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Envoy of the Dragons (Quest Series)
Starting ZoneAotulia Volcano
Rec. Levels53 to 61
Previous Great Barrier
Next Magical Reconstruction
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The Elder Kingdoms

This page refers to content introduced in the expansion, Chapter III: The Elder Kingdoms.

Morrok's Line, as it is commonly called, begins in Aotulia Volcano and continues 'til Sarlo (sometime around the time you reach 82).

A German version of this series information is available at This is in a tabular format some find easier to keep up with. An English-language version of this table is under construction at the official forums, and we will link to it once it is under way.

This series of quest series' is commonly referred to as "Morrok's Line" or "Morrok's Quests". Truthfully, Morrok Wallinder's complete sequence would be Envoy of the Dragons and Return the Glory, leading to Magical Reconstruction.

You should be doing the Return the Glory quest series at the same time as this one. If you have not, go look at it and get it started. It becomes important later.

You must be at least level 53 to begin this series of quests

Aotulia Volcano[]

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  1. Mysterious Torrog at Titans' Hill
    1. [56] Fractured Verge - Ask Torrog who "they" are? (talk to him again to be sent to Aynara at the Fractured Verge)

You must be at least level 54 to proceed beyond this point

  1. Aynara at Fractured Verge
    1. [56] No Smoke Without Fire - Talk to Aynara about the Dragons. Sends you to Thunderhoof Hills.

Thunderhoof Hills[]

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To gain the title of Lionheart Knights Investigator Lionheart Knights Investigator you must gain the following titles:

Ancient Ruins[]

  1. Aynara
    1. [56] Pig in a Pond - Ask the bartender at the Pig in a Pond bar in Tomara about Morrok Wallinder's whereabouts


  1. Samiel Caster [Barkeep] of the Pig in a Pond bar
    1. [56] A Change of Plans - Get First Aid Supplies from First Aid Supplies

Herbalist Camp[]

  1. Morrok Wallinder
    1. [56] Medical Emergency - Cure 6 Injured Herbalist
    2. [56] Unidentified Egg - Find a Large Egg from a Suspicious-looking Egg
    3. [56] Wyrm Lair - Find the Worm Corpse from Corpse of a Worm
    4. [56] Combing the Land - Find a Used Rope from Rope, a Strange Tool from Strange Tool, and investigate the suspicious-looking footprints (Strange Footprint)
    5. [56] Dimlane District's Autopsy Specialist - Meet Morrok Wallinder around coffins in Dalanis Dimlane District

Dalanis Dimlane District[]

  1. Morrok Wallinder
    1. [56] Drowning Rats with Oil - Get an Oil-Drowned Rat (Buy Jar or Oil and Living Rat from Bartender at the Night Bar, then combine them)
    2. [56] Meet With the Weapons King - Order some special Aou from the bartender in the Night Bar, and place the Golden Feather Golden Feather on it, then meet with Carr Dawith and give him the Arrow Head

Night Bar[]

  1. Danny Coblin
    1. [56] Trouble Outside the Bar - Just out of the front door of the bar, you will be attacked by 3 Vengeful Vagrants and then a Raging Vagrant
    2. [56] Blood Test - Meet with the Weapons King, Carr Dawith
    3. [56] Talking to the Vagrant - Show this Crystal Dagger to the vagrant in Dalanis Central District

Dalanis Central District[]

  1. Morrok Wallinder
    1. [56] Early Morning Starlight - Urge Bobby Jean to take you to his master
  2. Vagrant Ike
    1. [56] Seeking Information - Ask about the soldiers and Avano
  3. Morrok Wallinder
    1. [56] Finding the Lamb - Take the road from Dalanis towards Avano and look for clues


  1. Felula Kuhio
    1. [56] Lamb's Plea? - Follow her, then kill the 3 Avano Soldiers that attack you
    2. [56] The Lamb's Tears? - Collect Averia, then deliver Averia to Lafati Kuhio in Engwor


  1. Lafati Kuhio
    1. [56] Life is Hard - Talk with Lafati Kuhio
    2. [56] Broken Oath - Deliver the Letter Letter to Felius Gerwent
  2. Felius Gerwent
    1. [56] Key Battle - Talk to Felius Gerwent, then fearlessly kill the enemies

Avano 2[]

  1. Morrok Wallinder
    1. [56] Towards Avano - Enter Avano and question the local residents: Resident of Avano, Resident of Avano, Scared Resident of Avano, and Embittered Resident of Avano
    2. [56] Despicable Lie - Speak to, then follow, the Embittered Resident of Avano to the place you will be attacked by 3 soldiers
    3. [56] The Bluff - Question the Avano Camoflage Trooper
    4. [56] Luke's Tracks - Enter the nearby cellar and look for Luke Ponzi where you are attacked by a half-dozen Avano Soldiers (you'll probably die but you update the quest anyway}
    5. [56] The Sewers - Enter the Dalanis Sewers and look for information

Dalanis Sewers[]

Simon Dibark (in Dalanis Throne Room):

  1. Freud Splinter (in Dalanis Sewers)
    1. [56] Sewer Resident - Get Yeast Fungi ×5 from Giant Sewer Spiders
    2. [56] Regulations for Exchanging Items - Trade Cheese with Bikala Ambereye in Dalanis Central District for 2 books (The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat and The Interpretation of Dreams)
  2. Bikala Ambereye [Antiques Merchant]
    1. [56] Means to Deal With Opponents - Retrieve Sodora News Record from Sunmaya Ashmane
      • Sunmaya Ashmane is just across the street in an opposing booth. Beat him up to get the book back.
      • After completion of the above quest, be sure to collect the books you need from the Pile of Books, twice, before you leave!
    2. [56] Returning Gift - Return the books to Freud Splinter
  3. Freud Splinter (Dalanis Sewers) • Broken Pipe
    1. [56] Beloved Companions - Use a Net to capture 4 Turtles in the Dalanis Sewers
      • Yes, "Splinter" wants you to capture 4 "Turtles", ok?
      • You must fight your way back to the surface, chamber by chamber. Periodically, a Turtle may appear. Beat him down below 50% then use the Net to capture him!
      • completion results in the appearance of four very predictably-named NPCs: Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo Merisi, Raphael Sanzio, and Donatello Nico
    2. [56] Freud's Proposal - Ask Freud Splinter about his solution
      • Take both the Miraculous Red Potion (makes you small) and the Miraculous Blue Potion (makes you larger), but only drink the one he tells you to use!
    3. [56] Mister Pipe's Secret - Get the Special Intelligence and the Important Intelligence
  4. Morrok Wallinder
    1. [55] Go to the Milasso Forest - Morrok Wallinder wants to transport you to the Silverstar Camp in the Milasso Forest

Milasso Forest[]

Silverstar Camp[]

You must be at least level 55 to proceed beyond this point

Morrok Wallinder

  1. [57] Ceremony Before All Else - Greet Chief Darik Silverstar

Darik Silverstar

  1. [57] Be on Your Guard! - Ask the Silverstar Patrols about the Avano Elite Troopers
  2. [57] Behemoth Skull - Speak to Morrok Wallinder atop the observation tower

Morrok Wallinder atop the observation tower

  1. [57] Know Full Well the Danger - Find a Suspicious-looking Vessel near Behemoth Rock
  2. [57] Strange Fragrance - Ask Darik Silverstar for information regarding the fragrance's origin
  3. [57] How to Avoid Battle - Listen to Morrok and the Chief's conversation

Morrok Wallinder - at the Silverstar Healer's hut

  1. [57] Keep to the Instruction - Gather Altus Breath Altus Breath ×3
    • You can use the tunnel/portal from Silverstar Camp to Listana Falls to save time and avoid... complications.
  2. [57] Test on the Living Object - Use the Altus Breath Liquid on a Behemoth
  3. [57] Mass Production - Get Altus Breath Altus Breath ×12
    • Once again, you can use the tunnel/portal from Silverstar Camp to Listana Falls.
  4. [57] Appearances Are Deceiving - Use the Processed Armor Processed Armor disguise and meet Morrok Wallinder at the Behemoth Skull

Behemoth Skull[]

Morrok Wallinder

  1. [57] Raid Plan! - Confirm the time for the raid with Darik Silverstar
  2. [57] Surprise Attack - Observe the fate of Luke Ponzi
  3. [57] Suspicious - Meet everyone back at Silverstar Camp
  4. [57] Duty - Tell Simon Dibark in Dalanis Grand Palace the whole story about the sewers

Dalanis Central District 2[]

Morrok Wallinder (in front of the Dragonslayer Pub)

  1. [57] Go to the Janost Forest - Speak to Morrok to fly to Southern Janost Forest

Southern Janost Forest[]

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Gaining 7 titles (Shador's Hope, Dispeller of Beast Rumours, A King's Trust, and Calloway's Comrade in Return the Glory, plus Emir's Antagonist, Keeper of the Secret, and Morrok's Companion in Envoy of the Dragons) grants the title Forest Crisis Rescuer.

Arde Camp[]

  1. Morrok Wallinder
    1. [57] Meeting Arde - Tell Morrok Wallinder you are ready, then follow Morrok Wallinder to Arde Camp (he will transport you)
  2. Slater Dazzlebright
    1. [57] Slater's Request - Get Gulo Meat Gulo Meat ×8 from Timid Gulos
  3. Arde Silverstar
    1. [57] The Meaning of Enjoying Life - Pick up some Wine Wine from a Barrel around the camp, and drink with him
    2. [57] The Meaning of Stars - Listen to the mutterings of Arde Silverstar
    3. [57] Meet the Star of Emir - Explore the forest
      • When you approach the Corpse (on the ground at 10.4, 79.5) a scene will start involving a Strange Creature and two Soulless Soldiers. As the scene ends you are attacked by an Angry Chupura
      • If you move outside of the range of the scene, once it starts, the scene stops and your only choice is to abandon this quest and start it over.
  4. Strange Corpse
    1. [57] Strange Corpse State - Talk to Morrok Wallinder
  5. Morrok Wallinder
    1. [57] Investigation Interrupted - Talk to Arde Silverstar
    2. [57] Investigate Claw Mark Clues - Speak to the Residents of Kandor and show them the Claw Mark Mold
      • There are 5 of them (4 adults and a child) at 36.5, 44.8.


You must be at least level 56 to proceed beyond this point

  1. Morrok Wallinder (in Kandor)
    1. [58] Karebas, the first envoy of the dragons? - Examine the Broken Stone Tablet at Sacred Ground of the Titan
  2. Morrok Wallinder (on Sacred Ground of the Titan)
    1. [57] Strange Woman's Potion - Return the Potion to Belle Allen
  3. Belle Allen (Southern Janost Forest)
    1. [58] Bloodthirsty Flower - Get Blood ×5 from Janost Sharpteeth, use them at Fertile Soil along the shore to draw and defeat Bloodthirsty Flowers and defeat them for Petals ×5
    2. [58] Hand Over the Weapon - Take the Special Potion and the Weapon to Elder Kyle Saaj
  4. Kyle Saaj [Kandor Elder]
    1. [58] Secret in the Box - Open the Great Big Wooden Box. You are attacked by a Blood Vein Butterfly. Talk to the Great Big Wooden Box.
  5. Aguda Esi (hiding in the Great Big Wooden Box)
    1. [58] Aguda's Plan - Wear the Peculiar Clothing and take the Package Package to Belle Allen. Go the runic pillar on the shoreline, meet with the conspirators, and defeat the Failed Test Product and Alain Eree
    2. [58] The Truth Comes to Light - Deliver the Large Cloth Bag to Elder Kyle Saaj
  6. Kyle Saaj [Kandor Elder]
    1. [58] Kyle's Confession - Bury the Protector Stone Fragment in the Holy Earth on the Sacred Ground of the Titan
  7. Morrok Wallinder (on Sacred Ground of the Titan) - unlocked by reaching the conditions for completion of Kyle's Confession
    1. [58] An Unexpected Message - Travel towards the Ruins of Bymorsh and meet Morrok Wallinder at a Claw Ripped Corpse at 60.3, 57.8
    2. [58] Follow the Clues - Search for clues (the Strange Creature) on the way to Alimus' Tomb

Alimus' Tomb[]

  1. Morrok Wallinder just within Alimus' Tomb
    1. [58] On a Strange Creature's Trail - Enter Alimus' Tomb
    2. [58] Manticos the Dragon - Listen to Morrok Wallinder
    3. [58] Let's Split Up - Investigate the tracks
      • inside you find Briel Delaman. Talk to him, then retrieve his Package
  2. Briel Delaman
    1. [58] Recording Crystal Retrieval - Recover his Recording Crystal
  3. Morrok Wallinder in the first chamber within Alimus' Tomb
    1. [58] Urgent Venture - Go to the depths of the Tomb and defend Morrok Wallinder from the Strange Soldiers, then return to Tomb Researchers' Camp
      • You must defeat them before any of the three good guys falls!
  4. Morrok Wallinder at Tomb Researchers' Camp
    1. [58] Meeting Up with Friends - Follow to Ruin Researchers' Camp

Ruin Researchers' Camp[]

  1. Morrok Wallinder at Ruin Researchers' Camp
    1. [58] Strange Noises at the Abandoned Camp - Investigate the abandoned camp
  2. Morrok Wallinder at Ruins of Bymorsh
    1. [58] Special Preparations - Get Slime ×5 from Sigg Lurkers
    2. [58] The Phantoms' True Identity - Use the Special Slime, then enter and investigate the abandoned camp in the Ruins of Bymorsh
      • Find the written information and the special information
    3. [58] A Brief Respite - Take the Letter to Eliba Hill at Ruin Researchers' Camp
  3. Eliba Hill at Ruin Researchers' Camp
    1. [58] Archaeological Work - While the spell he cast is still active on you, collect rubbings from 5 different tablets
      • Energy Detection lasts just 5 minutes.
    2. [58] Explanation of the Mysterious Inscriptions - Get the five deciphered messages from Analyzing Device, Tracing Device, Restoration Device, and Screening Device
    3. [58] Hyrdon the Ravenous - Find Borick Lannis at the Tomb Researchers' Camp
    4. [58] Converse with the Spirit - Speak with the spirit of Hyrdon, then talk to Eliba Hill at Ruins Researchers' Camp
    5. [58] Morrok's Return - Talk to Morrok Wallinder
  4. Morrok Wallinder
    1. [58] Northern Janost Forest - Speak to Morrok Wallinder when you are ready fly to Northern Janost Forest

Northern Janost Forest[]

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Forgotten Laboratory[]

  1. Morrok Wallinder
    1. [58] Prepare a Trap - Gather Borlan Borlan from Borlan
    2. [58] Willing Ones Take the Bait - When you are ready, talk to Morrok Wallinder. After you have succeeded in capturing the half-dragon, report to Morrok Wallinder inside the ruins.
    3. [58] Believe Me, Child - Talk to Morrok Wallinder to be transported to the cell
    4. [58] Visiting Sley - Talk to Morrok Wallinder in the Village of Sley


  1. Morrok Wallinder
    1. [58] Ayekin's Family - Speak to Morrok Wallinder and visit Thomas Hanks [Sley Town Mayor]
    2. [58] Sharptooth Blood - Get Sharptooth Blood Sharptooth Blood ×5 from the Sharptooth Blood plant in the Croso Woodland
    3. [58] Part-Time Miracle Worker - Assist Morrok Wallinder in the healing by clicking on Lina Hanks to make her inhale the scent of the Sharptooth Blood Sharptooth Blood
    4. [58] Thin Air - Light the Croso Brazier at the fork in the road, observe the scene, then talk to Morrok Wallinder


  1. Morrok Wallinder
    1. [58] Door-to-Door - Question a Zaramonde Villager 3 times

You must be at least level 57 to proceed beyond this point

  1. Morrok Wallinder (outside the gate of Zaramonde)
    1. [59] Desperate Measures - Find a Zaramonde Official and beat him for information
    2. [59] Midsummer Dawn - Meet Morrok Wallinder on the path to Tempest Thieves' Den high above Zaramonde

Tempest Thieves' Den[]

  1. Morrok Wallinder
    1. [59] Meeting Loub Again - Greet Loub Ayekin, observe the scene, then talk to Morrok Wallinder
    2. [59] Odd Convicts - Talk to Strange Prisoner
    3. [59] Dealing with People - Kill a Wind Eagle or Giant Tempest Wolf to get some Raw Meat, cook it in the Campfire to get Unappetizing Meat, and give it to the Strange Prisoner
    4. [59] Intense Sunleaves - Get Intense Sunleaf Intense Sunleaf ×5 from Intense Sunleaf
    5. [59] Mr. Duran - Give the Wine Made From Sunleaf Juice to Mr. Duran
    6. [59] Always Disrespect Your Elders - Speak to Kargath Duran
      • Follow the rocks south of the campfire, and curve to the left.
      • grants the title The Walls Have Ears
    7. [59] Vendetta - Click on the Campfire, observe the scene, then talk to Morrok Wallinder
    8. [59] Return to Zaramonde - Speak to Morrok Wallinder in Zaramonde

Zaramonde 2[]

  1. Morrok Wallinder (in Zaramonde)
    1. [59] Alcohol Loosens the Tongue - Find Mendoza Ayekin, beat him defenseless (a yellow message appears that he is defenseless), then give him the Wine Made From Sunleaf Juice and ask him about the disappearance of the Tempest Thieves
  2. Morrok Wallinder (outside the gate of Zaramonde)
    1. [59] Flare - Use the smoke signal
    2. [59] A New Lead - Find Morrok outside the Hidden Laboratory

Hidden Laboratory[]

  1. Morrok Wallinder
    1. [59] The Hand of Truth - Use the Disguise to enter the Hidden Laboratory and get Bloodstained Document
    2. [59] Ambush - Talk to Morrok Wallinder, then stop the ambush of the Soulless Warriors (with a little help from Morrok Wallinder and Loub Ayekin), then talk with Loub Ayekin (time is limited!)
      • Loub Ayekin has flown to the far side of the nearest building. If you forget to talk with him within the time limit you will have to fight the Soulless Warriors all over again!

Tempest Thieves' Den 2[]

You must be at least level 59 to proceed beyond this point

  1. Kargath Duran
    1. [61] Ancient Adage - Get Eagle Tear ×5 from Wind Eagle
  2. Morrok Wallinder
    1. [61] Secret Healing Place - Let Morrok Wallinder transport you to Kafarg's Lair in Limo Desert

Limo Desert[]

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Kafarg's Lair[]

by POIQuestsMobs

You do not need to drop ink here so long as you do the quests here now. You will never need to return here.

  1. Morrok Wallinder
    1. [61] Eavesdropping is a Method - Morrok wants you to wait outside
  2. Kargath Duran
    1. [61] Expert in Material Distribution - Get Scorpion Tail Scorpion Tail ×5 from Oasis Scorpions. Morrok Wallinder has the other two items.
  3. Loub Ayekin
    1. [61] Jill's Love - Talk to Katie Jean in Tomard
    2. [61] Katie's Gift - Return to Kafarg's Lair and give the gown to Jill Ayekin
  4. Kargath Duran
    1. [61] Demonstrate Attitude - Stand together with Kargath
    2. [61] Searching for Information - Get the 3 Intelligence Reports in Tomard


by POIQuestsMobs

Kargath Duran

  1. [61] Poison Ingredients - Get Poison ×5 from Zanka Scorpions and give them to Jill Ayekin at Zanka's Dune

Zanka's Dune[]

by POIQuestsMobs
Inkspot.png This looks like
a good spot to
drop some ink!

You are probably gonna die at least once here. You may want to drop some ink where you meet Kargath Duran and Morrok Wallinder at the entrance to Zanka's Nest.

  1. Loub Ayekin
    1. [61] How to Save a Good Guy - Get Springleaf Grass ×5 to stop the bleeding
  2. Ike Mania
    1. [61] Meet Louis - Deliver the Gold Bracelet to Louis Dell at the Hand of Truth Camp
      • You can mount up and train from Loub to Louis. Mobs will break if you tuck into the corner just past Louis and wait.
  3. Louis Dell
    1. [61] Start From the Core - Kill Guy Reid, Saar Warf and Sonny Hiray, and take their Work Logs
    2. [61] Preparing to Disrupt the Experiment - Get Internal Organ ×5 from Zanka Sand Vipers
    3. [61] Disrupt the Experiment - Complete the Disturbance Test (wear the Cloak, find Lous Dell disguised as Yallien at Hand of Truth Camp, and use the Unusual Powder on the Lab Stove at the appropriate time)
    4. [61] Scene of the Accident - Talk to Kargath Duran outside Zanka's Nest
  4. Two paths of inquiry:
  5. Morrok Wallinder
    1. [61] Another Kind of Hint - Talk to Geddleman Clay in Tomard


by POIQuestsMobs
  1. Geddleman Clay
    1. [61] Rush - Deliver Stomach ×5 (from Young Yasheedees) to Iron Heel Crocker (a white-fur Capra) at Shattered Hand Research Camp

Shattered Hand Research Camp[]

by POIQuestsMobs
  1. Kargath Duran
    1. [61] Langlokee and Shattered Hand - Talk to Kargath Duran
  2. Morrok Wallinder
    1. [61] Obtain Experiment Notes - Get Research Notes ×5 from Hand of Truth Researchers outside Shattered Hand
  3. Kargath Duran
    1. [61] Reunion... - Get Turtle Shell ×5 from Sand-ripple Tortoise and give them to Jill Ayekin (in Dune of the Heavens)

Dune of the Heavens[]

by POIQuestsMobs

Before you move beyond this point, you may want to do Shoot to Kill near the end of the Return the Glory quest series if you want to be able to do Toni's Rescue.

  1. Ike Mania
    1. [61] Delve Deeper - Ask Ike about the Hand of Truth and the Soulless Soldiers

You cannot proceed beyond this point until you have completed Starlight in the Return the Glory quest series

  1. Jill Ayekin
    1. [61] Trap Plan - Get Saltpeter ×5 from Pile of Saltpeter around Dune of the Heavens
  2. Kargath Duran
    1. [61][Group 3] Sacrificial Lamb - Are you in or out? Get transported into Tukork Hot Springs and fight Larvanger Barkud. Ike Mania gets captured!

This is the beginning of the Magical Reconstruction quest series. It joins together the adventures you have shared with Morrok Wallinder (in this quest series) and Toni (in the Return the Glory quest series.