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The templates listed here are used to link, in-line, to many different types of pages, and add some value to the link (such as colorizing item links).

Target Type Basic Other Resources Force Icon
Items itemlink ORitemlink FIitemlink
Quests questlink ORquestlink
Mobs moblink ORmoblink
Non-aggro Mobs namoblink
Skills skilllink ORskilllink
Mob Skills mobskilllink ORmobskilllink
Item Sets itemsetlink ORitemsetlink
NPCs npclink
Mob Group mglink
Quest Series qslink
Titles titlelink CLtitlelink
Class classlink
Craft craftlink
Race racelink
Object objectlink ORobjectlink
Pets petlink
POI poilink
Zone zonelink
  • Basic - normal behavior. For items this means it tests to see if a standard icon exists and displays it if it finds it.
  • Other Resources - IF the target page does not exist, display a link to RoM-Welten.db
  • Force Icon - Assume the icon exists, don't test for it, and display "Ic" as alt text in case it does not exist. This is for use on very large table pages, such as Category:Seed (Item Type) so we do not exceed the 99 expensive function limit!

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