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Magic Pets[edit | edit source]

The Pet Hunters will train you on capturing and raising rune pets. Magic Pets will actually help you fight. Some will even jump in and fight for you.

When you kill a mob, anywhere in the world, a Magic Cavy or a Golden Magic Cavy may appear. Use a  Huntsman's Trap to capture the Cavy and he will give you a  Rune Pet Egg,  Rune Pet Egg,  Rune Pet Egg, or a  Rune Pet Egg. You may also see a  Natural Pet Egg,  Amazing Pet Egg,  Magical Pet Egg, or  Holy Pet Egg.

Item Shop Pets[edit | edit source]

Item Shop Pets are for vanity purposes. They will follow a player around, however they will not attack or help out in combat. Many pets are obtainable from the item shop for diamonds with a duration of 7 days, 30 days, or Permanent.

Buffing Pets[edit | edit source]

These Pets will give a 2 hour buff the first time you summon them each day. The buff timer includes offline time, and they can only buff you once a day. All but the frogs can be bought from the Ruby Shop for 300  each. Also, like the Item Shop pets above, they will not help in combat.

All but the frogs give you a buff that increases you XP and TP from battle, and drop rate by 20%. The frogs give a buff that increase your drop rate by 10%.

Zodiac Pets[edit | edit source]

Zodiac Pets are wrapped up in the cycle of Festivals. For information about this type of pet, see Zodiac Pet.


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