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You can only have two classes active at any time but, except for racial restrictions, you can actually have all of them to choose from. Visiting a House Maid will allow you to change your currently-active Primary and Secondary classes.

Remember that you can use a Home-sweet-home Home-sweet-home rune to portal to your house from anywhere. There, just talk to the House Maid by your front door to change your Primary and Secondary classes.

Combining More Than One Class[]

This is possibly the single thing that sets Runes of Magic apart from all other MMORPGs. In RoM you can have more than one class at a time, and actually have the ability to learn all (or most) of them.

Primary Class[]

Your Primary is your main class. All skills of that class will be available to you, plus any non-exclusive skills of your Secondary class, and certain Elite Skills available only to those with the specific combination you are using.

Secondary Class[]

This controls what additional skills you may have, in addition to the skills of your Primary class.

For instance, although a Warden cannot heal himself except through certain weapon skills, if you are a Warden/Priest or a Warden/Druid, you will be able to use some basic Buff and Healing Spells belonging to your Secondary class.

Third Class (and beyond)[]

Although you can only have two active classes at a time, having an extra class, or five, to choose from makes you a more well-rounded and universally useful player.

To get your third class you can talk to Johnny Dutin [Eye of Wisdom] in the Hall of the Eye of Wisdom in Varanas. You must be at least level 20 in both of your first two classes to do this. He starts the quest, [10] The Price for Improvement: A Promise.

Additional classes may be unlocked by purchasing (for 699Diamonds ($20.86)  from the Item Shop) and using a Class Maximum Expansion Ticket Class Maximum Expansion Ticket.

What is the Most Useful Class?[]

Please see this post on the Joint Forums for a good guide to the most useful classes, by role.

Ultimately, the right class combo for you is the one you enjoy playing!

If you would like to have a guide as to what each class combination can do, refer to Class Combinations by Role.

Physical vs. Magical[]

Those classes that, when single-classed, do most of their damage through physical attacks are the Physical Classes, regardless of how they act when dual-classed. Those that use magical attacks are the Magical Classes.

For instance, even though he does most of his damage via magic, a Warrior/Mage is still a Physical Class. The same is true of a Rogue/Mage. A Mage/Warrior or a Mage/Rogue, on the other hand, is a Magical Class because Mage is.

There are six Physical Classes: Warrior, Scout, Rogue, Knight, Warden, and Champion.

The remaining four are the Magical Classes: Mage, Priest, Druid, and Warlock.

The Classes[]

Classes in Runes of Magic
Class Combat role Resource Recommended armor Recommended weapon

"Dominating the Battlefield"

Melee DPS Rage Chain (and shield) Swords or axes

"Rangers of the Wilds"

Ranged DPS (physical) Focus Leather Dagger or sword, and bow or crossbow

"The Cunning Scoundrel"

Melee DPS Energy Leather Daggers, poisons, and projectiles

"Masters of the Elements"

Ranged DPS (magical) Mana Cloth Staff or wand

"The Righteous Shield"

Tank Mana Plate and shield One-handed hammer

"Instruments of the Divine"

Healer Mana Cloth (and shield) Staff or wand

"Guardians of the Forest"

Tank or melee DPS Mana Chain Two-handed axe or two-handed sword

"Commanders of Nature's Might"

Healer or ranged DPS (magical) Mana and nature's power Cloth (and Shield) Staff or wand

"Rampaging War Machines"

Melee DPS or tank Rage Chain Hammers

"Exploiting the Dark Arts"

Ranged DPS (magical) or Support Focus and soul points (psi) Cloth Staff or wand