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Juice Festival This page relates to a quest, mob, event, or item involved in the annual Juice Festival (October to November)

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In 2020, the Fairytale Festival was deactivated, and this festival was activated, with patch on September 17th 2020 and ended with patch on October 8th.

This festival was originally called the Beer Festival, probably until their lawyers told them they could not serve alcohol to minors, even in a virtual world, even though EverQuest I and II have always had alcohol in them. Just replace "Juice" with "Beer", and "Homogenized" with "Brewed", and everything makes more sense.

Juice Festival01.jpg

During the bustling moonlight grapefruit season, the aroma of freshly pasteurized juice fills the streets and hard-working men and women gather together to share a cold mug of juice and talk about the past year. Great juice makers' doors stand open day and night for crowds of happy revelers.

The juice celebration gets bigger and bigger every year. The Phirius Workshops have picked up on the popularity and profitability of these gatherings, and are now coordinating these folk activities and promoting them in different places. This year, Juice Festival activities are being held in every town and city and merriment fills the air, alongside the aroma of freshly made juice.

Pet Crystal - Earth  Earth Element  Geo Draconaris 

This is an Earth festival.

Festival Items[]

During this festival, the following items have a chance to drop from any monster that cons at least green to you. These should be considered rare drops.

Juice Festival Food[]

Any of the named Festival participants may give you 10 of one of the following foods. All festival foods expire 7 days after acquisition. Festival participants that can give food are: "Juice Barrel" Gono, "Juice Barrel" Hank, Karona, and Lindemannen.

Dramatis Personae[]


Howling Mountains:

Thunderhoof Hills (Dalanis Gates):

Tergothen Bay (Toron Bridge):


NEW for 2021[]

  • Added a new event To the Stumbling Knight Inn, the entrance is outside Dalanis (You must complete The Beer Thief first).
  • Many items can be exchanged in the }Event zone for Festive Glass Beads Festive Glass Beads (check them out with Old Tairu [Proprietor of 'The Stumbling Knight' Inn]).
  • Starting from 2021, the full attendance award for festive events has been changed to a participation award mechanism. When players complete 5 activities in the event, they can obtain additional congratulatory speech effect (emotes). (Bludwyng -- we are NOT sure how this works. For instance, does The Beer Thief count as ONE event? Or is each quest in the chain counted separately for 6 activities?)
  • If you obtain the Cheers Card Cheers Card, you can play the card game with other players.
Items Sold by Old Tairu
Item Cost Notes
Pig Hoof in Beer Marinade Pig Hoof in Beer Marinade Festive Glass Bead Festive Glass Bead ×5 Recover 3% HP every second for 10 seconds
Spiced Frost Juice Spiced Frost Juice Festive Glass Bead Festive Glass Bead ×5 Recover 2% MP every second for 10 seconds
Fireboot Dwarf Rock Juice Fireboot Dwarf Rock Juice Festive Glass Bead Festive Glass Bead ×8 Increase Physical Attack Accuracy and Magical Accuracy by 3%
Wildfire Element Fruit Cordial Wildfire Element Fruit Cordial Festive Glass Bead Festive Glass Bead ×8 Increase Physical Attack Power and Magical Attack Power by 5%
Elven Fruit Mocktail Elven Fruit Mocktail Festive Glass Bead Festive Glass Bead ×8 Increase Maximum MP by 5%
Dragon's Breath Dragon's Breath Festive Glass Bead Festive Glass Bead ×8 Increase Maximum HP by 5%
Spiked Moonlight Grapefruit Juice Spiked Moonlight Grapefruit Juice Festive Glass Bead Festive Glass Bead ×10 Replenish 5% HP and 5% MP every second for 15 seconds
Tipsy Beer Barrel Mount (7 Days) Tipsy Beer Barrel Mount (7 Days) Festive Glass Bead Festive Glass Bead ×60 7-day festival mount (65% speed increase)
Cheers Card Cheers Card Festive Glass Bead Festive Glass Bead ×60 Challenge another player to play Cheers Card Game with you
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'The Stumbling Knight' Inn[]

This Instanced zone is the location of the new festival events for 2021.

Dukar Sterlin teleports you to 'The Stumbling Knight' Inn. Tell him "With pleasure! Let's go!" to be transported.

Cheers Duel! Cheers Duel![]

Dukar Sterlin [Juice Festival] will explain the rules of the card game to you.

Cheers Duel[]

Thunderhoof Hills[]

The Beer Thief[]

Introduced during 2020 and 2021.

At (and near) Sternhorn in Thunderhoof Hills...

The Beer Thief quest chain: Thomas SterlinAndrews SterlinDukar Sterlin

  1. [1][Event Daily] That damned beer thief! - Juice Festival has begun! But a thief stole the beer! Help Thomas find the thief, by asking around.
  2. [1][Event Daily] Which beer is genuine? - The thief is ready to return the beer, but there is "real" and "fake" beer. Can you recognized which one is real?
  3. [1][Event Daily] Who needs a delivery cart? - Deliver the precious beer with the use of Occidental Dragon to scare any potential thieves!
  4. [1][Event Daily] Get Thomas drunk - Help Dukar confront the real beer thief, and teach him a lesson!
  5. [1][Event Daily] To 'The Stumbling Knight' Inn - Ask Dukar Sterliln to take you to his favorite bar
    1. [1][Event Daily] Cheers Duel! Cheers Duel! - Win 3 hands of Cheers Duel

Juice Tasting[]

  • NPC: Bill Blake [Juice Festival Host]
  • Task: collect juice to receive a buff.
  • Reward: a 30m or 1h buff (which depends on what you pick)

Ask Bill Blake for an Empty Glass, then tap one or more of the three kegs. Each tap fills half your glass. The effect of a full glass lasts 1 hour.

  • Fruit Juice Keg + Fruit Juice Keg = Fruit Juice: Physical Dodge +3%
  • Floral Juice Keg + Floral Juice Keg = Floral Juice Floral Juice: Movement Speed +5%
  • Spiced Juice Keg + Spiced Juice Keg = Spiced Juice: Critical Physical Damage and Critical Magical Damage +3%
  • Fruit Juice Keg + Floral Juice Keg = Floral Fruit Juice: Spell Casting Speed +5%
  • Fruit Juice Keg + Spiced Juice Keg = Spiced Fruit Juice: Attack Speed +5%
  • Floral Juice Keg + Spiced Juice Keg = Floral Spiced Juice: Magical Dodge Rate +3%

Tergothen Bay[]

Ninety-Second Open Bar[]

Aim to maintain a score as close to 70 as possible. If 69 or less, drink a beer. If 70 or more, drink water!

Juice Promoter[]

Don't be so serious[]

Juice Delivery[]

Thunderhoof Hills and Tergothen Bay[]

New Product Tasting[]

Juice Festival 02.jpg


Catch the Kobolds[]

Target a Barrel and use the Alt-1 skill to detect a hidden Kobold. When you find one, use the Alt-2 skill to smash the Barrel. Smash as many Barrels as you can before time expires.

Crazy Bartender[]

Use the eight ingredients on the bar to make drinks. In each of three stages, serve 2 drinks.

Making a drink:

  • Jodka Lime: Jodka + Lime Juice
  • Juba Libre: Cola + Cane Juice
  • Juicy Sours: Grape Syrup + Lemonade
  • Vanilla Juice: Malt Juice + Musimo

The Job of Creating Happiness[]

Juice Courier[]

  • Location: Varanas Gates
  • NPC: Meryl Blake [Juice Festival Host]
  • Time: midnight, 2am, 4am, 6am, 8am, 10am, noon, 2pm, 4pm, 6pm, 8pm, and 10pm
  • Duration: 10 minutes
  • Task: Click on barrels in Varanas Lower City East or Varanas Lower City West.
  • Reward: Rank of Juice Courier Rose Champion +1
  • Ultimate Reward: If your rank of Juice Courier Rose Champion is:
    • Rank 1: Bronze Trophy Bronze Trophy
    • Rank 3: Silver Trophy Silver Trophy
    • Rank 7: Gold Trophy Gold Trophy
    • All three trophies are Decorative Unarmed Weapons. They can be merged with other weapons of the same type to re-model them.

Signup is 10 minutes before the start of the event. Find and click on snow-covered Juice Kegs in Varanas Lower City East and Varanas Lower City West. The target number may change? First to click on the required amount and make it back to Meryl Blake wins.

FYI: You may rent a Dragonfang Ice Beast Mount (1 Hour) Dragonfang Ice Beast Mount (1 Hour) from Meryl Blake for 5Phirius Token Coins .

Varanas and Howling Mountains[]

Server for a Day[]

Target a speaking patron and press the correct response.

  • Alt-1: Cheers! ("Bottoms up!")
  • Alt-2: Golden Juice
  • Alt-3: Apple Juice
  • Alt-4: Barf Bag ("Ugh! I think I'm gonna puke!")

Gain a point for a correct response, lose a point for each wrong or missed response.

Juice Olympics[]

Four temp skills: up arrow, down arrow, left arrow, and right arrow. You will see an arrow appear over your head. Press the corresponding arrow skill. Do it as fast as you can.

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