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Map of Dust Devil Canyon

Rise of the Demon Lord

This page refers to content introduced at launch, with Chapter I: Rise of the Demon Lord.

Map zone7.png
Zone Information
Zone ID#7
Continent Candara
Type Public Outdoor
Expansion Ch.I: Rise of the Demon Lord
Level Range 40 to 50
Connecting Zones Sascilia Steppes (through Obsidian Stronghold), Dragonfang Ridge
CitiesObsidian Stronghold
TownsOrder of Dark Glory Garrison, Karzak Camp
CavesThe Big Dig, Kal Turok Hive
World Bosses
ResourcesDragon Beard Root Wood [RP], Mysticite [RP], Green Thistle [RP], Holly Wood [RP], Silver Ore [RP], Barsaleaf [RP], Yew Wood [RP], Wizard-Iron Ore [RP], Moon Orchid [RP], Sagewood [RP], Mithril [RP], Straw Mushroom [RP], Tarslin Demon Wood [RP], Moon Silver Ore [RP], Sinners Palm [RP]
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Best route from Varanas to Dust Devil Canyon: direct via Snoop Portal (50Gold ) to Obsidian Stronghold (Obsidian Stronghold Battle Square).

The Canyon is split into an upper and lower half by the river Ikaoils, which in the old language means "snake path". The hawk totem worshiping settlement "Stormreach" has lived here for a very long time. This area is known for its presence of the "Might of Wind".

A highly evolved nation lived here during the time of the old Realms. The ruler of this nation was obsessed in further advancing the use of the rune stones. With their abilities they used the ample available mystical power of the wind.


Crafting Stations, trainers, and recipe merchants for ALL professions are found only in the Obsidian Stronghold Crafting Square.


31 Rare (Dragon Beard Root Wood, Mysticite, Green Thistle)
32 Holly Wood, Silver Ore, Barsaleaf
38 Yew Wood, Wizard-Iron Ore, Moon Orchid
41 Rare (Sagewood, Mithril, Straw Mushroom)
44 Tarslin Demon Wood, Moon Silver Ore, Sinners Palm


Most merchants in this zone are in Obsidian Stronghold (level 36 Mana, and levels 41 to 46 Health and Mana Potions, plus Poison supplies), but an Ammo Merchant, Pancer [Journeyman Blacksmith], recently opened shop in Karzak Camp. There is also Tracy [Scout Force Provisioner] at Kusa's Camp, and Conley [Smuggler] in Mesa of the Fallen near Hawk's Cliff.