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This table below lists all Zones that contain Instanced Dungeons, and the quests that are involved in that Instanced Dungeon. The Category listing is found below the table,

Key[ | ]

All quests in Instances are assumed to be Group quests. Therefore we will not mark them so but may add a note if a quest is NOT designed for a group.

Instance Name
  • [Level] Quest to this instance
  • [Level][Daily] Daily Quest to this instance
  • [Level][Public] Public Quest to this instance

Instances[ | ]

No instances

Cyclops Lair
Ruins of the Ice Dwarf Kingdom (35)
Ruins of the Ice Dwarf Kingdom (Epic)
Treasure Trove
Heart of the Ocean
Hall of Survivors
  • [55] Confidential Research Data
  • [55] Guardian's Secret
  • [55] Into the Hall of Survivors
  • [55] Sword Punisher
  • [55] Work Log
Dungeon of Dalanis
Tomb of the Seven Heroes
  • [69] Return to Glory
  • [69] unrivaled Name
  • [69] The Life of Thousand Feathers
  • [69] Pitiful Soul
  • [69] Strength to Stifle Strength
  • [69] Eradicate Evil
Raksha Temple
  • [59] Paicha's Defiler
  • [59] Lijinda's Defiler
  • [59] Lashana's Request
  • [59] Evil Spirit Desecrating Raksha
  • [59] Lament of Shadoj
No Instances
Dalingham Castle
Kulech Bones Nest
  • [74] Smash the Enemy Vanguard
  • [74] Bountiful Bodana
  • [74] Aultz's Sixth Sense
  • [74] Notes from the Past
  • [74] Another Myrmex Queen
  • [74] Bloodthirsty Giant Bugs
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zone name needed
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