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A template is a pre-defined layout for a page. They are crafted to be easy for anyone to use.

There are many templates on this wiki, listed below. To keep the style of the wiki consistent, it is best to check here for a page layout before creating your own.

Main Templates[]

Many of our Main Templates are improved versions of older templates. While the older versions are DEPRECATED we still have to support them. These older templates may have some problems but they work most of the time. Most pages from level 1 to 50 use the older templates.

Linker Templates[]

Practically everything we document has a Linker Template associated with it. This is how we colorize the links. Many of these Linkers also have an OR Template version.

  • itemlink - display an icon, if it exists, and colorize the quality
    • see also:
      • ORitemlink - Other Resources test
      • FIitemlink - Force display of the icon without testing first, or "Ic"
  • see more: Category:Linker Templates
  • Langlinks - add country flags linking to other-language versions of this page (English, Russian, French)

Other Resources[]

OR Templates such as ORmoblink call the regular Linker to do most of the work, but they test to see if the page exists and, if it does not, provides a possible link to the RoM Welten database. Because the test is expensive in wiki compiler time, and we are limited to a maximum of 99 expensive function calls per page, it is NOT recommended to use OR Templates on Quest Series pages.

Festival Tags[]

All Festival tags should be using the Festival tag template.

see Category:World Event Templates

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