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In the upper levels there will be a group of armor sets (or super-sets) for each zone. We will try to buld a table of these sets here. There is an implication that Sets are better to the right of the table, but this is not always true.

Item Sets by Zone
Zone Level
Common to Good Rare
Yrvandis Hollows 1-10 Morfantas Common Sold by Doran Shadoweave [Cloth Armor Merchant], Owen Steelshield [Armor Merchant], and Pulin Steelhammer [Weapons Merchant]
Coast of Opportunity 5 Coastal Found in Armor Package Armor Package from [5] Equip Yourself
Howling Mountains
Windmill Basemen
7-12 Glory of Logar
15-22 Kaga I (15)
Kaga II (20)
Kaga III (22) Level 15-22 armor, crafted (1-3) from recipes sold by Uncle Kaga and parts dropped by mobs in the Windmill Basement.
Bloody Gallery
16 Silverspring's Hope Silverspring Plains
17-30 Lytfir Set (crafted) Level 55 armor (crafted between 17 and 30)
Aslan Valley
Ystra Highlands
18-40 Vahtos' Accessories see Vahtos' Apprentice quest series
Forsaken Abbey
21-25 Top-Secret Records
Funerary Set
21-29 Resilient Common Leather and Chain armor sold by Armor Merchants
Necropolis of Mirrors 34-40 Necropolis of Mirrors
Mystic Altar 38-43 Mystic Altar
Coast of Opportunity
Weeping Coast
41-50 Issac's Initially rewarded by mainline quests in the Coast of Opportunity quest series. Second chance is the reward from [50] Appropriate Support.
Ystra Highlands
Mystic Altar
50 Anselve Cloth & Leather Aisha's Suit Cloth & Leather
Dragonfang Ridge
Cyclops Lair
Ruins of the Ice Dwarf Kingdom
50 Cyclopes Set Black Codex see Shems Bowen in Lyk
Dust Devil Canyon
Kalin Shrine
50 Kalin Rare
no leather
51-55 Fine Set
Whirlwind (crafted)
Common armor and weapons dropped by mobs and sold by Armor Merchants
Cave of the Water Dragon
Lair of the Demon Dragon
55 Dragon Set Lytfir Set (crafted) Level 55 armor (Lytfir Set is crafted between 17 and 30)
Savage Lands
Hall of Survivors
55 Savage Lands Labyrinth Accessories
Survivors Codex
Survivors ISS (ISS)
Thunderhoof Hills
Tomb of the Seven Heroes
55-70 Savage Lands Dalanis ISS (ISS) Power of Justice Arena Codex Accessories
Seven Heroes Codex (ISS)
start of Envoy of the Dragons quest series and Return the Glory quest series. Dalanis ISS is sold by Nabod Klein in Dalanis.
56 Gorgeous
Forest Crafted (crafted)
Common armor and weapons sold by Armor Merchants
Dungeon of Dalanis
Southern Janost Forest
Warnorken Arena
56-57 Thunderhoof Normal
Thunderhoof Good
Warnorken Arena Rare (ISS)
Northern Janost Forest
Raksha Temple
56-60 Forest
Jungle Vanquisher
Honor (ISS Crafting)
Raksha Codex (ISS)
Varanas City 60 Aoth Sets Weapons & Accessories
Limo Desert
Kawak's Tomb
61-62 Temple Normal
Temple Good
Kawak Easy Kawak Codex (ISS)
61-63 Excellent Common armor and weapons sold by Armor Merchants
Land of Malevolence
Grafu Castle
65 Malevolence Normal
Malevolence Good
Redhill Mountains Pioneer
Osalon Valley Costume (ISTS)
Bolinthya Rift Costume (ISTS)
Spell Set Set of Hearts (ISS) start of Magical Reconstruction quest series
Redhill Mountains
Sardo Castle
65-67 Charlie Brown's
Redhill Mountains
Redhill Normal
Redhill Rare (ISS) Hills
66 Exquisite Set
Dwarven (crafted)
Common armor and weapons sold by Armor Merchants
Tergothen Bay 67-70 Shadowtrooper Heroic Justice Power of Justice
Ancient Kingdom of Rorazan 70 Alliance Aeternal Justice (ISS) Eternal Codex
Kulech Jewelry
Surging Undercurrent quest series
71 Sublime
Provision (crafted)
Common armor and weapons sold by Armor Merchants.
Kulech Bones Nest
72-75 Commando
Alliance Reinforcements
Balanced Justice Kulech Justice
Kulech Justice 2 (ISS)
Kulech Codex
Kulech Jewelry
start of Clash of Good and Evil quest series
Varanas City 72-100 Proof of Myth Purchased from Edward Wilson in Varanas Central Plaza with Proofs of Myth Proofs of Myth.
76 Halcyon Common armor and weapons sold by Armor Merchants
Merdhin Tundra
Castle of Bedim
77 Tundra Bedim Justice (ISS) Bedim Rare
Syrbal Pass
79-83 Foreign Earth Flow Bethomia Rare (ISS) Glacial Justice Bethomia Codex
Bethomia Black Codex
78-81 Recall
Velvet (crafted)
Common armor and weapons sold by Armor Merchants in Sarlo, Wailing Fjord, and Jungle of Hortek
81-82 Dawn Boiling Lake Sarlo Rare Set Belathis Codex
Belathis Set (ISS)
Dawn of War quest series
Wailing Fjord
Grotto of Horror
83-85 Wailing Fjord
Pirate Island
Fjord Justice Fjord Codex start of Pirate Island quest series
86 Holy
Jungle Crafted (crafted)
Common armor and weapons sold by Armor Merchants
Jungle of Hortek
The Pillars of Morfan
86 Old Forest Jungle Justice Morfan Rare (ISS) Morfan Black Codex
Varanas City
Arcanium Chamber (Hall of Earth)
87-90 Ancient Spirits Armor & Accessories
Salioca Basin 88 ARSE Eons
Salioca Black Codex
Goblin Mines 90 Tempest Height 90
Veiled Crypt of Kashaylan
91-92 Kashaylan
Kashaylan Set
Kashaylan Justice Veiled Crypt Justice Kashaylan Codex
Veiled Crypt Rare (ISS)
Varanas City 92 Arcanium Sold by Jack Ykes [Badge of the Warrior Merchant] in Varanas Central Plaza of Silverspring.
93 Eternal
Splitwater Crafted (crafted)
Common armor and weapons sold by Armor Merchants
Splitwater Coast
Bone Peak
94-95 Splitwater Set Splitwater Justice Bone Peak Justice Honor Omega start of The Spirits of Despair quest series
Moorlands of Farsitan
Raven Heart
Madro Troll Nest
96-97 Moorlands
Farsitan Set
Raven Rare
Madro Rare
Raven Justice
Madro Justice
Raven Codex
Madro Codex (ISS)
Moorland Codex
Honor Alpha
96-98 Glorious
Farsitan Crafted (crafted)
Common armor and weapons sold by Armor Merchants in Moorlands of Farsitan through Chassizz
Vale of Rites
98-99 Tasuq Normal
Tasuq Set
Rites Normal
Rites Good
Vale Normal
Rites Rare
Vale Set (ISS)
Ice Blade Plateau
99 Korris Set
Sun Temple of Eternal Sleep
100 Enoch Set Jadefang
Enochian Justice
Sun Temple Codex (ISS)
Tomb of Souls
100 Vortis Tomb of Souls (ISS)
Tomb of Souls Set
Vortis Black Codex
New Pantheon
100 Chassizz New Pantheon Rare Chassizz Black Codex
World Bosses 100 Serpent Set Accessories only
Reflection of the Necropolis 100(7) Mirror Blessing Armor
Mystic Altar - Hard 100(10) Dark Accessories (Rare)
Sun Accessories (Epic)
Ancestral Accessories (Legendary)

Zone Quested: The Main/Epic quests in a zone will reward parts of a Good itemset. This armor is acceptable for solo questing at the same level, but you will want to replace as many parts as you can with better Rare armor and weapons, especially if you plan to explore the local dungeons.

Justice Workshop: A Justice Workshop Merchant will sell a no-bonus 4-piece mini-set (Zone Justice), and will also sell a single piece of the Instance Justice set, while three of the pieces will be dropped only by Bosses in the local dungeon(s), and the remaining four will be Crafted from "Transformed" recipes found in Mysterious Bags in that zone. In some zones these recipes will also be sold by a Black Codex Merchant.

Black Codex: There will also be a Rare 7-piece set centered around a Black Codex Merchant that will follow the same pattern. Three pieces will be dropped from Instance Bosses, one of the same three will also be sold by a Black Codex Merchant, while the remaining pieces will be Crafted from "Transformed" recipes found in Mysterious Bags in that zone.

Vended/Crafted: You will notice that every Vended set from level 51 to 98 has a matching set of Crafted armor.

(ISS) - indicates a set with an extractable Item Set Skill. All ISS sets are not listed on this page, only those Collective sets whose components are ISS sets. For this reason, a better way to find what you are looking for might be to locate your options at Item Set Skills and follow the link there to the Item Set that carries the ISS.

(ISTS) - Item Set Transport Skills - There are only two of these, so it is not all that important, but sometimes you need to know where they are.


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