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Damage is the value of health point reduction that a player inflicts upon an attackable entity. The final value uses a combination of attack, target defense, weapon damage and other factors (such as % modification) to determine the amount of damage to the target. Damage is normally separated into two distinct groups: physical and magical damage. This separation means, for example, that a skill or attack that applies physical damage does not rely on magical defense or magical attack values to determine the final damage output. Any damage inflicted on an entity is subtracted from the entity's maximum health and when the health value reaches 0, the entity is "dead."

Variables on Final Damage[ | ]

Runes of Magic uses many different factors and a formula (different formulae depending on physical or magical damage) to calculate the final damage output. Each factor is involved in the formulae and can change the final output, meaning each has to be taken into consideration when a player is concerned with their damage.

Base Damage[ | ]

Every weapon in Runes of Magic has base magic and physical damage represented as numbers on the item. These numbers are the single most important factor in determining final output and offer the greatest scale of damage when changed. The value of damage on a weapon depends on the type of weapon, the level and the rarity. The damage also depends upon the tier and plus of a weapon (raising as the tier and plus go up), but this does not occur without a player's intervention.

Player Attack and Entity Defense[ | ]

The second most influential variable is the player's own attack (either magical or physical) and the entity's defense (also either magical or physical). The values work with one another to provide a number relative to the relation between the values. This is so that the higher the attack goes in relation to the defense of an entity, the higher the resulting relative number and the higher the damage output. When the attack surpasses the defense value, the formula balances and damage does not scale as it did before.

  • Charge Time:
  • Level:
  • Amplifiers Factors
  • Domain of Element or Weapon:
  • Elemental Resistence:
  • Weapon Skill: Don't affect.

Basic Type of Damage[ | ]

Physical Damage[ | ]

Magic Damage[ | ]

True Damage[ | ]

Basic Attacks (White Attacks)[ | ]

Increased Attack Speed[ | ]

  • Increasing attack speed => Increases DPS of weapon & Increases damage done by Skills that depends on the weapon's DPS (a percentage equal to the percentage increase attack speed).

Enchanted Basic Attack with Magic Damage[ | ]

This type of damage is done with a succeed a Basic attack, they don't need magic accuracy. Only the next class combo have this kind of damage:

  • Knight / Mage --> Light Energy Weapon (Light Damage). He has Empowered Light Elemental Damage.
  • Rogue / Knight --> Searing Light (Light Damage).
  • Rogue / Warlock --> Dark Soul Smelt (Dark Damage); but skill is lvl 0 alwais :S. He has Empowered Dark Elemental Damage(+50% dark damage).
  • Warden / Druid --> Earth Spirit Essence (Earth Damage). He has Empowered Magic Damage (+10%).
  • Warrior / Mage --> Electric Attack (Wind Damage) & Lava Weapon (Fire Damage); each hit cause 2x[Magic Intant Gear Damge of the same lvl skill]. With Elite 60, he can use both at the same time, but -25% penalty (75% + 75% = 150% --> +50%).

Skills[ | ]

We can divide it into two basic types according to the type of probability applied: "Spells", use Magic Accuracy and Magic Resistence and can be silenced. "Techniques" use Physical accuracy and Dodge, have Miss Rate chance without inmmune.

Example: Magic Technique -> Shadowstab from Wl/R || Physical Spell --> Psychic Whirlwind from Wr/Wl

Instant Damage[ | ]

It is done by Instant Skills. They don't have individual Cooldawn. However they do a General Cooldawn of 1s. Normaly, they apply 100% of equipe damage, if that isn't indicated.

Casted/Charged Damage[ | ]

Skills with Two or More Damage[ | ]

Blocked Damage[ | ]

Damage over Time (DoT)[ | ]

DoT normaly applies damage every 2s. Each aplication is a Tick. At time 0, it daesn't apply damage. Each tick done in addition about 1/3 or 1/4 of magic damage equiped or physical damage of the first hand. This damage is good on long battles and a lost of time, in short battles. DoTs don't have critical chance.


Curse Damage[ | ]

(See too Curse (Condition))

Magic Damage.

Bleed Damage[ | ]

(See too Bleed (Condition))

Physical Damage.

Poison Damage[ | ]

(See too Poison (Condition))

Depending if it is done by NPC or player, we have:
->NPC's Poison: It is considered "True Damage" and does not vary.
->Player's Poison: This depends on the "Physical Damage" (main hand weapon) and "Attack Power" but faces "Magic Defense". Then, it's strong again Tanks focused on Physical Defense.

Critical Damage[ | ]

Crit rate[ | ]

Crit Hit Rate Chance

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Crit Chance: Up to (50%)

1 : K= your raw 'Critical Hit' total #

2: C= [ 30 x ( max lv # ) ] + 300

3: Max= Which is higher K or C

4: Chance= { [ ( K - C ) / Max ] + 1 } / 2

5: CritChance= Chance x 100

This Formula from top to bottom will give you the crit chance in percentage.

As we see up to 50% things go linear, above 65% rate gives very diminishing returns. Just to complete the theme to add that bosses have extra crit Resist, skills that add to crit% in fact reduce crit Resist, and that every level of difference additionally puts +/- 3% bonus/penalty to your final score.

Critical Damage[ | ]

  • Basic Attack
Extra Base Damage: ?%
  • Magic Skills
Extra Base Damage: 20%
  • Physical Skills
Extra Base Damage: 30%

Elemental Damage[ | ]

The first peculiarity of this damage is have an extra variable to get final damage, Resistance to Elements (RE or Resistance, alone). Resistance to a Element can be negative, in that case the final damage will be increased and in other case it will reduced. There some spells that remove some Elemental Resistance: "Elemental Weakness" (Mage) and "Soul Poisoned Fang" (Warlock / Rogue).

Some skills, such as the Mage skill Fire Shield, provide an Elemental Resistance to the caster or his entire party.

The second is the benefit of extra damage by Buff or Passive Skills, such as "(Element) Knowledge". Two Mage examples are Fire Knowledge Fire Knowledge and Wind Knowledge Wind Knowledge.

In addition, each Element has special characteristics.

The Elements and some characteristics (contributions are appreciated, unfinished(It needs to check!!)):

  • Fire (Mage)
  • Wind (Mage)
  • Water (Priest)
  • Earth (Druid & Warden)
  • Light (Knight)
  • Dark (Warlock & Magic Class with Rogue as secondary)

Possible formula (same formula as block and critical chance):

Equipment and Damage[ | ]

  • Weapons:
  • No Weapons:

Magic Skill's Formula[ | ]


DmgDone = MPw x CritMod x ADF x ([ NCT x { 1 + 1.4 x Spell lvl / 100 } x MDam + SBD ] + Stat x Stat-Factor)
MagDamage formula

Modifiers[ | ]

  • CritMod = 1 + (BaseCritMod) + (ExtraCritMod) If it is non critical hit, it is 1.
  • BaseCritMod = 0.2
  • ExtraCritMod: Any other crit mods you have: rings, skills, buffs...
  • MDm : Magic Damage according to character sheet
  • SBD : Spell Base Damage, as per the spell's description
  • NCT : Natural Casting Time (e.g. Flame = 3 seconds)
  • Mpw : Magic Power (e.g. Fire Knowledge), acts multiplicatively with other buffs
  • ADF: Amplification Damage Factor is based on (Attacker's MAttack) / (Defender's MDefense) = ratio:
Ratio ADF
ratio < 0.2 0.2
if 0.2 < ratio < 1 ratio
if ratio > 1 2 - 1/ratio

Notes[ | ]

  • Based on the ADF formula, the maximum ADF value is 2.
  • The ADF formula for DOT functions differently and leads to DOTs being stronger when MAT < MDEF.
  • All AoE skill have an inherent - 25% penalty.

Physical Skill's Formula[ | ]


DmgDone = CritMod * ADF * ( 1.375 * DPS + DPS * SkillPercent + Stat * Stat-Factor )

Modifiers[ | ]

  • CritMod = 1 + (BaseCritMod) + (ExtraCritMod) If it is a non critical hit, it is 1.
  • BaseCritMod = 0.3
  • ExtraCritMod: Any other crit mods you have: rings, skills, buffs...
  • DPS = (Damage Character Tab) / (Weapon Speed, including speed, buffs, runes, etc)
  • ADF is based on (Attacker's PAttack) / (Defender's PDefense) ratio:
Ratio ADF
ratio < 0.2 0.2
if 0.2 < ratio < 1 ratio
if ratio > 1 2 - 1/ratio

Physical Ranged Formula[ | ]

(scout mechanics are similar, but not same)

DmgDone = CritMod * ADF * ( 1.375 * Damage + DPS * SkillPercent )

Notes[ | ]

  • When Ratio = INFINITE, then 1/Ratio = 0 and maximum multiplier is getted, "2".
  • DoTs have doble Pattack. Then they are good if Ratio of DoT is below 1.
  • Casting time modifier on physical skills does not apply. So snipe would hit that same even if had 1sec or 3sec cast. Channeling skills are NOT cast skills (examples of channel-skills: Combo throw - combo shot etc etc).
  • All AoE skill have an inherent 25% penalty. So a scout Piercing Arrow or a R/S Shadowstab (hits 2 targets = AoE = penalty) will hit 70% of what the formulas say.
  • Damage reduction on PvP: -50%.
  • (Last verification: 2014)

Player Poison Formula[ | ]

(Tested by Exedrax, on 16th of dicember of 2015)

MagicDmgDone (per Tick) = (ADF) * [ 2 * (DPS) * (AoE Penalty) + (BasePoisonDam)]

Modifiers[ | ]

  • BasePoisonDam = Base Poison Damage, you can increas with upgrades of the skill (if it has).
  • DPS = (Damage Character Tab.) -- Is affected by Weapon Speed Modifiers.
  • ADF = Attack-Defense Factor, is based on (Attacker's PAttack) / (Receptor's MDefense) => ratio:
Ratio ADF
ratio < 0.2 0.2
if 0.2 < ratio < 1 ratio
if ratio > 1 2 - 1/ratio
  • AoE Penalty, as mayority of AoE skills, if it is an AoE Skill then that has 25% less of damage.

Notes[ | ]

  • By the Formula we can see that the time of the Poison Effect is the same as we have 1/2 extra hand attaking, but doing magic damage.
  • For a 12 second poison that each 2 seconds do damage, we have (bettween 1,2[min], 6[Balanced Power-Def] and 12[Max]) X DPS, total damage per Complete Effect. And if is an Aoe, as Rogue / Druid; is (bettween 0,9[min], 4,5[Balanced Power-Def] and 9[Max]) X DPS, AoE Penalty.
  • Don't forget Damage on PvP is the half.