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Map of Coast of Opportunity

Lands of Despair

This page refers to content introduced in the expansion, Chapter IV: Lands of Despair.

Map zone18.png
Zone Information
Zone ID#18
Continent Candara
Type Public Outdoor
Expansion Ch.IV: Lands of Despair
Level Range 1 to 42
Connecting Zones Xaviera, Silverspring (via portal at Heffner Camp)
TownsHeffner Camp
CavesBasilisk Pit, Icefrost City
ResourcesOak Wood [RP], Copper Ore [RP], Moxa [RP], Redwood [RP], Rock Crystal [RP], Foloin Nuts [RP], Pine Wood [RP], Dark Crystal [RP], Dusk Orchid [RP], Dragon Beard Root Wood [RP], Mysticite [RP], Green Thistle [RP], Holly Wood [RP], Silver Ore [RP], Barsaleaf [RP], Yew Wood [RP], Wizard-Iron Ore [RP], Moon Orchid [RP]
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Long ago, courageous adventurers set out to explore the uncharted coastal regions of Taborea. When they reached this Terra Incognita, stretching from the beach up into the icy mountain peaks, the promise of great opportunity enlivened the weary travelers. A bustling trade port soon developed here, attracting all walks of life. This harbor became a transportation hub for travelers and cargo, an ideal center for trade and a starting point for interesting adventures. The Coast of Opportunity is a place for experienced players to take on new challenges with their third class.— from

Best route from Varanas to Coast of Opportunity: Snoop provides direct transport to Heffner Camp in Coast of Opportunity, or you can use the skill Heffner Transport.

Best route from Obsidian Stronghold to Coast of Opportunity: Snoop provides direct transport to Heffner Camp in Coast of Opportunity, or you can use the skill Heffner Transport.

Ailic's Community Transport Portal Location: Heffner Camp

a.k.a. The Parrycle Coast

Traveling to Coast of Opportunity[]

Once you've reached level 20 on both your first and second class, you will receive a new skill, Transport: Heffner Camp Transport: Heffner Camp, and a notice that you're eligible to choose a third class (see Classes). Snoop the Stubborn now remembers how to send you to Heffner Camp as well. Hending Harbor is the starting area of Coast of Opportunity.

As of Patch 5.0.0, each character will have to earn their own entry to this area.

Prior to reaching 20/20, the only way to get here is to have a friend that knows how to get here use a Passageway Rune Passageway Rune to get you here so you can talk to Snoop the Stubborn.

Instant Travel[]

Snoop the Stubborn and Ailic's Aide's privide instant travel between several major camps in Coast of Opportunity and Xaviera. You still have to physically visit them and talk to the teleporter to unlock the location for travel.


There are seven major regions in this zone, plus the ancient Icefrost City (North of Quodate Plains).


At least for the beginning Instructors, the three Harvesting Instructors are at Hending Harbor, but the rest of the Instructors, and all six Crafting Stations, are at Heffner Camp.

Beyond Beginner, you may need to travel back to Candara for training.

There are a few places where you can craft in this zone (and the next).

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