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The first 5 quests in this chain premiered in 2020, and the last 4 quests were added in 2021.

Given the title, immediate assumptions are made as to the identity of the Beauty and the Beast, but this story inverts your expectations! We were really surprised RW could be this subtle or surprising...

Together, these 9 quests tell of the courtship and love between Leonard Saton and Betty Blanche.

Leonard Saton [Colorweave Festival Fan] • Betty Blanche [Recognized Beauty] • Granny Norma [Artificers' Guild]

  1. [1][Event Daily] The Beauty and the Beast
  2. [1][Event Daily] Costume Ball
  3. [1][Event Daily] Unusual Delivery
  4. [1][Event Daily] Will they marry?
  5. [1][Event Daily] Goodbye, My Love
  6. [1][Event Daily] Granny Norma
  7. [1][Event Daily] A new dress
  8. [1][Event Daily] Find Sam
  9. [1][Event Daily] A happy ending