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Worth: 2,250Gold 
Maximum Stack Size: 999

This material can be obtained by: Smelting

Item ore 006.png
Cyanide Ingot
Worth: 2,250 Gold
Right-click to disassemble into 36 Cyanide.

For information on Gathering from Resource Node objects and where to find them, see Resource Nodes.

Gather using Mining
Gathered Raw Material: Cyanide Cyanide
Refine using Smelting )
Refine 2 Cyanide Cyanide to make 1 Cyanide Sand Cyanide Sand
Refine 4 Cyanide Sand Cyanide Sand or 8 Cyanide Cyanide to make 1 Cyanide Nugget Cyanide Nugget
Refine 6 Cyanide Nugget Cyanide Nugget or 48 Cyanide Cyanide to make 1 Cyanide Ingot Cyanide Ingot