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Map of Elven Island

The Elven Prophecy

This page refers to content introduced in the expansion, Chapter II: The Elven Prophecy.

Map zone12.png
Zone Information
Zone ID#12
Continent Candara
Type Public Outdoor
Expansion Ch.II: The Elven Prophecy
Level Range 1 to 10
Connecting Zones Varanas (via airship from Haven of Departure)
TownsValley of Preparation
CavesSabinean Cave
ResourcesAsh Wood [RP], Zinc Ore [RP], Mountain Demon Grass [RP], Chime Wood [RP], Flame Dust [RP], Rosemary [RP], Willow Wood [RP], Tin Ore [RP], Beetroot [RP], Stone Rotan Wood [RP], Cyanide [RP], Bison Grass [RP]
QuestsSeriesDailies Mobs Loot ObjectsPOIs

Only those who choose to be an Elf may set foot on the Elven Island. Prepare yourself for hard battles amongst the exquisite architecture and verdant landscape because getting through Chapter II requires a great deal of skill with weapons and magic.— from

Some time ago an island which had been settled by the mysterious Elven folk was discovered to the east of Ravenfell.

Originally, elves lived alongside humans on the continent of Candara, but a great war forced elven Holy King Isnasil to lead his people in exile to Elven Island to save them from the threat of extinction.

For a millennium, elves have lived harmoniously on Elven Island with ents, the island’s native race. Led by Holy King Yabis’an, elves have flourished on this island due in great part to the creation of The Academy, which trains all elven folk to become champions of the forces of nature.

Valley of Preparation

In the Valley of Preparation, Academy Master Gumanhan waits to greet all newcomers to the Academy Certification Program. This is where all new champions will learn the basics of attack, defense and movement. Principal Kayfadeen is the leader of the school and upholds the creed that all elves are connected with the earth. However, only the wife of the holy king can become the elven archdruid and perfectly control the elven power of nature. She can also communicate with the holy tree.

Not all is well in the Valley of Preparation, as Gluttonous Snails have invaded this lush environment and become a plague upon the health of the ents that dwell here. It’s the responsibility of the new champions to rid the valley of this blight and restore the balance.

This is the starting area for Elven characters, and it includes a Mailbox, an Auction House Clerk, and a House Maid. Many quests originate here, and there is a Bulletin Board and a Daily Quest Manager for daily quests. The Valley of Preparation also serves as the games low level gathering zone with Zinc Ore, Flame Dust, Ash Wood, Chime Wood, Mountain Demon Grass, and Rosemary.

Elven Island Plains

Immediately outside of the Valley of Preparation, there is an unnamed area that extends all the way up to Whistle Lake. There are several quest givers and many resources in this area. The resources for herbalism include Beetroot, Bison Grass, and Rosemary. The resources for woodcutting include Willow Wood, Stone Rotan Wood, and Chime Wood. The resources for smelting include Tin Ore, Cyanide, and Flame Dust. There is also a Stable Master in this area that will rent out a White Horse for 15 minutes (costing 300Gold ) or 2 hours (costing 3,000Gold ).

Spore Grove

There are many types of fungi in Spore Grove. Don’t be tempted by the sweet smell of the mushrooms; take one bite, and you’ll be sorry you did. The native fungus-like spore creatures, led by The Mushroom King Bolida Wood, will also fiercely protect their village if provoked.

Several quests either originate or lead to this location. Spore Guards and Spore Mages patrol this area, but they are not hostile unless attacked.

There are many varieties of mushrooms in this location, and several of them are integral to various quests. Bolida Wood, the mushroom king, is on the north side of the grove, inside a large tree.

Whistle Lake

Whistle Lake is the home of the Whistle Lake Oil Frog and Whistle Lake Crab. On the western shore of the lake, Dimuphalat will give you a series of quests, including a daily quest once you have completed the Bring Some Improved Food quest. On the eastern side of the lake, Lamot, the leader of the Fellowship of the Holy Stone, will give you a series of quests involving the Sabinean Cave. There are Hill Bear Cubs on either side of the lake for [Daily] Those Bears Again!.

Sabinean Cave

Sabinean Cave is the most dangerous area of Elven Island. Only the most skilled of the elven champions venture to the cave to complete their training. The Fellowship of the Holy Stone holds secret trials in the cave so members can hone their skills in preparation for future threats. Sabinean apemen, led by King Kajiazan, are constantly attacking the students and passing travelers.

Many quests lead to this cave, which is occupied by aggressive Sabinean Shamans and Sabinean Warriors. These Sabineans are led by their king, King Kajiazan.

Haven of Departure

In Haven of Departure is a grand elven airship piloted by Skidlaw, the best airship pilot of all the elves. This ship serves as a ferry for elves seeking to travel to the continent of Candara and its capital city, Varanas. Near the dock, you can also find a portal that serves for easy return to the island.

Once you have the Airship Ticket quest, you can talk to Sidklaw, the Airship Operator, and leave the Elven Island for Varanas. It is at Varanas that you can choose your Secondary Class. The Warden and Druid trainers are at the arrival point in Varanas, and the others are in the Varanas Class Hall. Note: Elves may not take the Priest or Knight class.

You can transport to Elven Island from Varanas if you talk to the Airship Operator at 44.9, 72.2 (northwest from the class hall). However, he will only transport you if you are an elf character. If you talk to him with a human character, he will say, "But I am afraid I can only be of service for Elven warriors." Humans, however, can reach Elven Island by being in a party with an elf who has marked Elven Island in the Transport Book, and having the elf use a Transport Portal Rune Transport Portal Rune

Note* You can return to the Elven Island after leaving for Varanas.

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