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Home sweet home

If you’re sweaty, covered in blood and dirt and your armor has taken quite a beating, many a hero hopes to withdraw back into his own home to get some rest.

This is exactly what you will find in Runes of Magic! Your own home is available to you from the very beginning, and you can enter it for the first time in Logar. Setting up your interior is fairly simple: Just buy the items, “drag&drop” them into one of the available slots, click the button to place it and that’s it. You can turn, spin and move and place the object freely.

Decorate as you wish: taste variations[ | ]


A cozy, and simple home.

Currently there are over 130 available interior items -with more to come- giving players many different options to decorate their home.. A Variety of tables, chairs, rugs, fireplaces, beds, wall decorations, room-dividers… the range of possibilities allows individual design for anyone’s tastes!

The (treasure) chest: item storage[ | ]


A place to keep your booty!

Of course Runes of Magic offers a bank in every large city. But since humankind has always been hunters and gatherers, players have access to their own chests as well, in which they can store all their precious treasures. The first of those chests has 20 slots and can –like everything else- be freely placed within your home. More chests can be bought and placed at anytime, of course!

The players' new clothes: the mannequin[ | ]


Your very own Mannequin, in your very own living room

Everybody knows mannequins and hardly anyone has walked past shop windows without gawking at the clothing they are dressed in. In Runes of Magic players can put such mannequins in their houses: There are male ones and female ones and of course you can put several of them in your home.

Crafting sites: from blacksmith to alchemist[ | ]

Everybody knows the problem. You just collected all the materials necessary for the next few armor sets and you are standing at one of the forges in the city when other players come by to ask: “Hi. You are a blacksmith, right? Please craft this-or-that item for me.”

Those who would rather quietly practice their profession can just put the necessary crafting sites in their house. There are anvils for blacksmiths, laboratories for alchemists or huge pots for chefs. For each profession the right equipment is available.

Crafting Bonus System[ | ]

  • The crafting bonus for the house is displayed in the Residence information panel
    • Mouse over the "Craft X Bonus" line item to see all bonuses for the house
  • Crafting bonus increases experience and crafting speed for crafting performed in the house
  • Crafting bonus is calculated by dividing the number in the panel by 10
    • Most furniture provides a 10, 60 or 70 point bonus. This is a 1%, 6% or 7% bonus
  • Bonuses from multiple pieces of furniture are stacked

One account, eight characters, one house[ | ]


Does this mean we split the rent?

Each character of an account is able to have a house. Each will have to be adorned to gain bonuses for the currently logged in character. One character does not have access the the chests in another character's house by default, but this can be enabled. However, if that character doesn't access the chests occasionally, eventually the other characters will no longer have access to it either (most likely this is a bug: a log is kept of other character's accesses, and if this log is full no more chest operations are possible).

A second password gives your home additional protection. You can pass it on to friends and family to give them access to your homestead.

The owner of a house can set storage chests to allow their contents to be viewed by residence friends, allow them to take items from chests, and/or allow them to place items into chests. This allows for easy transfer of items between multiple characters, and even other accounts.

My home is my castle: expansion[ | ]

It is possible to expand your home. More floors, bigger rooms, attics, closets, as with all the features of Runes of Magic, the possibilities are nearly endless.

To upgrade or change the design of your house, you need a house contract. there is an Elegant Two-Story Wooden House, a Two-Story Mud House, a Two-Story Wooden Family House, and a Single-Story Wooden House if you want to change back to the house you start the game with. you can buy the Elegant and Mud house contracts from the Item Shop under the Housing - Accessory section.

When you use the contract and change your house, all your furniture will be unplaced and will need to be placed again.

Contract Source Cost Notes
Single-Story Wooden House starter free Single room with 2 alcoves
Two-Story Mud House Ruby Shop 199Rubies 
Two-Story Wooden Family House Ruby Shop 199Rubies  spacious living room, 2 bedrooms upstairs and basement.
Elegant Two-Story Wooden House
Expansive Luxury Villa
Elegant Hotel
Luxurious Two-Story Wooden House with Basement

No matter the layout, all players have 10 free spaces in their Residence. To add spaces you must spend House Energy. To get House Energy you must pay Diamonds. 1000 House Energy costs 5Diamonds ($0.15) . Adding a space to your house costs a one-time fee of 300 House Energy per space you wish to add, plus a daily cost of 3 House Energy per spaces over 10. All houses have a maximum of 100 spaces.

Click me: interaction with surrounding objects[ | ]

Mannequins are not the only things that can be used with a short click. Also the flames in the fireplace and on the candlestick can be lit and give the house a homely atmosphere.

The future: more ideas[ | ]


Some lovely chairs.

Every three months a free add-on with fresh content for Runes of Magic will be published. That includes pieces of furniture and other additions for the house. It will be fascinating to see what will happen here, after all Halloween is at the doorstep and Christmas is not too far away.

The Runes of Magic community is highly important to us and for new creative ideas we like to pick the players brains. So, your visit to the forums, which are there for that purpose, is highly welcome.

Furniture with special attributes[ | ]

There is some furniture which you can optain through the item shop for christals or Phirius tokens. Theese Items provide -once placed in your house- a bonus to your xp or tp while fighting mobs.

TP/XP Bonus system[ | ]

  • You gain a TP/XP bonus at the top of every hour when in your house (give or take a few minutes).
  • Furniture-bonuses do stack
  • You will see that your XP-bar receives an bonus-icon, when your received bonuses.
    • This bonus icon shows as an upward pointing yellow arrow on your experience bar.
    • Hovering the mouse over the bonus icon shows how much TP/XP bonus you accumulated.
  • The lower the TP/XP of the item is, the less bonus you will receive.
  • The bonus is a "load up" value, you receive the bonus on killing mobs / finishing quests.
  • You gain bonus dependent on your level:
    • At lvl 15, you get no bonus, when your house-furniture provides less then 15 TP/XP bonus
    • At lvl 20, you get no bonus, if your furniture provides less then 10 TP/XP bonus
    • Formula for TP/XP bonus gain per hour: (Furniture Bonus * Character level)/15 (round down)
      • Given level thresholds above, the formula "may" be as follows: [(Furniture Bonus / 15) * (Character Level / 15)] <-round down>--> times

This formula is not correct: According to it my L51 character with 415 TP bonus will get 1411 each hour; however she gets well over 8k tp bonus each hour --------------------

15. Meaning if your (Furniture Bonus * Character level) is below 225, you get no bonus.

  • The bonus accumulates while in your house for both offline and online. It is advisable to log out while in your house.

Housekeeper[ | ]


Typical House Maid NPC.

The Housekeeper is your key to unlocking furniture, design, energy use and other options for your home. Talking to her will open the House menu.

The house menu with all possible options.

You can hire additional housekeepers. The first one of these will cost 200,000Gold , the price doubling with every additional housekeeper hired. These housekeepers are very useful, and it is recommended that you get all six of them if possible. A housekeeper gives you the ability to store many of your items (like a chest, check under 'housekeeper attributes' after talking with them), but they also provide buffs (increase in physical combat, magical combat, protection), food (which increases magical ability or physical ability) and potions (some cosmetic changes, but also a very useful potion that increases your walking speed by 15%, great for doing the mini games).


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