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Maximum Stack Size: 999
Icon - Coin of Wind.png
Coin of Wind
Item Shop Item
Time 'til expiration: 7 Days
Cannot be sold
Pumpkin Festival This page relates to a quest, mob, event, or item involved in the annual Pumpkin Festival (October to November)

During Category:Pumpkin Festival (from 10-24 to 11-7), all mobs (even ambience mobs) in Ancient Dreamland, Moorlands of Farsitan, Korris, and Ice Blade Plateau drop this coin. Take the coins to Varanas Central Plaza (channel 1 only) and trade 40 to 100 of them at a time to Owenstein, Hilary, Frank, or Eve.

Upon the event of raising the max Peak Level to 20, bosses in all 3 Pantheon instances will drop Coin of Wind (7 Days) Coin of Wind (7 Days) from 2/24/2022 to 3/24/2022.

Summer Treasures[]

During Summer Treasures, these coins are dropped by Bosses in New Pantheon (Easy).