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Seeds should be planted in their respective pots. You can plant seeds in any pot but planting seeds in the wrong pots will increase the amount of fertilizer and water needed to grow them by 33%.

Feed it irrigation (water) and compost and try to keep it near the red line in the blue and green zones for good growth.

Irrigation and compost level drops around at a rate dependent on the level of the pot and consumables in use. If you use the wrong pot you gain NO advantage in feed drop rate reduction.

By influencing health at the end of the 24 hour cycle you can get different results and get experience based on the plant health in steps of 10% for the harvest. See Plant Protection Plant Protection.

Health will drop if it's outside the growth area (blue for water, green for compost) by the amount specified on the bar.

Feed drop rate depends on the level of the pot and consumables in use and compatibility of the pot to the seed.

Planting supplies can be bought at Varanas Lower City West, Logar (near the mayor), Valley of Preparation Elven Isle, and at Obsidian Stronghold in the Crafting Square.

You cannot place pots in guild castles, so of course you cannot grow plants in guild castles, but you can place the furniture-locked version of a pot & plant in castles.

Growth Rate can be influenced with the use of Plant Growing Agent Plant Growing Agent.

The RoM Wiki recommends installation of the following Add-On via the Twitch Client:

Leveling[ | ]

See also: Crafting - Planting quest series

Apprentice planting levels (1-20) can be attained in the usual fashion. The Craftsman certification requires collecting 1 Green Leaf Dewdrop Green Leaf Dewdrop, which is a rare harvest item. The quest, Green Leaf Dewdrop, can be started and/or completed at any Plant Seed Merchant.

The only reliable way to get a Green Leaf Dewdrop Green Leaf Dewdrop is to plant low level seeds. If one isn't found by level 20, begin planting level 1 seeds in level 19 pots using level 19 consumables. It is entirely random. No credible evidence exists indicating that time of day or even plant health contributes to the chance of getting a rare harvest. Some players have the leaf before level 18, some report going weeks at level 20 with level 1 seeds and not receiving a single drop.

Once planting level reaches 20 and Craftsman certification is obtained, up to 10 plants can be grown at once.

Expert certification is available from Nabul Fulan [Planting Expert] in Obsidian Stronghold once planting reaches level 40. Nabul will provide a quest to grow a plant for 24 hours. The quest rewards are a nice bag of planting goodies, which includes a versatile pot and some magic nutrient items, and Expert skill certification which raises the skill cap to 60. If the first attempt with the Snow Flame Seed Snow Flame Seed doesn't work out Nabul will provide another one for 10 Silver Ore Silver Ore, 10 Holly Wood Holly Wood, and 10 Barsa Leaf.

To get planting to Master (max level 80) or Legend (max level 100) you need to talk with Sam Paresh [Planting Master] or Fray Naste [Legendary Plant Researcher]. They are both located in Varanas Lower City West.

Consumables[ | ]

There are two main types of consumable related to planting, water (irrigation) and dirt (fertilizer or compost). There are also several special consumables that are not generally available at a vendor, as well as higher quality versions of the main consumables.

The standard vendor consumables available at levels 1,19,37,55 provide 10% of their respective plant nutrient and decrease the rate of consumption based on the level of the consumable. Higher level consumables reduce consumption by greater amounts, so level 19 River Water River Water will make your plants use less water than level level 1 Irrigation Water Irrigation Water. If a plant is given multiple levels of consumables (for instance if you gain access to a higher level water and give it to a plant that has already received a lower level water) the consumption rate will be decreased a combined amount with each 10% of nutrient having a weight of 1. The exact amount of rate decrease is listed in the table below, but as a general rule it is better to always use the highest level consumables available to reduce the amount of water/dirt required throughout the growing cycle as well as to mitigate health loss incurred due to consumption during feeding interruptions. To summarize, always use the best you can get to keep your plants as healthy as possible. Level 73 and 80 consumables are available only from Fray Naste [Legendary Plant Researcher] in Varanas.

Four special mid-level consumables available from Nabul Fulan [Planting Expert] in Obsidian Stronghold and Sam Paresh [Planting Master] in Varanas have some additional benefit. The Pixie Spring Water and Pixie Soil Pixie Soil are level 1 while the Heavenly Spring Water and Rejuvenation Soil Rejuvenation Soil are both level 40. All four of these items are labeled 'Special' in the description, however they are used like normal water/dirt. They provide 20% of the respective nutrients, and a far superior rate reduction.

There are also some rare items for use in the 'Magical Irrigation Water' slot. These are available in the Item Shop. Every player will receive a few medium and high class growing agents and plant protection items upon gaining expert skill certification. The Plant Growing Agent Plant Growing Agent increases growing rate, and Plant Protection Plant Protection increases plant health.

Level Irrigation Fertilization % Nutrients % Feeding
Cost Base Drain
Sold by Novice Planting Instructors
1 Irrigation Water Irrigation Water Compost Heap Compost Heap 10% 1% 30Gold  2%
19 River Water River Water Organic Fertilizer Organic Fertilizer 10% 1% 100Gold 
37 Spring Water Spring Water Soil With Low Amounts of Nutrients Soil With Low Amounts of Nutrients 10% 1% 300Gold 
Sold by Planting Experts and Planting Masters
1 Pixie Spring Water Pixie Soil Pixie Soil 20% 8% 150Gold  60% gives chance to harvest 20% extra
40 Heavenly Spring Water Rejuvenation Soil Rejuvenation Soil 20% 8% 350Gold  66%
55 Dew Soil With Medium Amounts of Nutrients Soil With Medium Amounts of Nutrients 10% 1% 50Gold 
73 Life Spring Water Soil With Large Amounts of Nutrients Soil With Large Amounts of Nutrients 10% 100Gold 
80 Starlight Spring Water Celestial Dust Celestial Dust 20% 800Gold 
Sold by Legendary Planting Researchers
91 Magical Dew Magical Dew Elementary Fertilizer Mixture Elementary Fertilizer Mixture 10% 150Gold 

Item Shop Consumables[ | ]

Plant Protection - Raise the plants Health by ___%

Plant Growing Agent - Increase a plants growth rate by ___%

Seeds[ | ]

The size of the harvest is affected by plant health, planting level, and certain planting titles. Generally speaking a single plant will harvest up to 40 green refined mats or 20 blue mats, but the exact amounts vary. If the seed is 5 levels or more below your planting level there is a random chance of a bonus harvest of additional material or rare harvest items. Sometimes this takes the form of the next highest material and sometimes it is simply additional materials of the same type.

The additional harvest will sometimes include 'rare' materials, for example the Pixie Tree Seed Pixie Tree Seed occasionally generates Sagewood Timber Sagewood Timber. These rare drops are listed in the chart in bold-italics.

An excellent reference is the "Planting Sheet" Android app.

see Category:Seed (Item Type) for a complete table of all seeds, including Quest seeds, by Level, Attribute, and Products.

Pots[ | ]

Base drain indicates the rate of water/dirt loss indicated prior to adding water or dirt for that level pot. For special pots, it indicates the base drain for the specific pot.

55 seeds are strange. They come out 0.31% higher on all pots

For a table of all Plant Pots, including Item Shop Pots, by Level and Attribute, see Category:Plant Pot (Furniture Type)

Item Shop Pots[ | ]

There are only 7 Planting pots available in the item shop that offer a significant reduction in drain rate allowing you to water less and making planting cheaper in the long run and needing less work. The base rates are what the drain rate indicator says as soon as you put a planted item in the pot before adding any fertilizer, irrigation, or special water. In observed cases the drain rate goes down when you irrigate and fertilize your plant. It is presumed higher level fertilizer and irrigation have slower drain rates.

Titles[ | ]

Each title in a series requires and replaces the previous title in that series.

To claim a Title, see Diya Sega [Planting Title Manager] in Varanas Lower City West.

Gardening Series[ | ]

  1. Novice Gardener / Anfänger-Gärtner
  2. Intermediate Gardener / Fortgeschrittener Gärtner
  3. Advanced Gardener
  4. Gardening Expert

Plant Friend Series[ | ]

  1. Encounter With Green Leaves / Auf grüne Blätter treffen
  2. Flower Neighbor / Blumen-Nachbar
  3. Friend of the Plants

Verdant Series[ | ]

Master Series[ | ]

  1. Blade of Grass / Grashalm
  2. Flower / Flora

Gardener Series[ | ]

  1. I'm a Little Gardener / Ich bin ein kleiner Gärtner
  2. I'm a Good Gardener / Ich bin ein guter Gärtner
  3. I'm a Hardworking gardener


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