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Clash of Good and Evil (Quest Series)
Starting ZoneChrysalia
Rec. Levels73 to 80
Previous Surging Undercurrent
Next Dawn of War
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Fires of Shadowforge

This page refers to content introduced in the expansion, Chapter V: Fires of Shadowforge.

Armor Sets[]

Tundra (level 76, Good)

Rewarded by quests in the Clash of Good and Evil quest series (except as noted) in Merdhin Tundra. Each armor type has it's own set name but collectively we will refer to them as the Tundra set.

Proper Names

Source Quests

Foreign/Earth Flow (level 79, Good)

Rewarded by quests in the Clash of Good and Evil quest series in Merdhin Tundra. Each armor type has it's own set name but collectively we will refer to them as the Foreign Earth Flow set.

Proper Names

Source Quests


Edliss Ruins[]

Introductory quests from the Chrysalia quest series

  1. Papp Hesof [Order of Dark Glory Mercenary Captain]
    1. [72] Military Emergency (PEP x100) - Counter the Remodeled Soldiers attack
    2. [72] Further Deliberations (PEP x100) - Attend meeting with the King in Edliss Ruins
      • You may have noticed the arena-looking structure on the map between where you zoned in from Ancient Kingdom of Rorazan and the Alliance camp in Edliss Ruins. That is where the meeting takes place.
  2. Callaway Kalume [Alliance Commander]
    1. [72] Critical Mission (PEP x100) - Inform Papp Hesof of the King's decision
  3. Papp Hesof
    1. [72] Meeting with Morrok (PEP x100) - Meet with Morrok in Camouflage
  4. Morrok Wallinder
    1. [72] Break the Device (PEP x100) - Use the Emerald Rune Stone Emerald Rune Stone Morrok Wallinder gives you to destroy the Rune Multiplier systems
    2. [72] Remodeled Warrior Cull (PEP x100) - Kill 5 Enhanced Remodeled Soldiers, 5 Elite Remodeled Soldiers, and 5 Violent Remodeled Beasts
  5. Jill Ayekin
    1. [72] Missing Loub (PEP x100) - Speak to Jill Ayekin
  6. Morrok Wallinder
    1. [72] Opposite Ends of the Scale (PEP x100) - Go to the Camp's Rest Area
    2. [72] Edge of Chaos (PEP x100) - Go to Sanctuary of Balance with Morrok Wallinder and stop Jill Ayekin before it's too late. But first, speak with Kargath Duran at Sagthorne Camp

Sagthorne Camp[]

This is the actual beginning of the Clash of Good and Evil quest series.

  1. Kargath Duran [The Imperishable]
    1. [72] Incredibly Obedient - Find Morrok Wallinder and Jill Ayekin in Sanctuary of Balance
  2. Morrok Wallinder
    1. [72] Leave the Sanctuary - Get Mysterious Herb Mysterious Herb ×3 (from a Potions or general Merchant) and Treasured Alcohol Treasured Alcohol (from a Greater Poison Dragon) and take them back to Sagthorne Camp to meet Kargath Duran
  3. Kargath Duran
    1. [72] Well-intentioned Deception - Speak with Jill Ayekin
    2. [72] Peace of Mind - Speak with Morrok Wallinder, then report to Callaway Kalume
  4. Callaway Kalume
    1. [72] Young True Dragon Envoy - Wait for the arrival of the Dragon's envoy, observe the scene, and speak with Callaway Kalume
  5. Morrok Wallinder
    1. [72] Go to the Sanctuary - Give the Promise Root to Jill Ayekin, then go to the Sanctuary of Balance and speak with Nynke
  6. Callaway Kalume
    1. [72] First Meeting - Speak with Jill Ayekin, then Callaway Kalume and finally Lavare, then wait while the scene plays out
    2. [72] Voice of the Dragon - Speak to Callaway Kalume, then listen while the Envoy of Balance speaks
  7. Bankelemos [Envoy of Balance]
    1. [72] Cusp - Speak with Bankelemos
  8. Callaway Kalume
    1. [72] Break - Speak with Jill Ayekin
    2. [72] Kargath's Concern - Try to find Jill Ayekin
  9. Jill Ayekin
    1. [72] The Lure of the Dark Side - Speak with Kargath Duran, then Callaway Kalume and finally Morrok Wallinder
  10. Callaway Kalume
      • [72] Where'd He Go? - Talk to Victor Rita

Garon Nest[]

  1. Shass Webb
    1. [73] Garon Myrmex Report - Talk to Pike Molsen in the Garon Nest, give the Research Book to Shass Webb, and give the report to Bern Sanchez
      • Scent-Masking Potion
        When you receive this quest Shass Webb sprinkles a Scent-Masking Potion on you to enable you to enter the Garon Nest
      • unlocks Simulated Element Pouch, Elemental Detection, and Removing Roadblocks in the Chrysalia quest series
  2. Bern Sanchez
    1. [73] Garon's Mutation - Get Elemental Crystal Elemental Crystal ×5 from the Earth Elementals, Wind Elementals, Fire Elementals, and Water Elementals by the Garon treatment area
  3. Banny
    1. [73] New Discovery - Enter the Garon Nest and give the Garon Research Report to Suzy Kesta
  4. Suzy Kesta
    1. [73] Myrmex and Elementals - Listen to Suzy Kesta's instructions
    2. [73] War of the Death passage (PEP x50) - Give the Correlated Myrmex Data to Pete Maik in the Death Passage

Death Passage[]

  1. Pete Maik [Bloody Battlefield Commander]
    1. [73] Battlelines on the Brink - Assist Captain Richardson and Captain Gessart, and kill 5 Kulech Vanguard and 5 Kulech Blooddrinkers
    2. [73] Support the Omega Platform - Ask Cornelia Asaak for transport to the Omega Platform, then talk to Croso Dane
  2. Croso Dane
    1. [73] Charging the Energy Crystal - Recharge 3 Defensive Energy Crystal
      • Click on the Red crystals to charge them. When they are Blue you will get an update for this quest.
    2. [73] I Smell a Rat - Return to Death Passage and report to Pete Maik
  3. Pete Maik
    1. [73] Urgent Matters - Using the Defensive Rune Set, replenish the energy shields of Ise Chekkat and Captain Gessart
    2. [73] Deep into Enemy Territory - Find the Veiled Encampment and speak to Myan Kellas

Veiled Encampment[]

  1. Myan Kellas [Veiled Encampment Commander]
    1. [74] Prove Your Mettle (PEP x100) - Listen to Myan Kellas' instructions, then bring back a Kulech Myrmex using the Prison Device
      • Note: The Kulech Myrmex must be at less than 50% HP for the Prison Device to work.
      • unlocks Rogue Challenge, and The Importance of Flesh Maggots in the Chrysalia quest series
  2. Kelod Kallol [Eye of Wisdom]
    1. [74] Clue Fragments (PEP x80) - Bring back the Energy Analysis Data from Fell Kessar
    2. [74] A House Division (PEP x150) - Get White Bell Flower Petal ×10 from White bell Flower and put them in the Giant Reaction Bottle to see what happens
      • unlocks Improved Efficiency in the Chrysalia quest series

unlocked by A House Division in the Chrysalia quest series

  1. Myan Kellas [Veiled Encampment Commander]
    1. [74] Kulech Annihilation (PEP x250) - Defeat 10 Kulech Seekers and complete the installation of the Kulech Barrier Release Device
    2. [74] Battle Preparations (PEP x250) - Find Asax Nayla in Death Passage
    3. [74] Rage Assault Camp (PEP x250) - Talk to Sigourney at Rage Assault Camp

Rage Assault Camp[]

  1. Sigourney [Rage Assault Camp Commanding Officer]
    1. [74] Freaky Seed - Take the Freaky Seed around Dranfar Production Plant and fight some Guardians while you scout it out
    2. [74] Turning the Tide - Destroy 3 Incubators in Dranfar Production Plant
    3. [74] Air Superiority - Use the Battlery Seed and then destroy Kulech until the Angry Earth Guardian completes the bombing run.
    4. [74] Going All In - Assist Sigourney
      • unlocks Unnecessary Enemy in the Chrysalia quest series
    5. [76] Time is up - Go to the Merdhin Tundra, find the transportation camp in the Salvond Hills and meet with Marcy KJaleen

Merdhin Tundra[]

Salvond Hills[]

  1. Marcy Kaleen
    1. [76] Unable to Fly - Go see Iswan Giant
  2. Iswan Giant
    1. [76] Holy Tree Sapling - Listen to Iswan Giant and Adamile, then ask Iswan Giant for the plan
  3. 2 tasks:
    • Iswan Giant
      • [76] Separate Investigations - Accept the assignment
    • Adamile
      • [76] Missing Investigator - Find Alahna Dikat
  4. Adamile
    1. [76] Demon's Request - Ask Sismond about the Holy Tree Sapling
  5. Alahna Dikat
    1. [76] Is it guidance or is it a trap? - Go to the Kentiaru Production Plant, find Sismond and bring back the Holy Tree Sapling
      • When you pick up the Holy Tree Sapling you will be cursed for 60 seconds. You must power through with every healing skill and potion you have until the curse fades. If you live, talk to Sismond and he will transport you to Borapha Camp

Borapha Camp[]

  1. Alahna Dikat
    1. [76] Consciousness Restored - Report to Iswan Giant, then see Nynke
  2. Nynke [Water Dragon's Heir]
    1. [76] Gushing Ice Flower - Get Ice Crystal Flower ×3 from Soyar Ice Flower
    2. [76] Purify the Holy Tree Sapling - Take the Crystal Water to Adamile
    3. [76] Help from the Dragons - Talk to Nynke and convince the dragons to help
    4. [76] Echo's Resonance - Talk to Adamile, then Panilor
  3. Panilor
    1. [76] Matter Report - Talk to Callaway Kalume at Midnight Whispers

Midnight Whispers[]

  1. Callaway Kalume
    1. [76] Indiscernible Meaning - Listen to Callaway Kalume
    2. [76] Aide's Night Speak - Listen to the king, then help Aliess by speaking with Sabinda
  2. Aliess
    1. [76] Ceremony Preparations - Listen to the king, then take the Ceremony Item to Sabinda
  3. Sabinda
    1. [76] Finding Hope Deep in Consciousness - Protect Nynke during the ceremony
  4. Iswan Giant
    1. [76] Accidental Arrival - Speak with Iswan Giant, then Sabinda
    2. [76] Ceremonial Fire - Light the 4 Ceremonial Braziers, then meet Sabinda inside Hayliden Cave
  5. Sabinda
    1. [76] Disoriented Holy Tree - Learn why the Holy Tree has gone mad
    2. [76] Former Brother-In-Arms - Go to Kaluga Grove, find Jill Ayekin and give her sound advice.
  6. Casboger
    1. [76] The Usefulness of Herbal Knowledge - Collect Common Herb ×10
  7. Aleish Podin
    1. [76] Air Strike! - Kill 3 Kladoren Trackers and 3 Kladoren Explorers attacking the transport convoy outside Cadoon


  1. Saigo Kalony
    1. [77] Cleaning up the Mess - Get Scattered Goods Scattered Goods ×10 from Scattered Goods
  2. Bird Nest Fern
    1. [77] Little Effort - Take the Unconscious Woman to Lakejodd [Medical Captain] in Cadoon (pick her up from Unconscious Woman)
  3. Jenny Fokas
    1. [77] Convoy in Trouble - Convince Banger Celleigh to allow the convoy to pass
    2. Tigen Sila
      You must have the Unconscious Woman with you. She is his daughter.
  4. Kargath Duran
    1. [77] Diffuse Memory - Gather information about Cadoon (talk to Tigen Sila)
  5. Will Kanches - Complete Emergency Defense in Merdhin Tundra quest series to unlock
    1. [77] The Missing Commander - Ask the villager (Banger Celleigh), the soldier (Weybott Stohan) and the researcher (Casey Morriten) about the king's whereabouts
    2. [77] Truth or Lies - Get the Holy Tree Fruit Holy Tree Fruit and the Grey King's Talisman, then meet Will Kanches at the Pahvalosa Alliance Camp

Pahvalosa Alliance Camp[]

  1. Will Kanches [Lechif Representative]
    1. [77] Storage Cube - Get Rune Storage Cube Rune Storage Cube from Storage Cube
    2. [77] Know Thyself - Contact Tannis Bennet
      • Talk to the Ailic's Aide, Anderson Suon, to use the image transport device. You will, however, need a Holy Tree Fruit Holy Tree Fruit. The energy from the Holy Tree Fruit Holy Tree Fruit is short-lived so you will not have time to actually read the text of the conversation. If you fail to complete the quest before the communication ends you will need another Holy Tree Fruit Holy Tree Fruit!
  2. Jelorya [Fellowship of the Holy Stone Elite Soldier]
    1. [77] Ambush - Meet with Jelorya at the bridge between Lower and Upper Cadoon
    2. [77] Rescue Operation - Talk to Jelorya to start crossing the bridge, and rescue Will Kanches by killing all 5 of the Puppet Warriors
      • If the Alliance Warrior falls, you fail. Just go back and talk to Jelorya again to retry it.
    3. [77] Turning Point - Talk to Paver Hatt

Anomaly Observation Camp[]

  1. Paver Hatt
    1. [77] Wise Counsel - Use the Empty Cages Empty Cages to capture 5 Vacant Valley Blackwings and bring back Moving Cage Moving Cage ×5 (capture threshold: 30%)
    2. [77] Bullseye - Complete the Signal Recording using the Red Device, Yellow Device, Blue Device and Recorder
      • As he calls out each color, you must click on the right one and then click on the Recorder. Keep going. Simon says!
  2. Will Kanches [Lechif Representative]
    1. [77] All Prepared - Keep up with Will Kanches
  3. Sismond [The Slaughterer]
    1. [77] Secret of a Deceit - Put the item mentioned by Sismond in the designated place and bring back Callaway Kalume
      • Click on the Remains of the Ancient Mage to place the Holy Tree Fruit Holy Tree Fruit and Get King's Talisman on it. At the end of the scene, you will be transported to the cave under Cadoon.
    2. [77] Drafting Countermeasures - Deliver (target the NPC and click on the letters) the 4 Notification Letters Notification Letters to 4 NPCs
    3. [78] Firefly's Victory - Meet with Panilor on the road from Spirit Mound to Syrbal Pass
  4. Panilor [Kalon Cavalry Commander]
    1. [78] Deceptive Maneuvers - Get Scattered Wood Scattered Wood ×10 from Scattered Wood
    2. [78] Caught in One Sweep - Accompany the Supply Cart to Rockden Outpost to lure out the enemy
    3. [78] Friends or Foes - Talk to Jill Ayekin
    4. [78] Unfinished Business - Talk to Aron Dray

Syrbal Pass[]

Launched during Patch 6.x

Rockden Outpost[]

  1. Aron Dray
    1. [78] Shadow of a Dragon - Meet with Morrok Wallinder in Rockden Forest
    2. [78] Haunted by Nightmares - Listen to Morrok Wallinder describe his nightmare
    3. [78] Reality of a Dream - Get Instant Hundred Flower Essence Instant Hundred Flower Essence from Aron Dray to wake up Morrok Wallinder
  2. Morrok Wallinder
    1. [78] Omen of the Dark - Go to Rockden Outpost and get Anwan's Report from Anwan
  3. Anwan [Earth Dragon]
    1. [78] A Bright Farewell - Talk to Morrok Wallinder (in the snow field where the Rockden Ice Spiders are)
  4. Morrok Wallinder
    1. [78] A Mysterious Woman - Talk to the Mysterious Woman
  5. Mysterious Woman
    1. [78] A Fortune Teller? - Talk with the Mysterious Woman
    2. [78] Voluntary Disclosure - Get Cold Spider Silk ×10 from Rockden Ice Spiders
    3. [79] The Perished City's Answer - Listen to the Mysterious Woman, then give the Divination Card to Morrok Wallinder
  6. Morrok Wallinder
    1. [79] Unsettling Prophecy - Go to Lyndon Camp and warn Tomas Stanhagen

Lyndon Camp[]

  1. Tomas Stanhagen
    1. [78] Odd Things Happening - Meet Panilor at Bethomia
  2. Panilor
    1. [78] Extreme Conditions, Extreme Responses - Use the Kalon Potion Kalon Potion to wake 5 Unconscious Soldiers
  3. Morrok Wallinder
    1. [78] A Glimpse of Hope - Find Jill Ayekin before she reaches the Altar of Souls
    2. [78] Morrok and Jill - Listen to the conversation of Jill Ayekin and Morrok Wallinder
    3. [78] Finding the Mysterious Woman - Talk to Panilor, then meet Morrok Wallinder at Gubod Village

Gubod Village[]

  1. Morrok Wallinder
    1. [79] The Gubod's Straw - Get Rice Bale Rice Bale ×10 near Lair of the Ferosynn Drakes
    2. [79] Earth and Bones - Get Wordy Earth Wordy Earth ×10 from lava near Hyern Village, then go to Lair of the Ferosynn Drakes and find Sayafiz
    3. [79] The Frost Dragon's Son - Talk to Morrok Wallinder, then have Sayafiz tell you your fortune.
    4. [79] A Dragon's Prophecy - Talk to Panilor in Hyern Village

Hyern Village[]

Inkspot.png This looks like
a good spot to
drop some ink!

You will need a way to return here from Altar of Souls and beyond.

  1. Panilor
    1. [79] A Change of Mind - Talk to Jill Ayekin
  2. Jill Ayekin
    1. [79] Asking for Forgiveness - Talk to Slander and ask her to release Jill Ayekin
  3. Slander [Great Flow Master the Eighth]
    1. [79] Finding a Way Out - Talk to Watchman
  4. Watchman [Kogo Warrior]
    1. [79] Mistake after Mistake - Talk to Jill Ayekin
  5. Jill Ayekin
    1. [79] Looking Lost - Give Panilor's Shoulder Armor back to Panilor
  6. Panilor
    1. [79] Hard Shell Soft Core - Retrieve Panilor's Helmet, Panilor's Breast Plate and Panilor's Leg Armor
      • There are more than 3 spots with the crates you need. You have to find one that has the piece you need, then figure out how to get to it. Hope you are not afraid of heights, as Angren kittens definitely are not.
    2. [79] Ultimatum - Tell Slander that Jill Ayekin has escaped
  7. Slander [Great Flow Master the Eighth]
    1. [79] Turning the Tide - Meet Panilor at the Altar of Souls (southeast corner of the "island")
      • See Jaben Tina, the Ailic's Aide, for transport to the Alliance camp southeast of the Altar of Souls (one-way trip ONLY!!!)
  8. Panilor
    1. [79] The Price to Pay - Persuade Jill Ayekin
  9. Jill Ayekin
    1. [79] Death of a Hero - Talk to Panilor
    2. [79] Origin - Return the Flow Master's Holy Device Flow Master's Holy Device to Slander
  10. Slander
    1. [79] Slander's Blessing - Gather Iris Iris ×10 and have Slander pray for the Watchman

Old Border of Wylant[]

  1. Jasmine "Firefly" Angerfang
    1. [80] A Voyager's Return - Report to the king, attend the sacrifice
  2. Morrok Wallinder
    1. [80] Oracle - Accompany Morrok Wallinder to see Bankelemos
  3. Bankelemos [Light Dragon]
    1. [80] Maderoth's Invitation - Listen to Bankelemos
    2. [80] The Light Dragon's Mission - After talking to Bankelemos, meet Morrok Wallinder at Belansaar Production Plant
    3. [80] King of the Fire - Stop Kadmos
  4. Jill Ayekin
    1. [80] Dragons and Killers - Pursue Jill Ayekin and stop her from killing the Frost Dragon, Kadmos
    2. [80] Two Voices - Pay attention to the Light Dragon
  5. Morrok Wallinder
    1. [80] Death of the Dragons - Talk to Callaway Kalume

The story continues in the Dawn of War quest series with The General's Strategy.