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For those monsters that DO drop Cards, and are of common rarity, the chance of a Card to drop on any kill is one tenth of 1% (.1%). For those of you that slept through math class, that is one kill in a thousand. Some few Cards are more or less rare.

Some cards are defined in the database but cannot be found in the game. These Missing Cards are listed here.

On the bottom of a card's description it will have a message like You don't have this card. (4/6) (or You have this card. (8/8)). The first message means that, on the current server, the current character does not have this card and one of your alts does also not have this card. This helps you to know whether you need that card you just found, or can safely sell it on the Auction House. The second message means all 8 of your characters already have this card.

Every Monster Card in the game is probably not listed here, as some early-zone low-level mobs still use the original template that did not list Card information. If you want an absolute total list of MC Cards, see This page at the RoM-Welten database where you can search by name and filter by Rarity, Race (Category), or Attribute.

You can also view them in the Monster Compendium UI by pressing "P" (default) for "monster comPendium". If you have the yaCIT Z Add-On you can filter by Zone, Category, Attribute, and Card Type & Ownership, and sort them in several orders.


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