an air-tight seal"
  4. [52][Epic] A broken goddess - Take in the scene
  5. [52][Epic] Tracking - Capture Inmakat
  6. [52][Epic] Frightening Scene - Help Namidas cleanse the unruly beasts
  7. [52][Epic] Cleansing Together - Help Narfas cleanse the unruly beasts
  8. [52][Epic] Awakening Souls - Try to save the misled adventurers
  9. [52][Epic][Group 4] Water Elemental Power - Ask Polython, the King of the Water, for information
  10. [52][Epic] Water Tracks - Free the lost adventurer


  1. [52][Epic] Crazed Animals - Talk to Ayesha
  2. [52][Epic] Cleansed Blood - Get Bloodstained Tar Beast Blood ×5 and give them to Ayesha by the Snoop Portal outside Boulderwind Village
  3. [52][Epic] Village Worries - Use Lyoth Engraving on Promento
  4. [52][Epic] Ayesha's Whereabouts - Inform Ayesha at Bloodstained Pond that Promento is trapped
  5. [52][Epic] Counterattack - Use Lyoth Engraving, then the Cleansing Bottle on Inmakat
  6. [52][Epic] The Lure - Talk to Velde at the edge of Bloodstained Pond
  7. [52][Epic] Mastermind of Mutation - Observe Narfas and report to Ayesha
  8. [52][Epic] Protecting Ayesha - Protect Ayesha
  9. [52][Epic][Group 4] Water Elemental Crisis - Accept Ayesha's power, then talk to Polython
  10. [52][Epic] The Truth - Get the truth from Ayesha
  1. [52][Epic] Loyal William - Help William learn the truth

Chapter V: Finale[]


  1. [52][Epic] Bloodlord Androth - Learn more
  2. [52][Epic][Group] Stone of Truth - Get a Repentance Fragment
  3. [52][Epic] Cleansing Stone - Ask Polython for a Cleansing Stone
  4. [52][Epic][Group] Demon's Scar - Meet Rezibi at the Demon's Scar in the Savage Lands and defeat Tiyana
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