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Leveling Packages
Not dropped on PK death
Quest Item
Cannot be sold

To help you level up from 1 to 50, the game will give you a series of Packages. These will contain items that are intended to help you, as well as the next package. 50 and beyond, you will get a quest that rewards a package every 5 levels up to 65.

If a source is not listed, assume that the package is found in the package listed above it.

Your Newbie Pet suggests what mobs you need to hunt when you ding, not when you open a package, so the mobs I list here are the suggestion of what to hunt when you reach the minimum level to open that package.

For a list of the mobs my pet suggested I hunt, see Newbie Pet.

Human Elf Dwarf Min.
Ic Magic Package 1 Upon character creation.
Ic Supply Kit 1 [1] Defeat the Spiders
Ic Weapon Package 1 [1] Claiming Weapons
CoO: Weapon Box Weapon Box from [5] Equip Yourself
Ic Armor Package 1 [1] Claiming Armor
CoO: Armor Package from [5] Equip Yourself
Ic Potion Package 1 [1] Claim Your Potions
CoO: Packet of Medicine Packet of Medicine from [7] Battle Preparations
Ic Adventurer's Package Ic Exploration Package 2 Complete the tutorial
Ic Generous Gift
Contains a tunic and a Tier I Rune
1 Human: [3] Lively Reward
Elf: [5] Rabbit Fur
Dwarf: [5] Further Study
Ic Pioneers Package Ic Academy Package Ic Camp Package 3
Ic Colony Package Ic Certification Package Ic Blessed Package 4
Ic Mine Package Ic Master Package Ic Mine Package 5
Ic Weapon Box and one of: 5 [5] Equip Yourself
Ic Logar Package Ic Journey Package Ic Friendship Package 6
Ic Dead Tree Package Ic Grove Package Ic Brains and Brawn Package 7
Ic Crushed Package Ic Cave Package Ic Dreamland Package 8
Ic Moonspring Package Ic Trial Package Ic Southern City Package 9
Ic Howling Package Ic Expedition Package Ic Warrior Package 10
Ic Peerston's Package 11
Ic Maidge's Package 12
Ic Dorian's Package 13
Ic Twilight Package 14
Ic Tagena Package 15
Ic Wells' Package 16
Ic Mike's Package 17
Ic Vega's Package 18
Ic Tagiton's Package 19
Ic Anlia's Package 20
Ic Aslan Package 25
Ic Jade Package 30
Ic Sea of Snow Package 35 [35] Training Completed
Ic Winternight Valley Package 40
Ic Wailing Wind Package 45
Ic Mystic Package 50
Ic Order of Dark Glory Gift
see Issac's item set
50 [50] Appropriate Support in Weeping Coast
Ic Bodo Treasure
Cloth: Ic Cloth Weapons Package (4 pieces) and Ic Cloth Armor Package (11 pieces)
see Rufa Set item set
55 [55] Rewards for Students in Thunderhoof Hills
Ic Jungle Vanquisher
see Croso Set item set
60 [60] Lance's Support in Northern Janost Forest
Ic Redhill Mountains Pioneer Package
see Lake Energy item set
65 [64] Return to Dalanis in Land of Malevolence

† Instead of receiving the Potion Package Potion Package, Armor Package Armor Package, and Weapon Package Weapon Package, Elves and Dwarves get Good or Normal items from a series of quests:

Slot Elf Dwarf
Potions blank quest name [2] The Way of Survival
[6] Letter from Ailic
Head blank quest name [8] Need to Focus
[9] Consolidate Vanguard
Shoulders blank quest name [5] Reward For Rune Craftsmen
[6] Taste of Yearning
Upper Body blank quest name [8] Help Sinther
[9] Soldier's Provocation
Hands blank quest name [5] Reassert Skills
[9] Bring as much as you can
Belt blank quest name [6] Counterattack Assailants
[8] Watch Out For Those Gazes!
Lower Body blank quest name [7] Shadow Heart
[9] Save Our Faith
Feet blank quest name [5] Perilous
[7] Crafting Talent
Cape blank quest name [4] Invitation by Zurhidon
[9] Eliminate Cold
blank quest name [5] Rune Armaments
[9] Boost Morale
[8] Technique of Capturing Alive
[9] Search for a Scout
blank quest name [2] Self-defense Ability
[9] Rations Delivery
[9] Provide Shelter
blank quest name [5] Here Comes the Rain!
[9] Resist Foreign Enemies
Ring blank quest name [9] Punish Food Thieves
Earring blank quest name [10] Request Rescue
Necklace blank quest name [6] Remembered Face