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Music Festival This page relates to a quest, mob, event, or item involved in the annual Music Festival (April to May)

Originally introduced with the release of Chapter III: The Elder Kingdoms (patch 4.0.11).

The information on this page changes, a little or a lot, each year. The following years are links to past versions of this page.
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This year's Festival started on 4/25/2024 (Patch and ended on 5/23/2024. It was followed by the Crafting Festival.

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The birthday of the famous musician, Julia Habin, is coming soon, and as every year the villages are organizing musical activities to celebrate and sing the songs that Julia sang to pacify the lonely children left behind by the war in Kolydia.

It’s again that time when streets are filled with music and everyone returns to their villages to witness this wonderful show.

As usual, many activities are planned for celebrating, in particular around Silverspring and Thunderhoof Hills. The managers can be found in Varanas and Dalanis, and they will wait for you with 9 special activities. By participating you should keep the musical scores musical scores and musical notes musical notes you get, as you can later trade them for Julia's Package Julia's Package.

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Mobs all over Taborea seem to have been rummaging through a bard's storeroom, carrying off Torn Scores Torn Scores. I am sure the Bards at Varanas would be interested in examining these!

Pulli is willing to trade Torn Score Torn Score ×10 for one Restored Score Restored Score or Torn Score Torn Score ×20 for one Note Note.

If you get Note Note ×15 and Musical Score Musical Score ×15 you can exchange them with John Bach [Music Festival Manager] in Varanas Central Plaza, or Music Festival Event Manager in Abandoned District of Dalanis, for Julia's Package Julia's Package, Earth Element Earth Element ×15, and Geo Draconaris Geo Draconaris ×10.

Julia's Package Julia's Package will contain ONE of the following:

Item Shop[ | ]

The following special buys are in the Item Shop from 5/4/2023 to 6/1/2023!

  • Music Festival Costume Set - Gender-specific
  • Alpenhorn - 2-H Hammer
  • Chime Wood Guitar - 1-H Hammer
  • Dimitar’s Sound - 2-H Hammer
  • Giant Kabo’s Oboe - 1-H Sword
  • Saxophone - 2 versions, 1-H Sword or 1-H Hammer
  • Tambourine - 1-H Sword
  • Rattle Rattle - 2 versions, 1-H Sword or Dagger
  • Lute - 2 versions, 1-H Sword or 1-H Hammer
  • Golden Wind Instrument - 1-H Hammer

The following special buys are in the Item Shop from 5/20/2023 to 6/1/2023!

Events[ | ]

Silversprings[ | ]

Musical Scale[ | ]

Around the central fountain are floating stones with musical notes. Mousing over them will reveal that they are named for the classic scale, Do-Re-Mi-Fa-So-La-Ti-Do. Venus Garter will ask you to play her specific score. Do so by clicking the notes in sequence. On Simple Melody you can try again and again but on Difficult Melody you only get two tries (it may be a good idea to take a screenshot of the melody). She will show you the sequence, be prepared to write fast as she does not leave it up for long! This game is repeatable.

Note: The notes are NOT in order counting clockwise or widdershins! As you stand at Venus Garter and look at the fountain, From Do (first note ahead of you and on the left between 2 trees) the order, clockwise, is Do, Re, So, Fa, La, Ti, Mi, and back to Do.

If you mess up just go back to the fist note and start again. You can change the note you messed up and, with trial and error, figure out where you messed up when writing it down. There is no time limit on these tasks.

A few of the possible songs we have seen:

  • Do So So So Fa Mi Re Do - Do La La La
  • Mi Mi So - Mi Mi So - Mi So Do Ti La So - -
  • So - So La So Fa Mi - - Mi - Mi Fa Mi Re Do -

Cavy's Riot[ | ]

Each day, at 2pm, 5pm and 8pm (Pacific), large numbers of Cavies will charge Varanas Gates and the northern gate of Obsidian Stronghold. Help calm them down by slapping them around a little. After 540 Cavies and 300 Cavy Soldiers have been defeated their general will show himself. Fighting the Cavies will earn various rewards including event-specific ones like Note Notes and Musical Score Musical Scores.

If you cannot find the Cavies, search for Tak Piero or Hank Piero.

Musical Horse Trial[ | ]

Recommended for 5 to 10 participants. This is a rally with 3 checkpoints and a final destination. You must use magic to fight monsters that appear along the way. Collect Sign-Up Sheets from the monsters.

  1. Entrance to Forsaken Abbey
  2. Windmill at Maidge's Farm
  3. Water tower at Dorian's Farm
  4. Lia Luther at Dorian's Farm

Gate Keeper[ | ]

You receive a Gate Keeper Certificate and have 1 minute to catch as many falling sparkling notes as you can using only the skills you are given to move. Two players can do this at the same time and both players will share in the total notes caught.

  • When the points reach 30 the frequency of the notes will increase
  • When the points reach 50 the frequency of the notes will become random

You are teleported onto the note stones by the wall. Turn your camera to look towards Armosen Lok so you can see the notes coming and so that the orientation of the Skill hotkeys matches the order of the incoming notes. Now it is just like playing Guitar Hero! Press Alt-1 to Alt-5 to move to the row of the incoming note!

Turn the Gramophone![ | ]

You need Torn Score Torn Score ×10 to exchange for one Restored Score Restored Score, which turns on the Gramophone.

There are 3 different scores: A solo act, A duo or trio score, and a 4-6 member team score. Bigger is harder but more rewarding.

Pulli is also willing to trade Torn Score Torn Score ×20 for one Note Note.

Music Parade[ | ]

Music Parade - Music Parade Attendance Certificate

Attendance Certificate

Music Parade - Magic Saxophone

Magic Saxophone

You receive a musical instrument, such as a Magic Saxophone. Target other players and play the instrument to give them that effect (10 minute duration)! Instrument cooldown is 60 seconds.

You also are told the name of your melody of the day, such as Magic French Horn. You would need to find a player who was given a Magic French Horn and have them target you and play their instrument. If you have that instrument, you can target yourself for the update. When you get the effect, you have 10 minutes to report back to Jade Baglama before the melody fades from you.

The following was posted in Discord (by Radioooooo and Tarnna) regarding the Titles available. If you cannot get it in the channel you are in, change channels!

Musicians of Bremen – Guitar, Clarinet, Saxophone, French horn
Sunrise Beach – Guitar, Lute, Saxophone
The Highlands Song - French horn, Wind instrument, Demeter horn, Clarinet
One-Man Band – Alpine horn, Wind instrument, Guitar, Demeter horn, Clarinet, Lute, Saxophone, French horn

Rescue the Musical Angel[ | ]

You will be transported deep within the Forsaken Abbey. The Phantom will not attack you.

  • Click on the pedestal that is normally opens the door into Forsaken Abbey to start this encounter.
  • Whenever you see the purple message that the Phantom is gathering energy, stop him by using Musical Energy (Alt-1)
  • use the Music Box to destroy the crystals around the musical angel to release him. There are 4 posts that are charged with the different elements. Target an energy crystal then examine it's effects to see if it is calm or not, and what element it is. Touch the right post then use the Alt-2 skill to hit it with the element.
    • To destroy a CALM Energy Crystal: use energy of the same element (i.e. Fire energy against a Calm Fire Energy Crystal)
    • To destroy a FURIOUS Energy Crystal: use energy of the opposite element (i.e. Fire energy against a Furious Water Energy Crystal)

Rescue the Musical Angel 15 times to win a Title.

Musical Energy Collection[ | ]

Click on a Musical Energy Collection Device to activate it. Blue or Green energy will appear near the collection device. Use Blue Energy Cooldown, or Green Energy Cooldown, on the Musical Energy Collection Device before the energy gets there. You have only a second from the time the pool of energy appears before it shoots to the collection device.

Thunderhoof Hills[ | ]

NEW for 2021!!![ | ]

Magical Gramophone[ | ]
Music Pearl (Object)

Music Pearls

This quest chain was introduced in 2021!

Help the Black Wabbit correct the Music Pearls so that the music played by the Magical Gramophone sounds nice again.

  • Yellow Music Pearls are the Quarter Rests.
  • Red Music Pearls are Eighth Rests.
  • Blue Music Pearls are quarter notes. (These can be clicked to play the single note they are set to. Red and Yellow does not do this)

You can ask the Magical Gramophone to "Replay" the song as many times as you need, and if you mess it up beyond recognition you can "Reset" the challenge (this re-scrambles the "wrong" notes).

Clicking on a Blue Music Pearl will play the note that pearl is currently set to.

Use Remove Note (alt-1) to remove the "wrong" note(s). Use the correct note skill and place it as close to exactly where the removed pearl was. When you have completed your change(s), click the Magical Gramophone and tell it to "Replay". If your changes are correct the challenge completes.

Magical Gramophone notation:

  • # indicates alt-# of the note skill
  • # - eighth note
  • #- half note (2 quarter beats)
  • #-- dotted half note (3 quarter beats)
  • ^# - Shift to Bass clef and play a note skill
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  1. [1][Event Daily] Magical Gramophone - The little rabbits should only have messed up one note.
  2. [1][Event Daily] Magical Gramophone II - This time you have to correct two notes!
  3. [1][Event Daily] Magical Gramophone III - Correct all wrong notes.

Lost Magic Note[ | ]

She gives you a Magical Score with A Missing Note. Read it to figure out which note is missing. How, you ask? There will be 6 lines of melody on the Score. Just like poetry, the lines repeat at intervals. Simply find the line that is most like the broken line and that will tell you the missing note.

Find a Missing Note from a Little Note Fairy. Gelia Green (in the Abandoned District of Dalanis) may be able to give you some advice on finding them. Near Anja Lud are a number of floating Note stones. Jump from note to note until you reach the fairies and talk to them to find the missing note. They will each want an item in exchange for their note.

Gelia Green asks you for Rare Feather Rare Feather ×5 from Wild Gulo and Milasso Gulo. For each 5 you bring her, she will give you one of the items the fairies crave.

Complete this task 3 times to win a title.

Concert Preparations[ | ]

This quest chain was introduced in 2020!
Todd Joyce [Organizer of the Centennial Music Festival Concert] at Sternhorn

  1. [35][Event Daily] Preparing the Banquet - Todd Joyce is organizing a concert and wants you to arrange the food and wine for the delicious banquets. Gather all needed ingredients and deliver them to him at Sternhorn.
  2. [35][Event Daily] Haute Cuisine - Todd Joyce wants to offer some absolutely top drawer haute cuisine. Track down the famed chef and learn the recipes for fresh Chupura meat.
    • Rewards: Note Note ×2
  3. [35][Event Daily] Little Note Fairy - Help Todd Joyce to attract Little Note Fairies, so he can make them take part in the concert.
  4. [35][Event Daily] Celebratory Special Effects - Todd Joyce thinks the concert needs a few special effects to make it truly memorable and wants to organize some fireworks.

Plot and Intrigue[ | ]

You must finish at least one quest from Todd Joyce to unlock Owen Bunnel

  1. [35][Event Daily] Plot and Intrigue
  2. [35][Event Daily] Top Secret

Owen Bunnel has had his eye on Todd Joyce for some time and finds his actions somewhat dubious. He wants you to look around for anything suspicious.

Note: Choosing the different dialogue options will grant the player with a different set of title and 7-day pet.


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