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Stub We are considering building a complete list of Transformed recipes, here, but today is not that day.

In spite of the Category Name, the text of this page will be a list of the Item Sets that contain some Transformed Recipes. Almost without fail, ALL of the recipes in this Category are dropped by Mysterious Bags found in zones of the appropriate level.

Note that Transformed Weapons DO exist, but weapons are rarely required parts of a Set. For this reason this page may not see a clear connection between a weapon and the associated Item Set.

Some sets will have both a Transformed and Dropped version, such as Grand Master of the Dead's Soulcatcher Wand Grand Master of the Dead's Soulcatcher Wand and Transformed Grand Master of the Dead's Soulcatcher Wand Transformed Grand Master of the Dead's Soulcatcher Wand. In such cases the Dropped version will be slightly superior to the Crafted version.

Additionally, the BWItem template only recognizes an item as "Transformed" if "Transformed " is the first word in the name. There are a few, rare, items that do not fit this pattern and will not be automatically added to this Category. They can, of course, be manually added to this Category by hand. Shattertooth's Transformed Cervelliere Shattertooth's Transformed Cervelliere is an example of this problem.

Item Sets with Transformed Recipes
Level Set Name
80 Bethomia Black Codex (C)
85 Fjord Codex (C)
87 Morfan Black Codex (C)
95 Bone Peak Justice (C)
97 Moorland Codex (C)
98 Vale Set (C)
99 Korris Rare (C)
100 Chassizz Black Codex (C)
Level Set Name
Level Set Name

(C) denotes a Collective Set Name

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