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The Champion

Champion class information[ | ]


Typical Champion appearance


Champion in combat

The following races can choose the Champion class: Dwarf

RoM website description[ | ]

"Rampaging War Machines"

Unrivalled in melee combat, these mighty warriors unleash dark magic upon their foes. When they find themselves in danger, Champions are able to transform into Runic Robots, impenetrable war machines fuelled by the power of runes.

Combat Role[ | ]

Champions have the option to play as a dps or tank role, depending on your play style. They get a large bonus to damage with 2-handed hammers.

Class Summary[ | ]

  • Class Trainer: Owen Steelhammer [Champion Instructor] in Morfantas City
  • Combat Roles: Tank, Melee DPS
  • Combat Resource: Rage
  • Best Armor Type: Chain
  • Best Primary Weapon Type: 2-H Hammer
  • Best Ranged Weapon Type: none

Attributes (Character Stats)[ | ]

Primary Attribute

  • Stamina or Strength (Your primary stat is based on your chosen role. Tanks should focus on Stamina while Damage dealers should choose Strength.) Be aware that Shield Form Shield Form will swap Strength for increase your Stamina, making you much touger but costing you a good part of your DPS!

Other Important Attributes

  • Strength (For tanks, you will need strength to increase your ability to deal damage, thereby increasing Aggro generation.)
  • Dexterity (Dexterity allows you to dodge more incoming attacks and increases your ability to hit enemies.)

All classes need Stamina to increase their HP. Dungeon bosses often have area attacks that can kill players who neglect this stat.

Stat Values Gained from Equipment[ | ]

values shown for 1 point of each stat - see Attributes for more details

Strength Dexterity Stamina Intelligence Wisdom
  • 2.0 PATK
  • 0.2 HP
  • 0.9 PACC
  • 0.8 PDR
  • 5.0 HP
  • 2.3 PDEF
  • 1.0 MP
  • 2.0 MATK
  • 5.0 MP
  • 2.2 MDEF
  • 0.9 MACC

Base Attributes[ | ]

Strength: 14 • Dexterity: 12 • Stamina: 13 • Intelligence: 5 • Wisdom: 6

Equipment Available[ | ]

Weapon Types
yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes no no Champion / Rogue
Armor Types
Cloth Leather Chain Plate Shield Talisman
yes yes yes no no yes

Runic Robots[ | ]

  • Shield Form Shield Form --> Tank (Champion/Mage level 15 Elite skill)
    • See Runecraft for a class of passive skills that modify other Champion abilities.
  • Disassembly Mode Disassembly Mode --> DPS (level 55 ISS)

Class Combos[ | ]

Skill´s Basic Combos[ | ]

Notes[ | ]

A curse is any skill that has a cast bar. It varies depending on your secondary class. While Forge Forge is active, when it is triggered and Chain Drive Chain Drive is activated, the next Curse used will be Instant and Critical!

Good news first: As a pint-sized Scot Dwarf your well of rage is an easy thing to build and maintain. As Bruce Banner famously told Captain America, "My secret is I'm always angry". Your Rage will grow quickly, and fades much slower than most other fighters. This means that, other than your first fight after considerable downtime, you will probably never have to ask yourself "Do I have enough Rage to use that skill?"

Rune Pulse Rune Pulse[ | ]

Because Rune Pulse Rune Pulse has no cost, and Forge/Chain Drive makes it reload almost instantly, this is your go-to spam button. Cast it every time it reloads! To really get the best boom, preface Rune Pulse Rune Pulse with Endless Rage Endless Rage as often as you can.

ChampionMage Champion / Mage: skill name needed[ | ]

Now for the less-good news: The Mage half of your soul yearns to pew-pew (Fireball Fireball and Lightning Lightning), but the power-drain means you will have to use it sparingly. You may want to concentrate on getting gear with Intelligence to increase the size of your mana pool, but no matter how you stack it you are gonna use a lot of Mana potions.

ChampionPriest Champion / Priest: Rising Tide[ | ]

ChampionWarlock Champion / Warlock: Psychic Arrows[ | ]

More info[ | ]

As a Champion, you cannot learn ANY Elite Skills until you have learned Shield Form Shield Form! To do so, speak to Logden Darkstove to learn the basics of Runic Armaments and, once you have reached level 16, gain Shield Form Shield Form.