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Coast of Opportunity (Quest Series)
Starting ZoneCoast of Opportunity
Rec. Levels1 to 42
Next Xaviera
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Lands of Despair

This page refers to content introduced in the expansion, Chapter IV: Lands of Despair.

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While you are on the boat in Hending Harbor, be sure to pick up [1] Drifter's End and follow the chain at least as far as Nicole Rebecca and her Teddy Bear quests (levels 10 and 12), because these will be important later. After you help her, be sure to stop by Whispering Wind Cave, on your way to Lyonsyde Tribe, and talk to Herode Kelire to start [23] Captain Yngmur is Looking For You. This quest chain, which continues throughout the zone, will reward and refresh a complete set of Good armor and weapons as you rise through the ranks here!

House Maid[]

There is only a single House Maid in all of Coast of Opportunity and Xaviera combined — Nicole Rebecca at Heffner Camp in Coast of Opportunity. Fortunately, there are 4 Transport NPCs in each zone that provide rapid travel between those 7 camps, once unlocked. So, switching classes to level smoothly requires an extra step but is not impossible.

There are also very few Mailboxes in these zones, appearing only at the following camps:

Coast of Opportunity Xaviera

Bag Quests[]

There are three "Bag Quests" in this zone, ranging in level from 7 to 41. There are also four in the Xaviera quest series, all level 44. All "bag quests" reward some XP/TP and an Ic Old Bag that can be used to acquire level 5-50 Elite Skills, and are infinitely repeatable.

Instant Travel[]

Snoop the Stubborn and Ailic's Aide's provide instant travel between several major camps in Coast of Opportunity and Xaviera. You still have to physically visit them and talk to the teleporter to unlock the location for travel.


Zone Completion Title: Explorer of Unknown Worlds Explorer of Unknown Worlds - Obtain the above titles

Class-Specific Titles[]

Main Quest Series[]

  1. Hending Harbor: Pitt Exodillus [Greenhorn Captain] • Naidi KenlinMichael LotteFantos Chalissius
    1. [1] Drifter's End - Talk to Naidi Kenlin
    2. [2] Frost Island, A New Beginning - Talk to Naidi Kenlin
    3. [3] A Filling Meal - Talk to Michael Lotte
    4. [3] Set out only after your fill of food and drink - Talk to Fantos Chalissius
    5. [5] Equip Yourself - Talk to Fantos Chalissius again
    6. [5] Battle Practice - Hit a Practice Dummy
    7. [6] Temporarily Lead a Team - Lead your team to Colin Taibos at Heffner Camp
  2. Heffner Camp quest chain
    1. [6] Report to the Deputy Captain - Talk to Nala Heffner
    2. Nala Heffner [Deputy Captain] and Cheryl Heffner
      1. [7] Troublesome Pirates - Find Cheryl Heffner
      2. [7] Battle Preparations - Get a Ic Bag of Potions
      3. [8] Eliminate the Spies - Kill 2 Lurking Pirates and 2 Sly Pirates
      4. [8] Affirmative - Report to Cheryl Heffner
      5. [9] Old Equipment Made New Again - Talk to Old Blacksmith Hansen
    3. Old Blacksmith Hansen [Blacksmith Foreman]
      1. [9] Business Ethics - Get Ic Bag of Runes from Liri Pulatius
      2. [10] The Right Tools for the Job - Embed a rune on a weapon
      3. [10] Sweet Warm Home - Find Nicole Rebecca
    4. Nicole Rebecca [House Maid] • Mojave Wallace [Auction House Manager] • Feideli Child [Bard]
      1. [12] Go To The Auction House for Nicole - Ask Mojave about auction items
      2. [12] Bear in the Mailbox - Use the Mailbox
      3. [12] Returned Teddy Bear - Take the bear to Nicole Rebecca
      4. [12] Push the Bear on the Bard - Give the bear to Feideli Child
      5. [23] Teddy Bear's New Home - Find a new home for the Teddy Bear at Lyonsyde Tribe
      6. [13] Crossroads - Listen to Feideli Child
    5. unlocked by Push the Bear on the Bard - Ishlar Jyaa [Senior Adventurer] • Nala Heffner [Deputy Captain] • Class Instructor
      1. Go find Ishlar Jyaa [Senior Adventurer]
      2. [14] Ten Years to Sharpen a Sword - Talk to Ishlar Jyaa
      3. [14] Rampant Pirates - Talk to Ishlar Jyaa
      4. [14] Deputy Captain Heffner is Looking for You - Talk to Nala Heffner
      5. [17] Meet the Class Instructor - Talk to your class instructor
      6. [17] Class: Challenge - Perform a task assigned by your class instructor
      7. [17] Class: Taking Responsibility - Talk to your class instructor
  3. Lyonsyde Tribe quest chain

Southern Coast of Opportunity[]

Daily Quests - South[]

Level Quest Name Camp Starter Notes
3 The New Land's Delicious Food Hending Harbor Voracious Crewman Ic Giant Pincer Crab Mined Meat x3 and Ic Blade of Pasteleaf Grass x3
4 My Skin Is Suffering Hending Harbor Aime Ic Odd Blade of Grass x5
5 Earn a Reputation Heffner Camp Hugope Promote the Smile Shop to 3 uncomfortable Adventurers
9 Even The Kulang Are Bullies! Heffner Camp Dowen 6 Ic Stolen Apple
10 Heroic Defense Hending Coast Valiant Beeder Kill 10 Northern Lurkers
11 Crustacean Research Assistance Heffner Camp Binken 5 Ic Crystals from Shell from Hending Hermit Crabs
13 Even Heat Needed Heffner Camp Nake 10 Ic Slightly Damp Wood
13 Garbage Can't Be Recycled Heffner Camp Dowen 5 Ic Big Chef's Pot
16 Big Fish Eat Big Worms Zapa Pokdo 10 Ic Digging Worms from Zapa River Ostriches
18 Dismantle the Traps Whispering Wind Cave Dorlinga Dismantle 5 Dangerous Traps
21 Don't Eat Gazelle Meat for Now Shuma Valley Sikas Shorthair Get 10 Ic Gazelle Feces from Shuma Gazelles
24 A Tortoise Strong on the Inside Yngmur Camp Walus Get Ic Tortoise Offal x10 from Shuma Tortoises
25 Simple Self-Defense Tool Lyonsyde Tribe Nyngh Flaor Get 10 Ic Moderately-Sized Wood
25 Perfectly Matched Spices Lyonsyde Tribe Rebecca Get 10 Ic Blades of Looshen Grass
26 Sacred Soil Lyonsyde Tribe Monkatula Gather 10 Ic Swamp Mud
28 Beautiful Jewelry Lyonsyde Tribe Moar Get 5 Ic Giant Teeth and 5 Ic Hippogriff Feathers
29 Ugly Stomach Lyonsyde Tribe Yar'ak Get 10 Ic Cylotok Stomachs

Hending Harbor[]

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Pitt Exodillus [New Captain] • Naidi KenlinMichael LotteFantos Chalissius

  1. [1] Drifter's End - Find to Naidi Kenlin
  2. [2] Frost Island, A New Beginning - Talk to Naidi Kenlin
  3. [3] A Filling Meal - Talk to Michael Lotte
  4. [3] Set out only after your fill of food and drink - Talk to Fantos Chalissius
  5. [5] Equip Yourself - Talk to Fantos Chalissius again
  6. [5] Battle Practice - Hit a Practice Dummy
  7. [6] Temporarily Lead a Team - Lead your team to Colin Taibos at Heffner Camp


  1. [4] Skincare Materials - Get 10 Ic Hending Shells
  2. [4] Ayno's Shell Powder - Deliver the Ic Shell Powder to Ayno in Heffner Camp

Voracious Crewman


Heffner Camp[]

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All Silvershadow Adventurers' Guild Provisioners at this camp are Basic (1-7) or Junior (6-21).

Johnny Walk

Cheryl Heffner

  • [9] Feathered Pirate Spies - Kill 10 Pirate's Tidal Eagles
  • [20] Four Legs Run Fast - Talk to Cheryl Heffner


Nala Heffner [Deputy Captain]

  1. [11] Hermit Crab Pet Plan - Capture a Hending Hermit Crab
  2. [11] Pet Domestication Class - Train the crab
    • Go to the planted fields near the Snoop Portal, use the Ic Captured Hermit Crab, then follow the directions on the Ic Hermit Crab Training Instruction
  3. [11] Combat Effectiveness - Defeat 5 Cold-Blooded Northern Pirates


  • [11][Daily] Crustacean Research Assistance - 5 Ic Crystals from Shell

Chadis [Member of Silvershadow Adventurers' Band]

  1. [13] Differences Between Brothers - Persuade Tadis in "Class Hall"
  2. [13] Unforgotten Agreement - Give the Ic Distant Blessing to Tadis


  • [13][Daily] Even Heat Needed - 10 Ic Slightly Damp Wood
  • [19] Fruit Eaten by Mistake - Get 5 Ic Unknown Red Fruit

Nicole Rebecca [House Maid] • Mojave Wallace [Auction House Manager] • Feideli Child [Bard] - unlocked by completing Sweet Warm Home

  1. [12] Go To The Auction House for Nicole
  2. [12] Bear in the Mailbox
  3. [12] Returned Teddy Bear
  4. [12] Push the Bear on the Bard
  5. [13] Crossroads - unlocked by completing Push the Bear on the Bard
  6. [19] Heffner's Awkward Situation
  7. [19] Visit The Heart of Nature - Find Ayfesi at Whispering Wind Cave
  8. [20] Fellowship of the Singing Spring

Ishlar Jyaa - unlocked by completing Crossroards

  1. [14] Ten Years to Sharpen a Sword
  2. [14] Rampant Pirates
  3. [14] Deputy Captain Heffner Is Looking For You
  4. Class-Specific Quests (in the following, __your_class__ is your first chosen class):
    1. [17] Meet the __your_class_ Instructor - One of eight level 17 class quests
    2. [17] __your_class__: Challenge
    3. [17] __your_class__: Taking Responsibility
  5. [14] Who is the traitor?

Ic Nicole's Teddy Bear - The item comes from [12] Returned Teddy Bear but the item cannot be "used" until level 21

  1. [23] Teddy Bear's New Home

Lebniz Rol - unlocked by completing Troublesome Pirates

  1. [14] Who is the traitor?
  2. [15] Pirate's Threats
  3. [15] Retrieve the Goods
  4. [15] Pirate's Operations
  5. [16] Heffner's Plan
  6. [16] Lead Heffner - The spot is at 32, 62
  7. [16] Sneak Attack on the Pirate Leader
  8. [17] Missing Team Member - Find Fask Pino by the Zapa River in Hending Coast and complete his tasks

Hending Coast[]

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Valiant Beeder

  1. [10][Daily] Heroic Defense - Kill 10 Northern Lurkers

Fask Pino

  1. [17] Endless Seafood Nightmare - Get Zapa River Platypus Meat ×5
  2. [18] Unpredictable Allergen - Get Anti-itch Powder from Hugope in Heffner Camp

Zapa River[]

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  1. [16][Daily] Big Fish Eat Big Worms - Get 10 Ic Digging Worms from Zapa River Ostriches

Shuma Valley[]

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Ferdik Kalor

  1. [20] Echo of the Shuma Valley - Find out what Ferdik is researching

Egan [Adventurous Merchant]

Jayne Shang [Miner] (3 versions) • Sheorwest (Whispering Wind Cave)

  1. [21] Fresh Feed - Get 10 Ic Plump Beast Meat from Shuma Gazelles
  2. [21] Poaching is not permitted! - Dismantle 2 traps, then talk to Jayne Shang at Whispering Wind Cave
  3. [21] Repaying Kindness - Give 10 Ic Short Tree Seeds to Sheorwest
  4. [21] Find the Poachers - Find information
  5. [22] Warning to Others - Punish the poachers and free the animals, then talk to Jayne Shang at his original location
  6. [22] A Wolf's Gift - Take the gift to Sheorwest
  7. Meet Jayne Shang just outside the mine in Shuma Valley

Sikas Shorthair

Whispering Wind Cave[]

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  1. [18][Daily] Dismantle the Traps - Dismantle 5 Dangerous Traps in Shuma Valley


  1. [19] Let the Stone Regain Energy - Put the Ic Stone with no Energy inside the Stone Tower Full of Nature Power


  1. [22] Abnormal Plants - Get Ic Clean River Water x5 from Water Jar at the base of the north waterfall of the Zapa River
  2. [22] Soothing Water - Soothe 5 Restless Plants

Herode Kelire [Yngmur's Messenger]

  1. [23] Captain Yngmur Is Looking For You - Report to Captain Yngmur at Lyonsyde Tribe

Cascade Path (Mine)[]

This is actually in Shuma Valley, but passes under Cascade Path.

Rick Rud

Mestro Woodlands[]

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Yngmur Camp[]

by POIQuestsMobs

Walus [Woodcutter]

Lyonsyde Tribe[]

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All Provisioners here are Intermediate or Advanced.

Crafting Stations:

All Silvershadow Adventurers' Guild Provisioners at this camp are either Intermediate (14-29) or Advanced (26-42).

Lyonsyde Snake Charmer quest chain: unlocked by Captain Yngmur Is Looking For You at Whispering Wind Cave
Yngmur ZukenSatenandoNavid Kebay-John

  1. [25] Learn about our Friends Here - Get to know chief Satenando
  2. [25] A Show of Goodwill - Kill 10 Wandering Viper
  3. [25] Friends Facing Difficulty - Explore the Basilisk Pit
  4. [29] Strange Rick Pillar - Ask Lesley Kuwend about the strange rune designs you saw
  5. [29] Secret Mage Recipe: Anti-Snake Incense - Get Ic Snake Oil x10 and Ic Spicy White Root x10
  6. [29] The Chief's Promise - Speak with Lesley Kuwend
  7. [30] Don't Let the Stew Get Cold - Deliver the stew to Wodus Power at Cascade Path before it gets cold! (3 minute timer)
  8. Continue with [31] Message from John Kinin at the Cascade Path

Lyonsyde Tribal Membership quest chain SatenandoVillage HunterShaman FoggPafrakeShaman FoggFaydaan

  1. [23] The First Step to Enter the Tribe - Gather 5 Ic Fresh Picked Mushrooms and 5 Ic Fresh Picked Herbs
  2. [24] Hunting Trainee - Follow the Village Hunter into Mestro Woodlands
  3. [24] Test Results - Collect 3 Ic Trapped Bears and 3 Ic Trapped Wolves from the Hunter Traps and bring them back to the village for Shaman Fogg
    1. [26] A Son's Worry - Ask Shaman Fogg for his opinion
    2. [26] Family Quarrel - Listen to Shaman Fogg's opinions
    3. [26] A Stubborn Father? - Find Pafrake and protect him
  4. [24] Go to the Woodcutter's Camp - Find Faydaan at Yngmur Camp
  5. [24] Guard the Woodcutters - Protect Faydaan


  1. [24] Swallowed Pearl - retrieve 3 Ic Precious Purple Pearls from Shuma Tortoises
  2. [29] Perfect Jewelry - Get an Ic Intact Cylotok Fang

Rebecca [Chef's Assistant]

  1. [25][Daily] Perfectly Matched Spices - Gather 10 Ic Blades of Looshen Grass in Mestro Woodlands

Kuti Zetez [Apprentice Aide]

Nyngh Flaor [Adventurer Supply Master]


Monkatula [Priest]


The Snake Menace quest chain: Menk VirtulosAzifulanShaman FoggSatenando

  1. [27] Special Gift - Get 5 Ic Mestro Hippogriff Teeth and 5 Ic Mestro Brown Bear Claws
  2. [27] Meaning Behind the Rune - Seek Galifei Pingsi to make the necklace
  3. [28] Worried Azifulan - Take the necklace to Azifulan
  4. [28] Act First and Report Later - In Basilisk Swamp, get Ic Boa Corpse x5 and Ic Deep Mud Cytolok Meat x5
  5. [28] Proof of Strength - In Mestro Woodlands, get Ic Sabretooth Tiger Fang x5 from Mestro Sabretooth Tigers and Ic Beast Pelt x5 from Mestro Brown Bears
  6. [28] Rite of Passage - In the Basilisk Pit, kill 5 Giant Basilisk Pythons and get 3 Ic Giant Snake Eggs

Shamilod [Lyonsyde Resident]

Moar [Clothing Research Scholar]


  1. [29] Friends Facing Difficulty - Snake cave exploration (Basilisk Pit)
  2. [29] Strange Rock Pillar - Talk to the Rune Scholar
  3. [29] Secret Mage Recipe Anti-Snake Incense - Get 10 Ic Snake Oil and 10 Ic Spicy White Root

Yar'ak [Lyonsyde Resident]


  1. [30] A Lyonsyde Youth - Get 10 Ic Marsh Boa Eggs
  2. [30] Youthful Frustrations - Talk to Kafeite
  3. [30] Assist with Potion Ingredient Collection - Get 5 Ic Cascade Waterfall Newt Skins and 5 Ic Cascade Waterfall Dragonfly Wings on Cascade Path
  4. [30] Give me a Courage Elixir? - Deliver the Ic Courage Elixir to Maluke

Basilisk Swamp[]

by POIQuestsMobs

Kelly Cindai [Deployment Defense Chief]

Northern Coast of Opportunity[]

Daily Quests - North[]

Level Quest Name Camp Starter Notes
31 Chase Off the Troublemakers Cascade Path Luur Mann Use the Ic Pepper Bombs to scare off 6 Mischievous Gulos
31 Cute and Slimy Cascade Path Sad Salina Ic Dragonfly Wings x10 from Waterfall Dragonflies
32 Crimson Scorpion Shell Filled with Energy Stone Corridor Fod Lilin Ic Mutant Beetle Shells x10 from Crimson Burrow Scorpions
32 Barbecue Feast Desert Investigation Post Rose Ic Sharptooth Meat x10 from Burrow Sharpteeth
32 Determination Like a Flower Desert Investigation Post Prince Myan Ic Undeliverable Flowers x10 from Green Sun Flower
32 Replanting Desert Waystation Anbenron Ic Burrow Beast Body Fluids x10 from Burrow Beasts
33 Unearthing Research Desert Investigation Post Yafatling Ic Writhing Bags x5 from Burrow Beasts
33 Warm Pelts Valley of Tranquility Mimet Bugfoot Ic Short Furs x10 from Burrow Hyenas
35 Power for a Thousand Miles Desert Investigation Post Mufasa Luckshine 5 Complete Charges
36 Sweet Juice Valley of Tranquility Sharphorn Sugula Ic Sweet Juice x10 from Burrow Cacti
38 Important Patrol Work Fanger's Makeshift Camp Katalike Conduct a fixed point patrol
40 Weapon Inspection Fanger's Makeshift Camp Bluto Munk Ic Naga Knives x5 and Ic Minotaur Guns x5
40 Weapon Inspection II Fanger's Makeshift Camp Bluto Munk Ic Ayax Staves x5 and Ic Pirate Knives x5
41 Another Drink Fanger's Makeshift Camp Mishlor Ic Death Flower Root x10 from Death Blooms
42 Heat Reduction Recipe Fanger's Makeshift Camp Mishlor 10 Ic Trickster Skin from Mutated Trickster
42 Dragon Horn Ingredients Fanger's Makeshift Camp Mishlor Ic Ankylar Horn x10 from Quodate Ankylars south of Fanger's Old Camp

Dusty Wastelands[]

by POIQuestsMobs
see Dusty Wastelands quest chain

Before moving onward from Lyonsyde Tribe, you should bring all your class levels up to at-least 30.

Mobs to hunt here for stockable Daily drops
Mob Drop Level Daily Quest NPC POI
Waterfall Dragonfly Ic Dragonfly Wing x10 31 Cute and Slimy Sad Salina Cascade Path
Burrow Scorpion Ic Mutant Beetle Shell x10 32 Crimson Scorpion Shell Filled with Energy Fod Lillin Stone Corridor
Burrow Sharptooth Ic Sharptooth Meat x10 32 Barbecue Feast Rose Desert Investigation Post
Burrow Beast Ic Burrow Beast Body Fluids x10 32 Replanting Anbenron Desert Waystation
Burrow Hyena Ic Short Fur x10 33 Warm Pelts Mimet Bugfoot Valley of Tranquility
Burrow Cactus Ic Sweet Juice x10 36 Sweet Juice Sharphorn Sugula Valley of Tranquility
Burrow Food Plunderer Ic Aoluona x10 38 Life Hormone Anbenron Desert Waystation

Cascade Path[]

by POIQuestsMobs

This is the first part of the Dusty Wastelands quest chain
John Kinin - unlocked by [30] Don't Let the Stew Get Cold from Navid Kebay-John at Lyonsyde Tribe

  1. [31] Message - Read the message Ic Letter Written in Bold
  2. [31] Emergency Demand for Ore - Get 10 Ic Pure Luetium for Seda Faar
  3. continue this chain with Seda Faar at Desert Investigation Post

Luur Mann

  • [31][Daily] Chase Off the Troublemakers - Use the Ic Pepper Bombs to scare off 6 Mischievous Gulos

Sad Salina

Stone Corridor[]

by POIQuestsMobs


Fod Lilin

  • [32][Daily] Crimson Scorpion Shell Filled with Energy - Get 10 Ic Mutant Beetle Shells

Desert Investigation Post[]

by POIQuestsMobs

Crafting Stations:

All Silvershadow Adventurers' Guild Provisioners at this camp are Advanced (26-42).

Daily Quests
Before we get started, let's talk about Daily Quests. Of course, do all the mainline quests here as soon as they become available, but there is a natural best-practice progression for the Daily Quests here. Move forward as soon as you can safely hunt there.

  1. Stone Corridor:
    1. Crimson Burrow Scorpion in Ring of the Ravenous for [32][Daily] Crimson Scorpion Shell Filled with Energy, and Burrow Sharptooth in Stone Corridor for [32][Daily] Barbecue Feast
  2. Desert Investigation Post:
    1. Ic Writhing Bag in Dusty Wastelands for [33][Daily] Unearthing Research (not stockable but quick and easy)
  3. Valley of Tranquility:
    1. Burrow Cactus for [36][Daily] Sweet Juice (safe hunting!)
  4. Desert Waystation:
    1. Burrow Food Plunderer in Mollick Valley for [38][Daily] Life Hormone (very hard hitting, but very enjoyable hunting once you can survive it)

This is the second part of the Dusty Wastelands quest chain
Seda Faar - unlocked by Emergency Demand for Ore at Cascade PathSotte Newmen

  1. [35] Trash Has Its Value - Gather three pieces of junk
  2. [35] Fix it! The Strange Thing - Bring back the correct runes
  3. [35] Tick, tick, tick... It's running. - Observe
  4. [35] Feed "It" - Get 10 Ic Nuclear Energy
  5. [35] Guardian's Mission - Talk to the Memory Core (aka Sky Guardian Farwing 20-1728)
  6. [35] Demon?! - Speak to Kelly Osa at Desert Waystation
  7. Continue with [35] Pay a Visit to Instructor Imengala from Kelley Osa in the Desert Waystation.


  1. [31] An Irresistible Smell - Bring back some Ic Rich Chowder from Hanolika
  2. [32] Deliver the Samples - Deliver the Ic Vegetation Sample from Morfanie



  • [32][Daily] Barbecue Feast - Get 10 portions of Ic Sharptooth Meat
    • This is the only Daily Quest with a stockpile-able item at this camp.

Prince Myan


  1. [33] Wake Up this Guy - Get 5 Ic Sharptooth Horns
  2. [33] Do Me Another Favor! - Get 10 Ic Crimson Scorpion Legs from Crimson Burrow Scorpions at Ring of the Ravenous
  3. [33] Missing Parts - Get 5 Ic Wasteland Sand
  4. [34] Mirak - Speak with Mirak
  5. [34] Ridiculous! - Relay Paloo's complaints to Bruno
  6. [35] The Worst Case Scenario - Find Mirak!
  7. [35] Stop it! - Stop Rampaging Mirak
  8. [36] An Extravagant Experience - Report back to Bruno


Mufasa Luckshine

  1. [34] A Suspicious Buzzing - Activate the 4 Ic Energy Detecting Devices place by the Giant Stone Pit
  2. [34] Resonating with Energy - Get 5 Ic Resonance Cores from Feeble Punishers in Giant Stone Pit
  3. [34] Information Loss - Record what Mufasa reads out.
  4. [34] Mufasa's Discovery - Listen to Mufasa's discovery


Shafay Zilun

Desert Waystation[]

by POIQuestsMobs

This is the third part of the Dusty Wastelands quest chain

Kelly Osa [Silvershadow Adventurers' Guild Captain] - unlocked by Demon?! at Desert Investigation PostImengalaHanna Pint
This series rewards a full set of Good-quality level 38 armor, weapons, and accessories.

  1. [36] Pay a Visit to Instructor Imengala - Get 10 Ic Nuclear Energy
  2. [36] Frozen Elf - Take Imengala's Letter to Hanna Pint
  3. [36] A Memory from a Thousand Years Ago - Listen to Hanna Pint's story
  4. [36] More Supplies - Get Ic Bag of Herbs from Shafay Zilun in Desert Investigation Post
  5. [37] Heading for the Sub-Human camp - Take supplies to Akuya Whitestar at Valley of Tranquility



  1. [38] Plants that Absorb Energy - Get 5 Ic Trees of Energy from Tree of Energy in the Giant Stone Pit
  2. [38] Sources of Energy Needed - Get 8 Ic Weak Energy from Feeble Punishers in the Giant Stone Pit

Kelly Osa [Silvershadow Adventurers' Guild Captain] - Unlocked by Pay a Visit to Instructor Imengala

  1. [38] Joining the Delivery Team - Get 10 Ic Holly Timber
  2. [38] Breakout - Protect the delivery team
  3. continue with Mingteh Fulix on the road through Quodate Plains

Valley of Tranquility (Sub-human Camp)[]

by POIQuestsMobs

BOTH of the Daily Quests at this camp are stockpile-able.

This is the fourth part of the Dusty Wastelands quest chain
Akuya Whitestar - (Centaur) - unlocked by [37] Heading to the Sub-Human Camp from Hannah Pint at Desert Waystation

  1. [37] Plight of the Sub-humans
  2. [37] Akuya's Medical Assistant
  3. [37] Find Airleir
  4. [37] Emergency Notice
  5. continue this series with Fanger Chase at Fanger's Makeshift Camp

Mimet Bugfoot [Akuya's Follower] - (Rh'anka)

Sharphorn Sugula [Akuya's Follower] - (Capra)

There is one remaining Daily Quest higher than these. See [38][Daily] Life Hormone at Desert Waystation.

Quodate Plains[]

by POIQuestsMobs
Mobs to hunt here for stockable Daily drops
Mob Drop Level Daily Quest NPC POI
In order to do Weapon Inspection II you must do Weapon Inspection first (every time), and the items for Weapon Inspection are not stockable
Ancient Ayax Clansman or
Ancient Ayax Warrior
Ancient Limon Bandit
Ic Ayax Staff x5

Ic Pirate Knife x5
40 Weapon Inspection II Bluto Munk Fanger's Makeshift Camp
Death Bloom Ic Death Flower Root x10 41 Another Drink Mishlor Fanger's Makeshift Camp
Devouring Bloom Ic Juicy Fruit x10 42 A Juicy Fruit Katalika Fanger's Makeshift Camp
Mutated Trickster Ic Trickster Skin x10 42 A Heat Reduction Recipe Mishlor Fanger's Makeshift Camp
Quodate Ankylar Ic Ankylar Horn x8 42 Dragon Horn Ingredients Mishlor Fanger's Makeshift Camp

unlocked by [38] Breakout at Desert Waystation
Mingteh Fulix

  1. [38] The Best Defense is a Good Offense - Kill 5 Ancient Naga Rebels, 5 Ancient Limon Bandits, 5 Wandering Ancient Tiktaaliks, and 5 Wandering Ancient Disciples
  2. proceed to Fanger Chase at Fanger's Makeshift Camp

Yosang Fulion

  1. [39] I Want Revenge! - Kill 15 Wandering Ancient Naga

Cher Zinner

  1. [39] A Strong Smell - Get 10 Ic Ancient Disciple Manes from Wandering Ancient Disciples
  2. [39] Anything Edible is Fine! - Get 5 Ic Food Bags
  3. [40] Assist in Undercover Work - Get an Ic Ancient Disciple Illusion Potion

Dower Delanin [Deputy Captain]

  1. [40] The Surviving Deputy - Gather a Ic Tragic Disciple's Rune from an Ancient Embittered Disciple
  2. [40] Failure will not Speak of Courage - Get 10 Ic Devouring Sharptooth Flower's Long Stalks from Devouring Blooms
  3. [40] Area of Expertise - Use the Ic Tragic Disciple's Rune
  4. [40] Information Collection - Report to Fanger Chase

Naibi Kelongde

  1. [40] Report Confirmation - Get a Ic Naga's Rune Crystal from Ancient Naga Rebels
  2. [41] Subdue the Ice Witch - Get Ic Imprisoned Ice Witch
  3. [41] Deliver the Ice - Take the Ic Imprisoned Ice Witch to Fanger Chase at Fanger's Makeshift Camp

Hangla - by the northern-most pool on the road to Xaviera

Fanger's Makeshift Camp[]

by POIQuestsMobs

Crafting Stations:

Silvershadow Adventurers' Guild Provisioner [___ Consumables] at this camp are Advanced (26-42) and Excellent (35-49). All the rest are Excellent (35-49).

unlocked by [38] The Best Defense is a Good Offense in Quodate Plains
Icefrost City Dangers quest chain: Seda FaarUrbie Tedragos & Fanger ChaseBen ShillerFayer ShillerWesley Dakirton

  1. [41] The Demon Hidden in Icefrost City
  2. [41] Eye of Wisdom's Speculation
  3. [41] Meeting at the Gates
  4. [41] Light Hands and Feet
  5. [41] Inform the Captain
  6. [41][Group 3] Take Out the Trash
  7. [41][Group 4] Kill Hydra - Gather a team to kill the Hydra in the basement of Icefrost City
  8. [41] Another Forbidden Rune

Fanger Chase - unlocked by [37] Emergency Notice in Valley of Tranquility

  1. [39] Be Prepared - Gather Ic Normal Fallen Leaves x15, Ic Dead Branches x10, and Ic Hemp Rope x5
  2. [39] Defend the Base - Install Ic Mechanical Trap x5 on the plains outside of Fanger's Makeshift Camp

This concludes the main quest chain in Coast of Opportunity. The main quest chain in Xaviera begins with [43] Report from Shenbi at Faded Splendor in the Xaviera quest series.


Marx Wade

Hawn Hebol

  1. [39] Occasionally one needs to relax - Gather Ic Huairshee Grass x8 from Huairshee Grass
  2. [39] Special Medicine? - Give the finished Ic Special Potion to Fanger Chase

Bluto Munk
These Daily quests must be done in sequence but only the second one's items are stockable

  1. [40][Daily] Weapon Inspection - 5 Ic Naga Knives and 5 Ic Minotaur Guns
  2. [40][Daily] Weapon Inspection II - 5 Ic Ayax Staves and 5 Ic Pirate Knives


Ethan Hollis

Proceed to Faded Splendor in the Xaviera quest series

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