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A Quest Series is a grouping of quests that proceed each into the next. Most of our Quest Series for Runes of Magic are named for the zone they concern, but a few are not. These include the Epic quest series as well as the super-zone Ystra Labyrinth (which contains three other zones). For Dungeons, any quests that start in the dungeon will generally appear on the quest series for the zone they access from.

Additionally, a Quest Series page will contain brief notes that make it possible to perform the quests without reference to most Quest pages. Occasionally, a complex quest may require you to look at the full page for information.

Chapter I: Rise of the Demon Lord Extras Epics Multi-Zone
Primary Secondary
1-5 Howling Mountains Sascilia Steppes Varanas City The Seductive Dark Pearl
Bloody Demon Sword
11-15 HM & SSp
16-20 Silverspring Vahtos' Apprentice
21-25 Aslan Valley Dragonfang Ridge
31-35 Ystra Highlands Ystra Labyrinth
41-45 Dust Devil Canyon
51-55 One Thousand Years of Slavery
Great Barrier
Envoy of the Dragons
Return the Glory
56-60 The Degenerated Elves
61-65 Magical Reconstruction
71-75 Surging Undercurrent
Clash of Good and Evil
81-85 Dawn of War
Pirate Island
The Spirits of Despair

Expansions[ | ]

Chapter II Chapter III Chapter IV Chapter V Chapter VI Chapter VII
The Elven Prophecy The Elder Kingdoms Lands of Despair Fires of Shadowforge Patch 6.x Legacy of the Soulless
1-5 Elven Island Coast of Opportunity Yrvandis Hollows Miller's Ranch
6-10 Ancient Power
46-50 Ravenfell Xaviera
51-55 Weeping Coast
Savage Lands
Aotulia Volcano
56-60 Thunderhoof Hills
Southern Janost Forest
Northern Janost Forest
61-65 Limo Desert Land of Malevolence
66-70 Redhill Mountains
Tergothen Bay
71-75 Ancient Kingdom of Rorazan
76-80 Merdhin Tundra Syrbal Pass
81-85 Sarlo
Wailing Fjord
86-90 Jungle of Hortek
Salioca Basin
91-95 Kashaylan
Splitwater Coast
96-100 Moorlands of Farsitan





Special Levels[ | ]

There are a few special tasks that can only be started once you achieve a specific level. Frequently, these will introduce you to areas you may not have visited yet that are appropriate to your new level. Some of them display a message on your screen to tell you this, but some do not.

Min. Level Message Notes
5 Human: Seek George, the mayor of Logar starts the Introduction to Logar sub-series with [5] Golden Statue Auction
Elf: Seek mob name missing in Valley of Preparation
Dwarf: Speak to any mob name missing in Morfantas City
10 Human: Seek George, the mayor of Logar Instructions on how you can choose a Secondary Class (starts [10] Meet the Class Instructor)
Elf: Seek mob name missing in Valley of Preparation Choose your Secondary Class
Dwarf: Speak to any Class Instructor in Morfantas City Choose your Secondary Class
15/15 Human:
Dwarf: Speak to Pulin Shadowhammer in Morfantas City Learn your Elite Skills (you receive a mail with Level 15 Skill Training Certificate Level 15 Skill Training Certificate ×2)
18 Seek Daris [Guild Leader of Silvershadow Adventurers' Guild] in the Varanas Class Hall in Silverspring. Starts several quests including [1] The Road After, [12] Supporting the Guard, and [18] Secret Mission.
20/20 See Johnny Dutin, at Hall of the Eye of Wisdom Enables you to learn a Tertiary Class. You have already been granted the new skill, Transport: Heffner Camp Transport: Heffner Camp.
28 Seek Audy, a researcher of the Eye of Wisdom, in the lobby of Tavern "The Distillery" in Aslan Valley. Starts a 4-quest series, beginning with Missing Researcher, that leads you to the Necropolis of Mirrors.
38 Seek Shamar, the Garrison Commander of Harf Trading Post. Starts a 3-quest series, beginning with Minotaur Territory, that leads you to the Mystic Altar.
50 You can now use Item-Set Skills! You can purchase a simple 3-piece set from Nabod Klein in Dalanis Central District and have Tatsy Turnbull extract its ISS.
50/50 See Sigg Fletcher, at Varanas Class Hall Starts the 7-quest series to gain your level 50/50 Elite Skills, beginning with [50] Brand New Skills.
60/60 See Daris [Guild Leader of Silvershadow Adventurers' Guild], at Varanas Class Hall Starts the 5-quest series to gain your level 60 Elite Skills, beginning with [60] Adventurers' Guild Advancement Notice.
70/70 An email arrives, directing you to talk to Daris [Guild Leader of Silvershadow Adventurers' Guild], at Varanas Class Hall Daris sends to talk to Votakai in Chrysalia at the Sanctuary of Balance who starts the 6-quest series to gain your level 70 Elite Skills, beginning with [70] Young instructor of the true dragons.
90/90 You receive a temporary skill, Frantic Plea Frantic Plea, and when you use it you are teleported to Varanas Class Hall. Talk to Daris [Guild Leader of Silvershadow Adventurers' Guild] to start [93] Ominous Forebodings Tabor Chanep [Contact Person for Adventurers] sends you to Port Shard in Splitwater Coast.
100/100 A message appears, directing you to talk to Leya Peak, at Hall of the Eye of Wisdom in Silverspring This starts [100] Crossing the Mountain Path, the beginning of the Peak Level series.
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