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Legacy of the Soulless

Chapter VII: Legacy of the Soulless launched August 15th, 2016 with the patch.

The Soulless, once sealed for the protection of Taborea, have been burning for revenge for forever. Now they have managed to acquire a rare artefact with which they can feed their loyal servants, the Forsaken, and give them extraordinary powers. Used correctly, the dark magic may break the seal on the Soulless and free them from their imprisonment. A new dimension of terror could break out...

Save Taborea from its downfall and charge into adventure in the first part of Chapter VII!

The Basics:

  • Chapter VI is being skipped, as all the patches from 6.0.0 onward can be considered Chapter VI. There is no name for this period so we are not going to try to force one on it. Maybe Chapter VI was stolen by pirates?
  • Chapter VII will be released in 4 patches, starting with
  • Level cap raised to 100 (eventually). Patch 7.0.0 raised it to 98.
  • New "Continent" (5 islands): The Shataem Archipelago
  • The epic storyline continues in The Spirits of Despair quest series.
Chapter V:
Fires of Shadowforge
Expansions Chapter VIII
to be announced
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