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Map of Crypt of Eternity

Zone Information
Continent Candara
Type Instanced Dungeon
Patch Patch 6.2.0
Level Range 90 to 93
Connecting Zones Salioca Basin (south of Jungle of Irunia)
Max Players 6
Progress Saved? No
Easy Mode Available
Hard Mode Available
Quests Mobs Loot Objects

The Crypt of Eternity is a level 90 instance and is found in Salioca Basin. The instance was added to the game on the 29th January 2015. It has seven bosses, the last two of whom can only be encountered in the instance's hard mode. It is located in the center of Salioca Basin, adjacent to the Jungle of Irunia. The area around the portal to the instance is patrolled by Large Thorned Blood Vines and the elite Brutal Thorned Blood Vines, making it dangerous to enter.— from

Please see Instance List for a table of all Instances, by the zone they are found in, and the quests that are involved with them.

Easy Mode Full Run


# Boss Name Ancient Mementos
 Easy Normal Hard 
6Kulabis 83
7Kelopas 85
Totals 64 170 510


Adur (93 Crown Elite)


Adur is the first boss in the instance and is fought alongside his wolves, Bloodfang and Mad Eye. Both wolves are immune in all three modes but can be killed if separated. However, on normal and easy modes, the wolves can be pulled from behind without directly engaging the boss. If they can be killed, the boss will have a reduced attack and defense but this will not work in hard mode. During the fight, Adur will also cast "Wolfhammer Throw." In order to survive this attack, players in the party can use Rainbow Crystal Candy or the Tank (if a Knight) can use the ability Holy Shield. Entities called "Shattered Objects" will be scattered around the room and if a player stands on one, it will attract the attention of Adur's wolves.

Hitpoints 12,438,642 HP 48,878,913 HP 234,887,466 HP
Ancient Mementos Ancient Mementos 8 30 56

Bloodfang and Mad Eye

  • Easy Mode: 651,713 Hp
  • Normal Mode: 2,280,255 Hp
  • Hard Mode: 5,988,230 Hp


Khalakli (93 Crown Elite)


Khalakli is the second boss and can be troublesome for parties with lower damage per second. Khalakli, at around 66% health, will inflict a stackable damage-over-time effect that cannot be cleansed. This effect is named "Blood Loss". This will mean that a party engaging with the boss must kill him as quickly as possible while also out-healing the damage caused by his attacks. Khalakli also summons mobs that will attack party members. These mobs hit extra-ordinarily high, often 200,000+ in hard mode and will kill in a single hit. When they do not kill their target, the target will be rendered unable to attack. The advised tactic is to use a physical immunity skill such as Holy Shield or use Rainbow Crystal Candy. Serenstum cannot block the damage caused by Khalakli's effect.

Hitpoints 12,978,843 HP 49,952,506 HP 245,582,461 HP
Ancient Mementos Ancient Mementos 10 32 62


Mosfetto (93 Crown Elite)


Mosfetto is the third boss of the Crypt. He has an area of effect attack that will distort the floor of the room. Players standing on this distortion will be silenced and weakened. It is best to fight Mosfetto on the north side of the room, where his area of effect attack is limited. However, bar this, he has only one other area attack (this attack only does a single hit of 50% of a player's health points so it is not a concern and can be healed with little effort). This means that DPS players are safer when fighting Mosfetto than with other bosses.

Hitpoints 13,522,573 HP 52,671,158 HP 251,132,732 HP
Ancient Mementos Ancient Mementos 13 34 69


Katbalbus (93 Crown Elite)


Katbalbus is the fourth boss and when engaged by the party, it will hinder players with a stackable de-buff called "Poison Cloud." This effect stacks every 1-2 seconds and can be removed by a player jumping. If the effect is not removed, it does 2% of a player's health points per stack. Katbalbus will also weaken players and periodically summon mobs named "Putrid Secretions." These will appear near the edge of the room and walk towards the boss. Should these reach him, they will give him an additional stackable effect. This effect will reduce the damage Katbalbus takes by 25% per stack. Katbalbus will periodically cast an ability that will heal him for 5% of his overall health points. It is advised to silence him before he can complete this.

Hitpoints 14,066,943 HP 55,392,329 HP 272,894,359 HP
Ancient Mementos Ancient Mementos 15 36 74


Thallsus (93 Crown Elite)


Thallsus is the fifth and final boss of easy and normal modes. His actions are more complex than the other bosses and the tactics the boss requires reflect this. He will cast "Runic Salvo" which will inflict a 20% damage-over-time effect on each player every two seconds for eight seconds. This boss has many area of effect attacks and can kill players with little effort. "Red Rune Beam" is a frontal attack which hits heavy damage on the players. Due to this, it is advised for players to attack Thallsus from behind. Thallsus, at random points during the fight will teleport to a different location in the room. This can happen often and will quickly spread the party out. After he teleports, he will begin the countdown for "Annihilation." This attack will instantly kill all members of the party but can be interrupted by an attack on the boss. It is advised to attack the boss within several seconds of teleportation to lessen the risk of Thallsus completing the countdown.

When Thallsus casts a successful "Flame Ray", a Flame Rune will appear at the location of the player who was hit. If more than one player was hit, then a flame rune will appear on the location of each player. These runes pulse an immediate area-of-effect damage which will knock down players whom are too close. Players that are directly in the vicinity of these will be killed in a single hit. Another of Thallsus' abilities is called "Freeze Ray." Players who are hit by this attack will be frozen for the remainder of the fight. The target of Freeze Ray and Flame Ray will be called privately so that only the intended target can see the message. This player should use Serenstum (this will stop the effect of the attack for only the player who is called) and run as far away from the rest of the party as possible. If the player uses Serenstum but is close to other players, then these players will still receive the attack.

Hitpoints 14,627,790 HP 58,179,081 HP 284,101,407 HP
Ancient Mementos Ancient Mementos 18 38 81


Kulabis (93 Crown Elite)


Kulabis is the sixth boss of the Crypt and can only be encountered on hard mode. He exhibits two major over-time effects that he will inflict on the party . The first is "Zombie Infection" and the second is "Life Atrophy."

Zombie Infection will slow the player down and the more the effect stacks, the slower the player will travel. Life Atrophy is a damage-over-time effect and deals 2% of a player's health points per stack every second. Kulabis will also attack every player in range with a powerful physical attack. This physical attack, however, can be healed easily. Kulabis' ability, "Wingstorm", deals heavy magical damage and a Serenstum should be used to prevent death. Two Tornado-like entities will circle Kulabis for the duration of his fight and appear after Kulabis has been engaged. These should be avoided above all else due to the heavy damage they deal to any player they contact.

Hitpoints n/a n/a 283,837,085 HP
Ancient Mementos Ancient Mementos n/a n/a 83


Kelopas (93 Crown Elite)


Kelopas is the seventh and final boss of the instance and, like Kulabis, can only be encountered on hard mode. Kelopas will silence and weaken the player during the fight but apart from this, Kelopas only uses two area-of-effect attacks. The first is an unnamed damage-over-time effect that will remove 17% of a player's health points per second and the second is a large magical attack after his health has been reduced past 50% (it can occur at any point past this) and a message appears on the HUD. The second will require a Serenstum to survive, much like Kulabis' "Wingstorm."

Hitpoints n/a n/a 289,275,931 HP
Ancient Mementos Ancient Mementos n/a n/a 85